Israelis Brace for Forever Jabs

Israelis Brace for Forever Jabs

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Israel follows the worst of US/Western policies on all things related to endless wars, neoliberal harshness, destroying public health, and pushing the envelope toward tyrannical rule.

On Saturday, its so-called “coronavirus czar” Salman Zarka — a fraudster/angel of death Fauci-like figure — said flu/covid is here to stay.

“(P)repare for a fourth injection” with forever-jabbing in mind.

“This is our life from now on,” he added.

“(E)very few months — it could be once a year or five or six months — we’ll need another shot.”

In late August, he said:

Flu/covid “is here and will stay here, and we may have to take a mask for many months and maybe years (sic).”

“The world was changed by this virus (sic).”

“(T)he war is still here (sic), and we have to continue and explain and push all the people to get” jabbed — with health-destroying toxins when taken as directed.

There’s nothing fundamentally new about what Zarka and his Western counterparts called a “new virus.”

Covid is a hoax. What’s called SARS-Cov-2 was never isolated in lab analysis — despite years of research.

What doesn’t exist can’t cause illness. Covid is seasonal flu/influenza with a scary new name.

Other than recommended annual flu shots — never mandated or heavily pushed — all things flu/covid today didn’t exist pre-2020.

The same virus around for time immemorial with multiple strains — differences among them too minor to matter — was politically, not scientifically, transformed into an andromeda strain only experimental, hazardous jabs can protect against, we’re falsely told repeatedly.

Forever jabbing with what everyone wanting their health protected should shun is coming to Israel, the West and likely elsewhere in some countries.

Health passports will likely accompany them — refuseniks to be treated like pariahs, ostracized from society, segregation in new form.

They’ll risk being denied access to employment, education and other public places by draconian brave new world rules no just society would tolerate.

So-called Green Passes for fully-jabbed Israelis expire six months after their last jab — forever boosters required at least twice annually.

Ignored is that jabs harm health, not the other way around — the more gotten, the greater the damage.

They also exponentially increase outbreaks — why on September 2 flu/covid cases in Israel hit an all-time high to date.

As more Israelis are booster-jabbed, then forever-jabbed ahead, outbreaks will surge far higher than already.

The obvious solution not taken in Israel, the West and elsewhere is shunning what’s harmful, returning to pre-2020 sanity on all things health related.

For seasonal flu renamed covid, it requires following non-jabbing/safe and effective protocol procedures for treating viral infections, if needed.

If what’s ongoing now continues unchecked, greater than ever disaster is virtually assured.

Separately in Israel, the Bennett regime imposed draconian rules for the Jewish New Year/Rosh Hashanah from sunset Sept. 6 to nightfall Sept. 9.

They apply to Yom Kippur, the annual Jewish day of atonement — this year commemorated from sunset Sept. 15 to sundown Sept. 16.

Announced by the Bennett regime’s health ministry, the following rules are mandated or recommended.

It’s recommended that High Holiday prayer services be held outdoors.

Synagogues hosting more than 50 worshipers must require them to show proof of alleged immunity from multiple jabs to enter.

Unjabbed children under age-12 must take a worthless PCR test that virtually always is false when positive because of how administered.

Large numbers of false positives are the foundation for harmful to health, draconian flu/covid policies.

If negative, PCR test results are valid for 96 hours during the High Holidays, 72 hours otherwise.

Israeli mass-gatherings are limited to 50 people indoors, 100 outdoors.

If officially authorized, participation in gatherings up to 1,000 indoors and up to 5,000 outdoors requires proof of alleged immunity.

Masks are mandated for everyone indoors, for gatherings of over 100 people anywhere. They’re recommended for smaller gatherings outdoors.

Nearly 80% of Israelis were jabbed, over 90% double-jabbed, about one-third booster-jabbed.

As in the West, refuseniks risk discriminatory harshness.

The road to tyranny in these countries is paved with ill-intentions.

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