Arch Villain Elephant in the Room on All Things Flu/Covid

Arch-Villain Elephant in the Room on All Things Flu/Covid

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

In cahoots with US/Western dark forces and Pharma profiteers, mind-manipulating media convinced millions of people to believe what irreversibly harms health is beneficial.

It’s clear proof that most people can be fooled some of the time, some people all of the time, too few free from mind-manipulation.

Without MSM support for the mother of all state-sponsored/health-destroying scams, it would have fallen flat before getting out of the starting gate.

Instead, life is breathed into it daily on a platform of MSM-proliferated Big Lies and mass deception.

Never have so few done so much harm to so many over a short span of time with the worst of their diabolical plot ahead without rebellion to stop what no one should tolerate.

State-approved propaganda like Haaretz falsely claiming that a Beilinson Hospital’s (flu/covid) intensive care ward “reveals what is killing Israelis (sic),” saying:

“(M)ost of (its) patients are” unjabbed (sic), adding:

“(T)he elephant in the intensive care unit was clear to see – patients who didn’t get” jabbed (sic).

The real elephant in plain sight is all-out media propaganda.

It’s pushing refuseniks to get toxins injected into their bodies like their already jabbed counterparts.

Most outbreaks occur in jabbed individuals, unjabbed ones least affected.

According to Israeli government data Haaretz ignored, around 80% of flu/covid deaths, two-thirds of all severe outbreaks, occurred in jabbed individuals.

A small percent of unjabbed Israelis are ill from the virus, few with serious health issues.

Yet PM Bennett falsely claimed that refuseniks “hurt us all” when reality is the other way around.

For increasing numbers of Israelis and their counterparts abroad, those jabbed are most vulnerable to contracting flu/covid, requiring hospitalization for serious cases.

They’re also at much greater risk of dying than individuals remaining unjabbed.

Yet Haaretz insists that jabs work, that if unjabbed Israelis chose otherwise, outbreaks could have been brought under control.

According to science — not state-approved propaganda — it’s the other way around.

As in the West, Israeli media propaganda is so intense that a recent poll showed that over half of Israelis would skip a fast-breaking Rosh Hashanah meal if unjabbed relatives are there.

Unjabbed Israelis aren’t allowed to visit their hospitalized relatives, one doctor saying:

“There was a patient who died while his wife was in quarantine.” 

“She couldn’t say goodbye to him. There are no words to describe what a catastrophe that is.” 

“A man in his 60s, who has a wife he has loved for decades, and he dies alone.”

What kind of regime institutes this type draconian policy, based on anti-science.

Like their Western counterparts, Israeli doctors are pushing double and booster jabs.

They’re mindless that the more gotten, the greater the number of outbreaks, hospitalizations and deaths.

Instead of explaining the above, Haaretz falsely features fake news claims otherwise — compounding the problem, not alleviating it.

NYT propaganda on all things flu/covid has been an everyday thing since early last year.

On Thursday, it quoted the fake Biden, falsely calling outbreaks a “pandemic of the un(jabbed) (sic).”

No pandemic exists, an invented one alone to scare people. 

Two-thirds of more outbreaks affect the jabbed, not others wise enough to avoid them.

Millions of Americans already irreversibly harmed by toxins injected into their bodies are enough for the Times.

It wants millions of young children, including infants — virtually 100% safe from flu/covid harm if contract the illness — jabbed with toxins like older children, adolescents and adults.

It wants the health of all ordinary Americans destroyed while pretending otherwise.

Children falling ill from flu/covid most likely contract it from close contact with jabbed parents, relatives or friends.

Fraudster Fauci continues pushing triple jabs — falsely claiming a booster decreases infections when it’s the other way around, according to science.

According to CDC fake news, most children requiring hospitalization or emergency room treatment for flu/covid are in states with low jabbing rates — a bald-faced Big Lie US anti-public health agencies are infamous for, prioritizing profits over truth and full disclosure on all things health related.

WaPo fake news pushed a similar CDC Big Lie, falsely saying that unjabbed “adolescents were hospitalized with (flu/covid) at 10 times the rate of fully” jabbed ones (sic), adding:

Jabs are “highly effective at preventing serious (flu/covid) illness in youths ages 12 to 17 (sic).”

Americans and their Western counterparts face a daily blitzkrieg of fake news like the above.

The health, welfare and fundamental freedoms of everyone in the West, Israel and elsewhere are more greatly threatened than than ever before.

Without establishment media support for unprecedented harm to growing millions in the West and elsewhere, the diabolical plot would have fallen flat before ever gaining traction.

Instead it’s the other way around with disastrous results worsening daily.

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