Draconian Flu/Covid Mandates for Organized Sports

Draconian Flu/Covid Mandates for Organized Sports

by Stephen Lendman (stephenlendman.org – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Will professional, college and other organized US/Western sports ever be the same again?

Will draconian flu/covid mandates damage them like harm done to jabbed individuals?

Will the health and well-being of professional and amateur athletes be irreparably harmed by toxic jabs and other draconian policies?

Will what’s going on be a forever thing with diabolical aims in mind, along with enriching Pharma?

Most medical providers were co-opted to go along with what harms health and breaches international law, refuseniks threatened with suspension or loss of license to practice medicine.

Flu/covid protocols for US professional and college sports have nothing to do with protecting and preserving health.

They’re in place as part of state-sponsored, media supported fear-mongering mass-deception pressure to convince maximum numbers of ordinary people to unwittingly self-inflict harm.

In late July, the NFL and players association established flu/covid protocols for training camps and pre-season games.

They’ll remain in place throughout the 2021 – 22 season unless changed ahead.

They include the following:

Players, coaches, trainers and other team staff are urged to be jabbed with what everyone valuing preservation of their health should shun.

NFL officials claim that the vast majority of players were jabbed at least once.

What’s claimed may be all about wanting many unjabbed ones and staff to get theirs.

Protocol requirements for unjabbed players and staff include masks — that don’t protect and risk harm to health.

They must be worn at all times in public “except when doing so would interfere with their ability to engage in athletic activity.”

Players who fail to wear a tracking device or submit to regular PCR tests — that don’t work as administered — will be fined $50,000 and/or $14,500 respectively.

A $14,500 fine will also be assessed against players caught breaking protocol rules in public.

During games on the sidelines, unjabbed players must be masked.

On August 30, the NFLPA approved increased testing of unjabbed players to at least once weekly.

Those living with so-called “vulnerable cohabitants” may be tested daily.

Since training for the upcoming season began, the NFLPA urged daily testing of all players.

The above is a snapshot of more draconian rules.

They include hand-washing as ordered, what’s required during travel, physical distancing, reporting possible flu/covid symptoms, food safety, fan and media interactions, physical exams and much more.

MLB imposed its own draconian rules. They cover jabbing, testing, monitoring, and all else falsely related to alleged safety.

Each club was required to submit a flu/covid action plan.

They were told to appoint an infection control prevention coordinator and compliance officer.

Screening and five-day at home quarantines were imposed on players and staff prior to spring training.

Regular PCR tests are administered, along with daily checks for symptoms and bodily temperature.

Anyone testing positive is required to be isolated for at least 10 days — even though nearly all positive PCR tests are false.

So-called “high-risk” activities in public are prohibited, including close contact with gatherings of 10 or more people.

During road games, players are not permitted to leave their hotel except for team activities, medical reasons, exercise, and dining if approved.

Rules violators will be disciplined by fines, suspensions, docking of pay and/or other punishment.

“Kinexon contact tracing devices must be worn at all times while in club facilities, during club-directed travel, and while engaged in team activities including group workouts and practices,” MLB explained.

A club player or staff identified as having been in close contact with with a flu/covid infected person faces mandatory quarantining for seven days and must test negative before allowed to resume regular activities.

Masks must be worn at all times in club facilities and dugouts.

Each team must appoint a mask enforcement enforcer.

Noncompliance with rules, including unnecessary close contact is subject to ejection from games, fines, suspensions and/or other disciplinary action.

On August 27, The Athletic’s reporter Shams Charnia tweeted the following:

“Any NBA team, arena and personnel whose role involves interactions with players and referees will be required to be fully (jabbed) to have in-person interactions for the 2021-22 season — including coaches, front office and medical/equipment staff.”

Rules violators are subject to fines, suspensions from play and/or other punishments.

Similar policies are in place for other organized sports.

Flu/covid rules for fans range from full or partial attendance allowed, proof of jabs, a negative test for the unjabbed, or none of the above.

According to the Pharma-connected CDC, southern states are most dismissive of flu/covid rules none should enforce.

Last week, a Big 12 spokesman said none of its schools are requiring fans to show proof of jabbing and full capacity is planned.

In early August, the NCAA urged schools to regularly test unjabbed players and staff in close contact with them.

Big Ten school administrators agreed to let them establish their own flu/covid rules — free from external mandates.

SEC schools require players, coaches and staff to undergo regular testing.

Most schools required masks in athletic facilities.

ACC rules are similar. Unjabbed players and staff must undergo regular testing.

With all organized sports in mind, lyrics to Take Me Out to the Ballgame need updating.

The good old days I remember no longer exist.

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