Booster Jabs Boost Outbreaks and Pharma Profits

Booster Jabs Boost Outbreaks and Pharma Profits

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Israel is Exhibit A. 

With around 80% of its population reportedly jabbed for flu/covid — most fully jabbed, growing numbers booster-jabbed, outbreaks in Israel are surging.

The Bennett regime’s solution? 

More widespread boosters on the road to forever-jabbing.

Defying science like the West, Israel refuses to acknowledge that as mass-jabbing increases, so do outbreaks.

In the West, Israel and elsewhere, virtually all things flu/covid mandated and promoted are all about increasing outbreaks, destroying health, and instituting draconian social control on the road to tyranny.

In Israel, jabbing passports or negative PCR tests —nearly always false when positive — are required to enter restaurants, bars, cultural event, sports venues, hotels, gyms, synagogues with 50 or more worshipers inside, and other public spaces.

Retail stores, shopping malls, industrial parks, and other places of large gatherings are limited to one person per 75 square feet — partly isolating Israelis from each other.

Last Tuesday, 8,700 Israelis tested positive for flu/covid, the highest single-day number since January.

According to Bennett, if most Israelis aren’t booster-jabbed in the coming weeks, another draconian lockdown may be ordered.

Defying science and the public interest, he falsely claimed that jabs “work (sic).”

Saying it’s “a scientific fact (sic). It saves lives (sic)” are bald-faced Big Lies.

Based on reported numbers, infections rose sevenfold this month, the sharpest increase in the country since seasonal flu was renamed.

What’s going on has nothing to do with waning immunity, nothing to do with the delta scariant, nothing to do with mass gatherings, nothing to do with other phony claims.

It has everything to do with toxins in jabs causing infections, not protecting against them as falsely claimed — the more gotten, the greater the number of outbreaks.

On Saturday, Haaretz reported that “thousands” of Israelis lined up for booster jabs this weekend — 1.3 million to date since offered.

On Friday, Israel’s health ministry reported 7,761 new cases, many hospitalizations, scores in serious condition.

Effective Sunday, a maximum of 400 may gather indoors, 500 outdoors.

On Saturday, Bennett said what’s mandated for the upcoming school year that begins September 1 will be announced on Sunday.

Israel’s health minister Nitzan Hororwitz said the following:

“At the start of the school year we will be (jabbing) in schools.” 

“We will be jabbing everywhere, because we are in an emergency (sic), and we will make every effort we can to get everywhere and (jab) everyone who needs it,” adding:

“(T)he decision regarding (jabs) and everything to do with health is the decision of the health minister, and that is my authority according to the law.”

On Saturday, a fake news Channel 12 report falsely claimed that trial results of Israel’s home-developed flu/covid jabs provide long-lasting protection.

Vaccines take 6 – 12 years to develop. The vast majority of trials fail. 

Developing safe and effective drugs for any purpose in a year or less is scientifically impossible.

Yet countless millions have gotten Pfizer, Moderna or J & J jabs — unwittingly self-inflicting harm.

Administering toxic Pfizer DNA-altering booster jabs were approved for Israelis age-40 and older.

Approving them for all Israelis over about age-3 is expected to follow, including pregnant women — despite the known risks to their unborn.

According to Haaretz, Bennett “anticipates that in the future everyone will be eligible to receive the third booster shot.”

As of last Wednesday, all Israelis over age-3 must show proof of jabs gotten or negative PCR tests for permission to enter most indoor spaces.

In the US, patient safety advocate Nooman Noorchasm MD said the following:

The Pharma controlled “FDA and CDC have been ignoring the reality that indiscriminate (jabbing) of recently or asymptomatically (flu/covid) infected persons caused totally avoidable harm to a non-negligible number of Americans,” adding:

“Now, the CDC announced a policy of blanket ‘booster shots’ in a subset of (jab)-compliant Americans.” 

“Using this inadequately calibrated, ‘one-size-fit-all’ approach again, the CDC is almost certain to magnify harm to a subset of Americans in whom booster (jabs are) unnecessary (and) dangerous.”

Since last September, alpha, beta, gamma, delta, eta, iota, kappa and lambda flu/covid strains were identified.

Differences among them are too minor to matter, former Pfizer chief scientist for allergy and infectious diseases Michael Yeadon explained.

When administering Biden regime OK’d booster jabs begins next month, increased numbers of flu/covid outbreaks are sure to follow as planned.

What’s next is virtually sure to be forever-jabbing with accelerated mass-extermination in mind.

Resistance is the only solution. 

If most Americans and others in the West withhold compliance — what’s essential for self-preservation — the diabolical made-in-the-USA scam will fail to achieve its aims.

Eminent physician Vernon Coleman MD, author of over 100 books on health issues, minced no words saying and repeating the following:

Claims of mass-jabbing safety and effectiveness ignore that they’re not “considered safe enough to use as oven cleaner,” adding:

Adherents “know(ing) little about medicine or science (are brainwashed by) pro-(mass-jabbing) lies” with diabolical aims in mind.

The more jabs gotten, the greater the risk to health and a shortened lifespan.

The above is based on science — what’s concealed by the official narrative and media mouthpiece supporters of depopulation on an unparalleled scale.

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