Holding Blinken’s Feet to the Fire

Holding Blinken’s Feet to the Fire

by Stephen Lendman (stephenlendman.org – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Selected, unelected Biden is hidden away out of sight in parts unknown.

Too cognitively impaired to function in any official capacity, he’s likely at least largely unaware of what’s going on in his name.

His double — a dubious figure with no decision-making authority — represents him in public to read or paraphrase scripted lines.

He knows nothing more than what handlers feed him — his public appearances resembling a ventriloquist’s dummy controlled by its puppet-master.

Blinken is vying with Hillary and Pompeo for worst-ever undiplomatic chief US diplomat dishonors.

The trio is worlds apart from Thomas Jefferson, James Madison and John Quincy Adams in the post before elected to the nation’s highest office.

They pale in comparison to Daniel Webster, William Jennings Bryan, George Marshall, Dean Acheson, Dean Rusk, and James Baker.

Interviewed on Fox News Sunday by Chris Wallace, Blinken ducked tough questions by refusing to give straight answers.

In response to fake news by Biden’s double about Americans able to reach Kabul airport easily for evacuation — contradicted by the US embassy in the city — Blinken falsely said:

“(T)o the best of our ability (sic), we (are) mov(ing) people out of the airport (sic).”

“(W)e’re in direct contact with Americans and others (sic) to help guide them to the airport, right place, right time, to get in more safely and effectively (sic).”

Asked by Wallace if US helicopters are ferrying Americans to the Kabul airport to facilitate their evacuation, Blinken ducked the question.

Biden’s double supplied other fake news, falsely claiming that (US-supported) al Qaeda elements are “gone” from Afghanistan (sic).

Wallace noted a UN report that claimed its jihadists are in 15 of 34 Afghan provinces, stressing:

What Biden’s double claimed “just wasn’t true.”

Again, Blinken ducked the issue by changing the subject.

He flat-out lied, claiming that the US  “went to Afghanistan 20 years ago with one mission and one purpose in mind, that was to deal with the folks who attacked us on 9/11 (sic), to bring Bin Laden to justice (sic), which we did a decade ago (sic), and to diminish the capacity of al Qaeda to do the same thing again, to attack us from Afghanistan (sic).” 

“And that has been successful (sic).” 

“We got bin Laden a decade ago (sic).” 

All of the above are bald-faced Big Lies.

Planned long in advance, 9/11 was made-in-the-USA.

Bin Laden had nothing to do with the mother of all state-sponsored false flags to that time.

He died of natural causes in a Pakistani hospital — in December 2001, his death reported by the NYT, the BBC and other establishment media.

Obama claiming he killed Osama was fake news, repeated by Blinken.

Wallace repeated the Big Lie claim by Biden’s double that al Qaeda is gone from Afghanistan, asking a “simple question” Blinken already ducked:

“Is al Qaeda gone from Pakistan — from Afghanistan?”

Once again, he refused to give a straight answer.

A third time, Wallace asked: “Is it gone?” He had no better luck, Blinken reciting mumbo-jumbo rubbish in response.

Wallace also quoted the phony claim by Biden’s double that there’s “no question of our credulity from our allies around the world (sic),” adding:

“(W)e’re acting with dispatch (sic). We’re acting…committing to what we said we would do (sic).”

Wallace quoted Angela Merkel’s likely successor as German chancellor, CDU leader Armin Laschet saying:

The botched US evacuation from Afghanistan “is the biggest debacle that NATO has seen since its found(ing).”

Chairman of Britain’s Foreign Affairs Committee Tom Tugesndhat also slammed the Biden regime’s Afghan mess.

Wallace tried again unsuccessfully, asking Blinken if Biden “know(s) what’s going on?”

Blinken’s response had nothing to do with the question.

Wallace shot back, saying (Biden’s double) said al Qaeda is gone. It’s not gone.”

He “said he’s not heard any criticism from (US) allies. There’s been a lot of criticism from the allies.”

Another non sequitur followed.

Instead of ending the interview with a figure who ducked questions instead of answering them, Wallace pressed on asking:

“On July 13th, 23 staffers at the US embassy in Kabul sent you a memo, saying that the collapse of Afghan forces and the takeover of the Taliban was going much faster than expected and urg(ed) you to speed up the evacuation of our Afghan allies, the drivers, the translators, the people who had stood by us.” 

“In the month between then and August 13th, we only evacuated 1,200 Afghan allies. Why didn’t you move faster?” 

He wasted his breath, energy and time in questioning a stonewalling figure on everything asked.

It was no different in response to Wallace’s quote of Biden’s double falsely saying:

“The likelihood there’s going to be the Taliban overrunning everything 

and owning the whole country is highly unlikely (sic).”

Wallace: “How does chaos go from highly unlikely to inevitable in just 

six weeks?” 

“(W)hat does that say about the competence of the (ruling regime) and all of you on (the) national security team?” 

Another non sequitur response followed. 

The entire interview revealed one thing alone to viewers.

Like Biden, the real one, dementia Joe, Blinken is unfit for any public post.

Sacking him should follow, most of all accountability for him and all others involved in and complicit with    the illegitimate Biden regime — empowered by usurping it.

VISIT MY WEBSITE: stephenlendman.org (Home – Stephen Lendman). Contact at lendmanstephen@sbcglobal.net.

My two Wall Street books are timely reading:

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