Toxic Mass-Jabbing: Tyranny in New Form, Hippocratic Oath Revised

Toxic Mass-Jabbing: Tyranny in New Form, Hippocratic Oath Revised

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Driven by pure evil goals, US/Western war on public health and free/open societies continues with no let-up.

Children’s Health Defense (CHD) Chairman, public health advocate, author of The Real Anthony Fauci Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. warned of the threat to everyone wanting to live free from tyranny, saying:

US/Western dark forces are “close to completely enveloping us with this totalitarianism that we all need to resist,” adding:

One way is if get fired for refusing to be jabbed is by suing for redress.

Kennedy urged “thousands and thousands of people to do this and get the Supreme Court on this.”

“This is a battle for our country.”

“It’s a battle for our Constitution.” 

“We had people who gave us our constitutional rights who were willing to die for it, who believed that there were things worse than death, including living like a slave.” 

“(W)e all have a duty to put our livelihoods on the line, and whatever we need on the line, and say: ‘We are going to resist.’ ”

Physician, biowarfare expert Meryl Nass MD explained “why no one can (legally) force (Americans to be jabbed with) Pfizer’s (FDA) approved comirnaty” DNA-altering mRNA flu/covid drug, saying:

“(T)he FDA’s own fact sheet (says it’s) ‘your choice to receive or not receive’ receive” it.

It’s “legally distinct” from the drug given emergency authorization use (EUA) by the FDA and CDC — when no real emergency exists, an invented one alone to push toxic mass-jabbing.

EUA jabs are “experimental (and) cannot be (legally) mandated,” Nass stressed.

They “have a huge liability shield that protects everyone involved with the product from being sued.”

Under international law, all things health related require voluntary consent, no exceptions legally allowed.

According to the FDA fact sheet:

Its “EUA for the Pfizer-BioNTech (flu/covid mRNA drug) and COMIRNATY will end when the secretary of HHS determines that the circumstances justifying the EUA no longer exist or when there is a change in the approval status of the product such that an EUA is no longer needed.”

Based on the above — and the rule of law — neither Pfizer’s initially EUA OK’d drug or comirnaty may be legally mandated.

Everyone may legally refuse to be jabbed with any EUA flu/covid drug or vaccine. It’s our choice to say NO.

Nass stressed the following:

“The fact sheet is FDA’s admission, buried in the fine print, that no one can currently be mandated to receive any (flu/covid jab) in the US, as all remain under the EUA.”

“This fact sheet for (jab) recipients is key to avoid being forced to accept (what’s) experimental.”

Nass “suggest(s) print(ing) it out (to) highlight the relevant passages and present it to anyone who tries to force (jabs) on employees.”

In stark contrast to toxic, rushed to market US/Western mRNA drugs and vaccines for flu/covid, Russia’s Sputnik V vaccine underwent over 20 years of development before authorized for public use.

Unlike toxic US/Western jabs, Russians inoculated with Sputnik V aren’t falling ill or dying in large numbers.

Unlike draconian US/Western policies, Vladimir Putin opposes making jabs mandatory, earlier saying:

“I said once as you remember that I don’t support compulsory vaccination. And I continue to adhere to the same point of view.”

“(M)andatory (jabbing) is inappropriate and (won’t) be introduced.”

Russians are free to be jabbed or abstain at their discretion, their right supported by Moscow.

Days earlier Putin said the following:

“We need to do everything we can to (combat flu/covid), and the best tool we have in this fight is” Sputnik V, adding:

There must be “no imposition” on Russians to take it. “(D)ifferent kinds of incentives” can be used to encourage jabbing.

Draconian US/Western policies are profoundly hostile to public health at the federal, state and local levels — their health-destroying agenda judicially supported.

Last week, New York state’s health department mandated toxic jabs for 450,000 healthcare workers — abolishing their legitimate religious objections to abstain.

Refuseniks may be suspended or sacked.

If thousands of state healthcare workers resist, authorities will either have to retract their draconian mandate or risk implosion of the system at a time when its short-staffed workforce is pushed to the limit.

A Final Comment

The Hippocratic Oath is all-about doing no medical harm.

It’s about prioritizing safe and effective treatments to cure illness, prohibiting what risks harm.

When taken as directed, toxic US/Western DNA-altering mRNA drugs and vaccines for flu/covid flagrantly breach the above standards.

Millions have been harmed. Many thousands died.

The toll keeps mounting exponentially for what’s designed to irreversibly harm health.

What’s going on in the West and elsewhere reversed Hippocratic oath medical standards.

As pushed by ruling regimes, their anti-public health handmaidens and press agent media, the oath was revised to do maximum harm over the other way around — flagrantly breaching medical ethics and the rule of law.

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