US Military Service Hazards and Discriminatory Treatment

US Military Service Hazards and Discriminatory Treatment

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Along with deployment for warmaking against invented enemies, US military service is hazardous to health and survival worldwide.

As of September 15, Pentagon troops are required to be jabbed with toxins designed to harm health — on the phony pretext of protecting it from flu/covid and maintaining military readiness.

Refuseniks face disciplinary action, including court-martial for wanting their health protected and less than honorable discharge.

According to the Army Times, unjabbed troops on active duty face discrimination in new form, explaining the following:

“Troops involved in the 54th Security Force Assistance Brigade’s training rotation at…Fort Polk, Louisiana, have a new uniform item — a red or green wristband denoting their (jabbing) status.”

What’s mandated has nothing to do with “expedit(ing) in-field contact tracing of positive (flu/covid) cases.”

It has everything to do with pressuring troops to be jabbed by instituting a new form of discrimination.

It’s the base commander’s equivalent of Nazi Germany’s mandated yellow Star of David policy for Jews to facilitate discriminatory mistreatment.

It’s likely prelude to disciplinary action and expulsion from military service for unwillingness to self-inflicting harm.

It’s one of many examples of how low and lawless US political, bureaucratic and military policies have sunk.

It’s further evidence of a nation unsafe and unfit to live in.

Fort Polk troops were photographed wearing wristbands to identify jabbed from unjabbed ones.

Turning truth on its head, General David Doyle falsely said the following:

Mandated “protective postures (sic) enable us to maintain training and Army readiness (sic), all while making sure the training formation, soldiers and families of Fort Polk stay safe (sic).”

A soldier on the base — remaining anonymous for protection against retaliation — said the following:

“The only thing that is happening with these armbands is that we’re being threatened with punitive actions if we lose our paper bands.” 

“We’ve lost many due to the fact that we are conducting platoon training from 6 AM to 10 PM.”

Unjabbed troops are being closely “scrutinized” by superiors.

They’re also subject to daily testing, regular screenings and restricted movements on base — policies likely in place at all US military installations.

In response, US congressional aspirant Robby Starbuck tweeted:

“This should NEVER happen in America. I’m so disgusted I barely have words. I’ll be doing everything in my power to stop this lunacy. Who’s with me?”

Discrimination against unjabbed Americans isn’t just at Fort Polk, LA.

Washington state Eatonville High School administrators forced student athletes to wear ankle monitors — on the phony pretext of assisting flu/covid tracing efforts.

Will the entire student body be next?

Will it apply to all Washington state schools?

Will it spread to most other states?

Will it apply to residents of all ages?

Will unjabbed individuals in the US be forced to publicly ID themselves to others by the equivalent of Nazi Germany’s Star of David for Jews.

Last month, America’s Frontline Doctors (AFLDS) warned of the “Gestapozation of America (to include) yellow armbands (to enforce jabbing) apartheid.”

“What started a year ago with mask mandates, social distancing measures and lockdowns is now morphing into outright Jim Crow schemes that aim to cleave America into a nation of jabbed or unequal.”

“What about the rest of us who don’t want to go within a hundred yards of spiked-protein tainted needles?” 

“What about those of us who believe in informed consent?” 

“What about those of us who can’t get infected with these experimental (jabs) because we have autoimmune conditions that preclude us from being subjected to Pfizer, BioNTech, Moderna and Johnson & Johnson’s snake oils?” 

“What about the rest of us who don’t want to participate in clinical trails out of caution or” other good sense reasons.

What about our rights under international and constitutional law?

What about the made-in-the-USA plot to destroy public health and institute Great Reset/social control ruler/serf tyranny?

AFLDS filed a “Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) (petition) to prevent harm to US military personnel from” war department mandated toxic flu/covid jabs for “healthy…recovered (troops forced) to accept experimental (gene-altering) therapies (under) threat of court-martial” and less than honorable discharge.

According to AFLDS legal director Chris Dunn:

“The Biden (regime’s) outright disdain of the US military is on full display.” 

“The blood of so many brave American soldiers needlessly killed during the precipitous withdrawal from Afghanistan is on its hands.” 

“Now they seek to force on every member of the military an injection from which they will derive zero benefit but that carries real risks of serious harm, including death.” 

“Long term adverse effects are unknown.” 

“The three mRNA injections currently ‘approved’ are ineffective against the dominant delta (scariant).” 

“And there is growing evidence that (jabs spread and) worsen infection.”

AFLDS legal counsel Todd Calldender said “(t)he safety of (US military personnel) and (Pentagon) readiness is under attack,” adding:

The US war department “is abusing its authority and creating an inappropriate environment of coercion.” 

“Targeting (troops) who are (flu/covid)-recovered with unscientific policies that ignore both the science and the law in a way that harms these soldiers is a dangerous exercise that must be immediately halted.”

International, constitutional, US statute and military laws provide “medical exemptions for personnel with existing immunity as shown by documented infection.”

War secretary Austin flagrantly and arrogantly lied, claiming that immunity from re-infection gotten by military personnel recovered from flu/covid “are not considered fully” jabbed (sic).

AFLDS associate medical director Richard Amerling MD stressed that “experimental (flu/covid jabs risk) real and substantial…harm” — while providing no benefits to health.

Chances for young military personnel — and most others — to experience longterm harm if contract flu/covid are virtually zero.

Chances for Chicago weather in winter to be balmy are far greater than for the AFLDS TRO to halt toxic mass-jabbing of US military personnel.

The books are cooked to prevent it.

So are US courts to the highest level.

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