China to Aid Afghanistan Financially?

China to Aid Afghanistan Financially?

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Washington’s forever war on Afghanistan and its people continues with no end of it in prospect.

US-supported ISIS, al-Qaeda, and other jihadists threaten Afghan governance and public safety.

Freezing over $9 billion of Afghan funds held at the New York Fed by the Biden regime — along with cutting off IMF/World Bank financial aid — is all about wanting Taliban-led governance undermined.

It’s about wanting reconstruction of the war-torn country and development of its economy stymied.

It’s about wanting millions of food-insecure Afghan deprived of what’s essential to survive.

It’s about no end to US war on the country by hot and other means, despite withdrawal of combat troops.

It’s more evidence of what the scourge of US imperial ruthlessness is all about — a nation at war on humanity at home and abroad.

On Thursday, Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid said the following:

“China is our most important partner and represents a fundamental and extraordinary opportunity for us, because it is ready to invest and rebuild our country.”

Taliban official Abdul Salam Hanafi reportedly discussed Chinese financial aid with its Deputy Foreign Minister Wu Jianghao, saying:

He “said that (Beijing) would maintain its embassy in Kabul.”

Bilateral “relations would beef up as compared to the past.” 

“Afghanistan can play an important role in security and development of the region.”

“China will also increase its humanitarian assistance.”

On Wednesday, China’s Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin said the following:

“Afghanistan is turning a new page in its history, facing both opportunities and hopes as well as challenges and difficulties.” 

“The Afghan people, having suffered so much, are now standing at a new starting point for national peace and reconstruction.” 

“The international community is closely following developments including the formation of a new government in Afghanistan.” 

“China sincerely hopes that all parties in Afghanistan will echo the aspiration of the Afghan people and shared expectation of the international community, build an open and inclusive political structure, adopt moderate and prudent domestic and foreign policies, make a clean break with all terrorist groups and live in good terms with other countries, especially its neighbors.”

“China will as always pursue a friendly policy toward the entire Afghan people, respect Afghanistan’s sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity and will not interfere in the country’s internal affairs.” 

“China will continue to provide utmost assistance to Afghanistan for an early realization of peace and reconstruction.”

Last week,Taliban official Sher Mohammad Abbas Stanikzai said he met with the UK special representative for Afghan transition, Simon Gass, and German envoy to the country Markus Potzel, saying:

“The UK delegation reiterated that they had already increased their humanitarian assistance and was ready to cooperate” further, adding:

“The German delegation emphasized boosting and continuing (Berlin’s) humanitarian assistance to Afghanistan.”

Aid from Western countries allied with US imperial aims is dubious at best.

China’s Global Times (GT) reported that Britain’s Boris Johnson regime called for imposing sanctions on the Taliban last month.

Once stability is restored, China is likely to play a key role in developing resource-rich Afghanistan, including its vast amounts of lithium and copper.

In late August, GT said “(a)s the Taliban take steps to stabilize the situation and pursue international recognition, Chinese state-owned enterprises (SOEs) and private firms are employing different investment strategies in the war-torn country.”

“(T)he former (are) exercising extreme caution in carrying out new projects, and the latter eager to tap into a market where ‘a thousand things wait to be done.’ ” 

Many SOEs are present in Afghanistan.

An unnamed spokesman for one SOE said the firm’s moves “will be in line with Chinese national strategy.”

Director of the China Arab Economic and Trade Promotion Committee Yu Minghui said the following:

When Taliban officials “heard about business hurdles” to investing in Afghanistan, they said they’d “send high-level officials, asking about difficult(ies) and how they could help.”

“They said that Chinese people are friends, and should not be afraid to ask if they run into any trouble,” adding:

Afghanistan’s new government when formed will protect investors because they’re “helping Afghans.”

Tsinghua University’s National Strategy Institute director Qian Feng said US and other Western regimes are concerned that Chinese state-owned and private firms will fill the “economic vacuum” created by US/NATO’s withdrawal from Afghanistan.

According to secretary general of the Shanghai Institutes for International Studies’ Research Center for China-South Asia Cooperation Liu Zongyi:

“There are more opportunities than extraction of mineral resources” in the country. 

“The economic foundation of Afghanistan — including transportation, telecom, industry and agriculture — has been ruined, and China has the ability to offer a much-needed shot in the arm to help the country generate self-dependent economic drive.”

In 2020, China’s Commerce Ministry reported that the country’s public and private enterprises had investments worth about $110 million in Afghanistan.

Its potential is infinitely greater if peace and stability are largely restored.

A Final Comment

RT interviewed former brutalized US political prisoner Moazzam Begg at its notorious (now closed) Bagram torture prison.

Discussing his ordeal, Begg said countless others like him and US soldiers were physically and emotionally destroyed by what they endured, adding:

He “begg(ed) to go to Guantanamo because what (he saw) and witnessed in Bagram was so destructive (that) to this day (he) can’t sleep.”

He saw two political prisoners “beaten to death” by Pentagon soldiers.

“For me, this place epitomized what the US was doing in Afghanistan.”

“They were bringing people to this torture site – Afghans, ordinary Afghans – and abusing them outside the rule of law, and then allowing some of them to go back home.” 

“And they would go home and tell people ‘this is what the Americans did.’ ”

“We were stripped. We were beaten. We were spat upon.” 

“We were humiliated” — for the crime of being Muslim in the wrong place at the wrong time, guilty of nothing. 

“(T)hey wanted me…to sign a confession that I was a member of Al-Qaeda, which I was not,” Begg stressed.

What he and countless others endured bore testimony to the scourge of US imperial ruthlessness — a humanity-destroying killing machine for maximum wealth and power.

Post-9/11 alone, millions of corpses — from war, related violence, assassinations, torture, medical neglect, starvation and more — attest to how hegemon USA operates worldwide.

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