Passports to Tyranny

Passports to Tyranny

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Flu/covid passports for employment, education, travel, and access to other public places have nothing to do with protecting public health.

They’re all about destroying it and advancing US/Western societies toward full-blown tyranny — along with related draconian mandates.

Jabbing spreads viral illnesses, the more people jabbed, the greater number of outbreaks, hospitalizations and deaths.

Official narrative/media proliferated claims otherwise are fake news mass deception to continue the mother of all scams with minimal resistance.

US/Western societies already are totalitarian police states.

What little remains of their free and open societies is targeted for elimination — largely with public acquiescence instead of the other way around against what no one should accept.

At this time, at least four US states mandate flu/covid passports in some form.

Another 19 states — mostly GOP run ones — partly and entirely banned them, largely by executive orders.

Some states banned their use in agencies or facilities connected to state governance alone.

Others enacted moratoriums on using them in any form for any purpose.

New York City, San Francisco, and other US cities require toxic jabs for access to designated public places.

In Chicago where I live, city authorities mandated them for students, teachers and staff in the nation’s third largest school district — 360,000 kids to have their health irreparably harmed.

Many cities and states require public and private healthcare workers to be jabbed.

According to Crain’s Chicago Business, Cook County Hospital, University of Chicago Medicine, Loyola Medicine, Rush University Medical Center, and other area hospitals require jabs for their healthcare and other staff.

Northwestern Memorial Hospital where most of my doctors are located hasn’t taken this draconian step so far.

If does so ahead, will I and other unjabbed patients be denied access to medical treatment when needed?

Will we have to seek it elsewhere? 

If most or all providers mandate jabs for patients, will it no longer be available as a human right for everyone when needed?

Will health destroying jabs throughout the US and West be required for access to all or most public places — including for healthcare, entering food markets, banks for access to savings, transportation for free movement, and virtually all else essential to everyday life?

Will draconian mandates replace the rule of law across the board?

What’s possibly ahead should terrify everyone wanting their health protected and preserved — not destroyed by toxic flu/covid jabs or anything else?

Unless prohibited by federal, state or local authorities, businesses, public and private schools, as well as operators of other public venues can mandate jabs for access to their premises. 

America’s Frontline Doctors for healthcare as it should be practiced is taking the fight for sanity over mandated toxic jabs to the US Supreme Court, saying the following:

As mass-jabbing “mandates continue to be used to coerce healthy and (flu/covid)-recovered students and physicians to (be jabbed) at colleges across the country, America’s Frontline Doctors (AFLDS) is taking the fight over medical privacy and freedom to the Supreme Court of the United States.” 

“The organization…fil(ed) a Petition for a Writ of Mandamus in a case involving the University of California system, which AFLDS claims is violating the rights of students, particularly those who have natural immunity, by forcing them to take” toxic jabs.

Children, adolescents, and “(c)ollege age students without co-morbidities have a statistical 100% survival rate from (flu/covid), even if left untreated.”

A Writ of Mandamus is used when a lower court ignored the rule of law by acting extrajudicially. 

“AFLDS contends that the federal district court, where the case originated, abused its discretion by, among other things, committing an ‘extreme departure from law by asserting informed refusal of a genetic vaccine is not a fundamental right requiring strict scrutiny.’ ”

AFLDS’ legal director Michael Hamilton added:

“The lower court’s decision on this matter clearly applied the wrong legal standard.” 

“The University of California has been ignoring the law and medical science to create an environment of coercion.” 

Its “abusive behavior…must be stopped to protect public health, freedom and safety.”

“Segregating healthy students and treating those who are (flu/covid) recovered as second class is a dangerous scheme that cannot be allowed to continue.”

According to the Nuremberg Code and constitutional law under its Supremacy Clause, all things health related require voluntary consent — no exceptions allowed.

The federal district court also ignored medical science.

Acknowledged by the university’s Joseph A. Ladapo MD, “indisputable scientific facts (affirm) that natural immunity exists and is not arbitrarily limited to 90 days.”

Hamilton explained that if the High Court grants the AFLDS-sought Writ, the lower court will be required to halt its ordered mass-jabbing mandate.

With the Supremes stacked with right wing extremists against equity and justice for all according to the rule of law either decline to consider a Writ or rule against AFLDS on this issue?

Chances for one or the other outcome is extremely high.

It’s at a time when tyranny in the US/West replaced the rule of law. 

International and constitutional protections are no longer upheld by their judicial authorities — supporting despotic rule instead of coming down hard against it.

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