NYT v. Russia’s Nord Stream 2 Gas Pipeline to Germany

NYT v. Russia’s Nord Stream 2 Gas Pipeline to Germany

by Stephen Lendman (stephenlendman.org – Home – Stephen Lendman)

The NYT never met a nation free from US control it didn’t want smashed, its economy undermined, its people exploited.

It never met a US war of aggression it didn’t cheerlead.

Does it have Russia in mind by urging the Biden regime to stop its nearly completed Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline to Germany and other European markets?

In late August, Vladimir Putin said 15 km alone remain to be completed, adding:

Its length is 2,000 km shorter than if constructed through Ukraine.

Calling the pipeline “a modern, environmentally clean system, (he stressed that) these are not just empty words.”

“Moreover, it is much cheaper than transit via the Ukrainian route.”

Expected to be operational by yearend or sooner, the pipeline will double the amount of low-cost Russian natural gas to Germany and other European markets from beneath the Baltic Sea.

Since construction began in 2018, US dark forces and their hostile to Russia partners actively opposed its completion.

The Trump regime imposed multiple rounds of illegal sanctions on the project to impede it. 

Now waived, interventionist Blinken said it’s because “completion of the pipeline (is) a fait accompli.”

According to the Russophobic NYT, “(i)t’s now or never” to stop its completion.

On Tuesday, US-installed Ukraine’s pro-Western puppet president Zelensky will meet with Biden’s double at the White House.

According to Times propaganda, Nord Stream 2 “will be a large elephant in the room (sic),” adding:

“(T)he natural gas pipeline threatens the security of Europe (sic) — and Ukraine especially (sic).”

Reality is polar opposite, other than Ukraine losing transit fee revenue.

Its hostility toward Russia and war on Donbass harm its interests, instead of the other way around if relations were normalized.

Wanting Nord Stream 2’s completion blocked, the Times called for “stop(ping)” it now, adding:

“Zelensky should tell (Biden’s double) in no uncertain terms that Nord Stream 2 must be stopped (sic).”

Until accepting what’s inevitable, Biden’s know-nothing impersonator defied reality by calling the pipeline a “bad deal for Europe (sic).”

Until realizing the futility of trying to block its completion, interventionist Blinken said the Biden regime was “determined to do whatever (it) can” to undermine the project.

In July, statements by fascist regimes in Kiev and Warsaw falsely claimed that the pipeline would let Russia “destabilize the security situation in Europe (sic).” 

The Times repeated the Big Lie, falsely claiming “numerous reasons (why) Nord Stream 2 would be catastrophic (sic), not only for Ukraine and Poland, but also for all of Europe (sic).

It’s a boon for European buyers, assuring them of a reliable source of readily available, low-cost natural gas.

It’s why the Times in cahoots with US and European Russophobes want completion of the project blocked.

Claiming more Russian natural gas to Europe than already “could embolden (its leadership) to meddle further in Ukraine’s affairs (sic), without fear of repercussions” ignored reality.

Unlike hegemon USA and its imperial partners, Russia prioritizes world peace, stability, cooperative relations with other countries and compliance with the rule of law.

More Times Big Lies followed, falsely blaming Russia for US-orchestrated, financed and directed war on Donbass by Ukraine.

No responsible editors would permit publication of the type rubbish featured in Times editions.

Saying “(t)he case is clear (sic). For reasons of economy, energy and national security (sic), the pipeline must be stopped (sic).”

Claiming there’s still time, the Times urged Biden regime hardliners to reimpose sanctions on the project, adding:

“Zelensky should push hard for it” and more.

With US help, he should “bolster (Ukraine’s) defenses” at a time when its only enemies are invented.

He should “deter Russian aggression” that doesn’t exist.

US/NATO’s longstanding war on humanity — supported by the Times — is polar opposite how nonbelligerent Russia operates internally and abroad.

The Times finds new ways to disgrace itself.

Operating as an instrument of wealth and power, it long ago abandoned what journalism is supposed to be — featuring state-approved propaganda instead.

A Final Comment

Last week, a German regional court ruled against Gazprom’s Nord Stream 2 AG’s sought exemption from provisions of the EU’s 2009 Gas Directive.

It prohibits a company from exclusive use of its pipeline to transport gas to European markets.

According to Raiffeisenbank’s Andrey Polishchuk, the ruling is unlikely to decrease Gazprom’s natural gas deliveries to EU markets.

Whatever volume is prohibited from transiting through Nord Stream 2, the company can deliver through other pipelines.

German and other European buyers want Russian gas because of its easy access and low cost.

According to Fitch’s Dmitry Marinchenko, while Gazprom’s deliveries won’t likely be affected by the German court ruling, its profits will be negatively affected that may hinder its debt refinancing.

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