Fully Approving Pfizer’s Health-Destroying Jabs Imminent

Fully Approving Pfizer’s Health-Destroying Jabs Imminent

by Stephen Lendman Lendman (stephenlendman.org – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Flu/covid mass-jabbing is all about destroying health with toxins designed for this purpose.

According to advocate for mass-infecting maximum numbers of people NYT, the Pharma-controlled FDA will announce formal approval of Pfizer’s experimental, inadequately developed, hazardous to health mRNA flu/covid drug on Monday.

Citing unnamed sources familiar with what’s planned, the Times said formal approval may “slide beyond Monday (if) paperwork and negotiation with the company” remains incomplete.

Formal approval of what’s designed to destroy health is coming — whether on Monday or days later.

Dominant Biden regime hardliners and complicit public health fraudsters hope approval — of what should be banned — will con millions more Americans into self-inflicting harm.

More hospitals, businesses and universities may mandate jabs for staff when formal approval is announced.

Fraudster Fauci earlier said formal approval of one or more flu/covid jabs is likely before end of August, adding:

“We’ve got to go the extra step to get people” jabbed — with depopulation in mind, he left unexplained.

Separately, the Times urged health-destroying jabs and masks for children returning to school.

Falsely saying it’s to “educat(e) young people in safety (sic),” it slammed authorities in about one-fourth of US states unwilling to mandate what harms health, not the other way around as Times fake news claims.

Defying science, the Times urged toxic jabs for teachers and students, along with day-long masks in classrooms that risk respiratory harm from longterm use.

Separately, CNN continued its daily fake news drumbeat on all things flu/covid.

It repeated the widely proliferated Big Lie claim that (health-destroying) jabs “are very effective against preventing infection (sic)” — while admitting the reality of breakthrough infections too many in number to hide.

Accounting for most outbreaks, CNN turned truth on its head, falsely claiming they’re “well below 1%” of new cases (sic).

What to do if infected, CNN asked?

According to its resident Pharma-connected medical charlatan Leana Wen:

If jabbed and test positive, individuals “should definitely follow strict isolation protocols because we have to assume that the person is contagious and able to infect others (sic).”

Ignored by Wen and likeminded fraudsters, nearly all positive PCR tests are false because of how they’re administered.

Asymptomatic individuals pose little or no risk of infecting others.

Yet Wen falsely claimed that “they should stay isolated for 10 days following their positive test (sic).”

Symptomatic individuals alone are ill. There’s no health-related reason for others to alter their daily lives.

Wen’s claim otherwise is pseudo-science, not the real thing.

She supports health-destroying jabs and rejabs, worthless PCR tests, and masks affording no protection that risk harm.

Claiming jabs reduce severe illness if occurs is contrary to reality.

Endorsing booster jabs to contain outbreaks and reduce breakthrough ones ignored that numbers of cases increase proportionately to the percent of the population inoculated.

Defying evidence, she falsely claimed that jabbed and rejabbed individuals are “much less likely to get sick from (flu/covid) and spread it, compared to (others) not” jabbed (sic).

Science refutes her. Reality is polar opposite her Big Lie.

Virtually everything she, Fauci, Walensky, and likeminded fraudsters urge is worlds apart from what’s essential to protect and preserve health.

Ignore them.

A Final Comment

Along with other truth-telling experts on all things flu/covid, eminent Professor or Physics Denis Rancourt said the following in part in an open letter to unjabbed individuals:

“It is entirely reasonable and legitimate to say ‘no’ to insufficiently tested (jabs) for which there is no reliable science.” 

“You have a right to assert guardianship of your body and to refuse medical treatments if you see fit.” 

“You are right to say ‘no’ to a violation of your dignity, your integrity and your bodily autonomy.” 

“It is your body, and you have the right to choose.” 

“You are right to fight for your children against (mass-jabbing) in school” or anywhere else.

“You are right to question whether free and informed consent is at all possible under present circumstances.”

“You are being (scammed) by mainstream media, government social engineering campaigns, unjust rules and policies, collaborating employers, and the social-media mob.” 

“You are being told that…you cannot get back to normal unless you get (jabbed).” 

“You are being viciously scapegoated by propaganda and pressured by others around you.” 

Your voluntary consent right on all things health related under international law is inviolable — what no government, employer or anyone else can legally deny you.

Note: Lunatics and extremists abound in the US/West.

Calling himself “proudly independent,” congressional aspirant from California’s District 39 Steve Cox tweeted the following:

“Whenever anyone says ‘we all die from something’ (or a variation thereof) to justify not taking precautions to help protect others in this pandemic, we should be allowed to shoot them.”

With enough of the likes of him in Congress, our survival will be more greatly threatened than already.

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