Biden/Bennett Regimes v. Iran – Part Two

Biden/Bennett Regimes v. Iran – Part Two

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

US, NATO Israeli regimes are mortal enemies of peace, stability and compliance with rule of law principles — notions they abhor.

Islamic Revolution leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei correctly called hegemon USA “a predatory wolf.” 

The Biden regime is like its predecessor with style and party label differences.

Its vow to return to JCPOA compliance was head-fake deception.

Interventionist Blinken-led hardliners want principles affirmed by Security Council Res. 2231 rendered null and void.

Six rounds of Vienna nuclear talks proved it, achieving nothing, providing further proof that hegemon USA can never be trusted.

Good faith diplomatic outreach by Iran and other nations free from its control is a colossal waste of time.

Khamenei stressed that both Trump and Biden regimes “breached” JCPOA principles, abandoning their obligations as mandated by international law.

“On the nuclear issue (and virtually all others), the Americans exceeded all limits of shame,” Khamenei stressed.

Iran’s new Foreign Minister Hossein Amirabdollahian called US aggression and presence in a part of the world where it doesn’t belong the root cause of its insecurity, adding:

Prioritizing peace and cooperative relations with “neighbor(ing) and other countries…(Iran’s) foreign policy” is polar opposite how hegemon USA and its imperial partners operate.

In response to hostile remarks by Biden’s impersonator and Israel’s Bennett during their White House meeting, Iran’s Supreme National Security Council Secretary Ali Shamkhani stressed that the Islamic Republic will respond appropriately as needed, according to rule of law principles.

By letter to the UN Security Council, Iran’s world body envoy Zahra Ershadi said the following:

Israel’s Bennett “brazenly stated that (his) regime will continue…covert attacks on Iran’s peaceful nuclear program,” adding:

Its abandonment of the rule of law poses a “high risk of potential release of radioactive material…” 

Its “nuclear terrorism…serves as another clear example of its continued violation of international law…(what) must not be tolerated by the international community and the Security Council.”

Time and again, Israeli regimes attack other nations by terror-bombing, strikes on commercial vessels at sea, and other rule of law breaches — “destabiliz(ing) the region…and endanger(ing) international peace and security.”

Iran “categorically reject(s) all unfounded allegations of the Israeli regime against the Islamic Republic of Iran.”

According to the Jerusalem Post, the Bennett regime “is accelerating operational plans to take action against Iran.”

IDF chief general Aviv Kohavi said the following:

“(P)rogress of the Iranian nuclear program has led the IDF” to plot sabotage against what’s legitimate, according the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty (NPT) and other international law.

The Bennett regime’s budget “earmarked” funding for this purpose — despite no threats posed by Iran against the Jewish state or any others.

Falsely claiming otherwise and calling the JCPOA dangerous — turning truth on its head — Kovavi and other regime hardliners are plotting ways to stop Iran’s legitimate nuclear program.

With no military component, its polar opposite nuclear armed and dangerous Israel, the only regional nation with an undeclared arsenal of these WMDs and intent to use them at its discretion.

The Jerusalem Post defied reality, saying:

“It is believed (sic) that Iran is continuing to develop the capabilities to produce a nuclear weapons arsenal (sic) as well as ballistic missiles capable of carrying nuclear warheads (sic).”

Not a shred of credible evidence supports the above bald-faced Big Lie. Indisputable evidence refutes it.

The same is true about phony claims of Iranian threats to Israel.

There are none — except its UN Charter right to respond in self-defense if attacked.

Kovavi added that “(t)he IDF is working systematically and in various ways to reduce Iran’s influence in the Middle East” — by international law banned attacks on Iranian targets, he failed to add.

In cahoots with hegemon USA and West, accountability never follows hostile Israeli actions internally against Palestinians or cross-border against Iran, Syria and Lebanon.

Repeated time and again, they’re UN Charter-breaching acts of war gone unpunished.

The Bennett regime operates like its predecessors, risking retaliation by Iran if pushes things too far.

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