Illinois Governor Advances Medical Tyranny

Illinois Governor Advances Medical Tyranny

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Medical tyranny in the US/West is spreading like crabgrass infests lawns.

On Wednesday, Dem Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot defied science, international and constitutional law by requiring city workers to be jabbed with health-destroying flu/covid jabs.

On Thursday, Illinois Governor Jay Pritzker announced the following:

“All (state) healthcare workers, including nursing home employees, all pre-k-12 teachers and staff, as well as higher education personnel and students will now be required to receive” toxic/health-destroying flu/covid jabs. 

“Employees in all of these settings and higher education students who are unable or unwilling to receive the (jab) will be required to get tested…at least once per week.” 

“(I)ncreased testing in certain situations may (be) required.”

A “statewide indoor mask mandate  for all Illinois residents, regardless of (jabbing) status” is also required, effective August 30.

Ignored by Pritzker, other US federal, state, and local officials is that jabs harm health.

They greatly increase the risk of contracting and spreading flu/covid.

Pritzker defied science and reality by falsely claiming that “98%” of Illinois flu/covid cases, “96%” of hospitalizations for the viral illness, and “95% of deaths are among the” unjabbed.

It’s largely the other way around.

Nor did Pritzker explain that nearly all positive PCR test results are false because of how they’re administered — rendering tests that risk harm by puncture wounds meaningless.

He further ignored that masks don’t protect and risk harm to health from longterm use.

Virtually everything flu/covid related that’s mandated or urged is with irreversibly harming health in mind.

There’s no ambiguity that US/Western nationwide and local regimes are hostile to the health, well-being and rights of their people.

They’re mortal enemies of governance of, by, and for everyone equitably, according to the rule of law.

According to Pritzker’s press release:

“Healthcare, school workers, and higher education personnel and students attending in-person classes who do not provide proof of (jabs) will be prevented from entering healthcare and educational facilities unless they follow the required (draconian) testing protocol” — an anti-science one providing no public health protection.

Saying flu/covid jabs are “key to ending the (nonexistent) pandemic and returning to normal life” is polar opposite reality.

All of the above at the federal, state and local US levels reflect what destruction of public health and police state tyranny are all about.

Most all undemocratic Dem run states and cities support the above — what free and open societies abhor and don’t tolerate.

What Pritzker called a “measured approach” reflects unacceptable draconian harshness.

His mandated protocol has nothing to do with protecting the health and rights of state residents — everything to do with eliminating them.

The same goes on steroids for Biden regime mandates.

Its dominant hardliners, congressional supporters, and media press agents are hellbent for establishing full-blown tyranny — what remains of fundamental freedoms eliminated entirely.

Former GOP state senator Paul Schimpf — a figure with gubernatorial ambitions — called Pritzker’s executive edicts “yet another divisive act by a failed governor who believes he wields unlimited power.”

Another gubernatorial aspirant, Gary Rabine, called for “stand(ing) up to adamantly imposed dictator-like government overreach” by Pritzker.

State GOP chairman Don Tracy — a supporter of toxic mass-jabbing — expressed opposition to “government-imposed (jabbing) mandates.”

Draconian harshness in Illinois, other US states and at the federal level most likely will advance further ahead with eliminating what remains of precious freedoms in mind — ruler/serf tyranny replacing them.

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