Not Forthcoming Impeachment Not Good Enough

Not Forthcoming Impeachment Not Good Enough

by Stephen Lendman 

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No matter how egregious their actions, no US president was ever removed from office by impeachment.

Undemocratic Dems invented phony reasons to impeach Trump twice — the scheme falling flat both times.

Overwhelming just cause exists to remove Biden from office, his double along with him.

The regime is guilty of the most egregious election fraud in US history, usurping power, serving illegitimately.

All things flu/covid are most egregious of all, the most diabolical scheme ever conceived with mass extermination in mind.

Compared to the above, Afghanistan is a side issue, though clearly an important one.

Accountability for Washington’s longest war of aggression in modern times goes way beyond the current regime in power.

Complicit predecessor regimes, the vast majority of congressional members, and war supporting media press agents share guilt for 20 years of crimes of war and against humanity — for raping and destroying a nation.

GOP Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene sought Biden’s removal from office straightaway after usurping it.

On Friday, she introduced new articles of impeachment, saying the following:

Biden “is unfit to hold the office of the presidency.”

On August 20, Greene “introduced three impeachment resolutions against…for his dereliction of duty in Afghanistan, his violations of immigration law causing a national security crisis on our southern border, and his usurping of congressional power by ignoring the SCOTUS.”

Since usurping power, he “caused America to lose the respect of the entire world,” she said, adding: 

“The evidence is clear and his actions are so egregious that he must be impeached.”

Chances of removing him from office by impeachment and conviction are virtually nil.

Yet on Friday, GOP Senator Lindsey Graham said the following:

“If we leave any Americans behind, if we leave thousands of those Afghans who fought along our side behind bravely (sic)” — he doesn’t give a hoot about — “Biden deserves to be impeached for a high crime and misdemeanor of dereliction of duty.”

Graham and vast majority of other congressional members are guilty of supporting and funding US aggression and other high crimes worldwide.

The lot of them should be held accountable for high crimes too egregious to ignore.

Only US victims pay for its imperial crimes, countless millions with their lives.  

The catastrophe of Afghanistan began months before 9/11, the mother of all US state-sponsored false flags to that time.

Former NATO commander General Wesley Clark explained it, saying a “policy coup” occurred.

With no public debate or acknowledgement, hardliners in Washington usurped power.

Days after 9/11, Pentagon commanders told Clark that plans were made to “destroy the governments in seven countries.” 

Besides Afghanistan, Yemen, and partnering with Israeli wars on Palestinians, they include Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, and Iran.

Weeks after Soviet Russia’s December 1991 dissolution, the Paul Wolfowitz doctrine shaped US geopolitics, stating:

“Our first objective is to prevent the re-emergence of a new rival, either on the territory of the former Soviet Union or elsewhere, that poses a threat on the order of that posed formerly by the Soviet Union.” 

“This is a dominant consideration underlying the new regional defense strategy and requires that we endeavor to prevent any hostile power from dominating a region whose resources would, under consolidated control, be sufficient to generate global power.”

A virtual declaration of forever wars by hot and other means was declared, all nations free from US control targeted — with no end of perpetual war in mind.

From Gulf War aggression to the rape of Yugoslavia to endless post-9/11 wars, dozens of nations have been targeted for regime change.

The Biden regime’s Afghan pullout by no means ends US designs on the country with controlling and plundering it in mind, along with longstanding other Eurasian aims.

Former South China Morning Post (SCMP) editor-in-chief Wang Ziangwei said the following about what he called the Biden regime’s “messy” Afghan pullout:

“(T)he US took four presidents, thousands of lives, trillions of dollars and 20 years…(t)o replace Taliban with Taliban,” adding:

Washington’s “longest war (in modern times) ended in catastrophic failure…polarizing domestic politics (more than already), sapping its international standing, dismaying its allies, and emboldening its enemies.”

Failures of four US regimes handed China, Russia, Iran and other nations free from its control a strategic and propaganda triumph.

At the same time, abandonment of Afghanistan lets US authorities focus more heavily on other nations targeted for regime change, especially China, Russia and Iran.

Guerrilla fighters bested Pentagon/NATO forces by grit and determination for Afghanistan to be governed by Afghans, not foreign occupiers and their imperial proxies.

China’s Global Times said Washington’s Afghan pullout “dealt a heavy blow to (its) credibility and reliability.”

“After the fall of the (US-installed) Kabul regime, Taiwan authorities must be trembling.”

“(T)hey don’t look forward to US” promised protection unlikely to show up if requested.

On Friday, Biden’s double defended the indefensible.

Discussing the regime’s Afghan pullout, he defied reality by claiming “significant progress” in botched evacuations of US personnel in the country.

Even pro-Dem propaganda media called the Biden regime’s Afghan pullout, along with chaos in and around Kabul’s airport, a US political disaster.

The Financial Times called “failure to get American citizens and Afghan allies out of the country before the Taliban takeover…a focus of criticism, with Republicans and even some Dem(s) questioning why the White House did not move more quickly once the decision to withdraw troops was made in April.”

The NYT said “(t)he chaotic endgame of the American withdrawal undercut some of the most fundamental (Biden regime) premises,” adding:

Botched handling of its “worst foreign policy crisis” cost the US miles of credibility.

WaPo slammed what it called US “failure” to achieve what it spent 20 years and trillions of dollars trying to accomplish.

Instead of learning from past mistakes, US regimes repeat them.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s possible successor, Christian Democratic Union Armin Laschet, called the Biden regime’s Afghan pullout “the biggest debacle that NATO has suffered since its founding, and we’re standing before an epochal change.” 

Afghan businessman H. Qayoum Azimi told China’s Global Times that the “evilest” USA can never be trusted.

Made-in-the-USA chaos in Afghanistan reflects disaster for people wherever its troops and other operatives show up.

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