Arrogant Public Remarks by Biden’s Impersonator

Arrogant Public Remarks by Biden’s Impersonator 

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Representing dementia Joe in public, his unempowered know-nothing double is enlisted to read scripted lines, at times paraphrasing them.

In cahoots with the charade, establishment media ignore both tragedy and farce, supporting mass deception — instead of exposing and denouncing all of the above.

Tuesday on national television, JB’s double fell flat in trying to defend the indefensible. 

Hyperventilating for nearly 30 minutes, he ignored 20 years of US aggression and occupation based on Big Lies, mass slaughter, vast destruction, immiseration of long-suffering Afghans, and trillions of dollars devoted to the above at the expense of vital homeland needs gone begging.

Instead he falsely called Washington’s chaotic/botched withdrawal an “extraordinary success (sic),” praising what critics slammed as incompetent, humiliating, and disastrous.

The scripted address was the latest example of US mass-deception.

Reality is worlds apart from rubbish fed viewers.

No “incredible skill, bravery and selfless courage” applies to Pentagon troops, Biden regime “diplomats and intelligence professionals.”

Involvement of four US regimes in Afghanistan has been all about advancing Washington’s imperial aims at the expense of peace, stability, the rule of law, and rights of Afghans ignored.

For weeks, no “mission of mercy” was conducted, no interest in pursuing it at home or abroad — just conquest, plunder and exploitation of subjugated people.

Afghan forces were recruited, armed, funded, trained and directed to serve US imperial interests.

They had nothing to do with defending their country and people.

Nor were Biden regime interventionists and Pentagon commanders ready for their swift collapse.

Biden’s double recited a litany of bald-faced Big Lies on all of the above and more.

At the end, Taliban forces posed no threat to evacuation efforts by the US and imperial partners, aiding their withdrawal, not interfering with it.

Biden’s double falsely accused them of posing a significant threat to “US personnel and allies” during weeks of airlifting operations.

Unknown numbers of Americans and other Western personnel wanting out were left behind.

So were many thousands of Afghans involved in aiding imperial occupation of their country.

Biden’s double falsely claimed otherwise.

He lied claiming “(w)e got thousands of Afghan translators and interpreters and others who supported the US out (sic).”

Those withdrawn were largely ones of value to US imperial interests.

They included Afghans with skills needed to help rebuild the country, aid its economic development and serve other popular interests.

Slamming selective withdrawal of Afghans, Russia called it a US self-serving brain drain.

The vast majority of Afghans wishing to leave were left behind.

After Biden’s double promised to withdraw all Americans wanting to leave, hundreds weren’t airlifted home.

Continuing to pursue its imperial aims, an arrogant interventionist Blinken statement — signed onto to by partnered NATO foreign ministers — unacceptably said the following:

The US-dominated alliance for perpetual wars on humanity “suspended all support to the Afghan authorities,” adding: 

“Any future Afghan government must adhere to Afghanistan’s international obligations; safeguard the human rights of all Afghans, particularly women, children, and minorities; uphold the rule of law; allow unhindered humanitarian access; and ensure that Afghanistan never again serves as a safe haven for terrorists (sic).”

Left unsaid is NATO’s longstanding contempt for its international obligations, human rights and humanitarian needs, as well as the rule of law.

On all things related to terrorists, they’re foot soldiers created by hegemon USA to serve its imperial aims.

Saying the Biden regime is “determined to make sure the Taliban upholds” what it demands indicates no end to Washington’s longest war in modern times.

What’s likely to continue covertly and overtly by hot and other means, long-suffering Afghans will continue being harmed by the scourge of US imperial arrogance with no end of it in prospect.

The same goes for people in other countries from US control.

Their leadership targeted for regime change, Washington’s endless war on humanity continues, including at home.

What JB’s double omitted on Tuesday was most important to explain.

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