Russian Foreign Ministry on Afghanistan and Ukraine

Russian Foreign Ministry on Afghanistan and Ukraine

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

US/NATO’s reign of terror in Afghanistan didn’t end last month as Russia’s Foreign Ministry’s spokeswoman Maria Zakharova (MZ below) reported.

It continues in new form that’s all about hegemon USA’s intention to want control maintained over the country — either by co-opting the 

Taliban unlikely to succeed or regime change by hot war and/or by other means. 

Twenty years of US/NATO aggression and occupation devastated the country, immiserated its people, and eliminated millions by war, related violence, torture, targeted assassinations, lack of medical care, starvation and other means.

With the Taliban empowered to form what head of its political office Abdul Ghani Baradar called “inclusive” governance, MZ noted that things are “now likely to undergo substantial change” ahead — in stark contrast to ruthless US/NATO occupation harshness and exploitation.

On Saturday, Baradar “assure(d) the (Afghan) people that we strive to improve their living conditions, and that the government will be responsible to everyone and will provide security because it is necessary for economic development, not just in Afghanistan but in the whole world.”

According to Reuters on Friday, Baradar and Mohammad Yaqoob —  son of Taliban founder Mullah Omar — will head a new government.

Women will have rights denied them under earlier Taliban rule, but won’t be empowered politically or bureaucratically.

Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid said they won’t hold high-level ministerial positions.

MZ condemned Pentagon violence that killed and injured civilians after the Taliban entered Kabul — calling it “indiscriminate use of force,” suggesting no end of it ahead.

Russia is “concerned about the escalation of socio-economic tensions in Afghanistan due to the suspension of financial, material and technical aid from the” US-dominated West, adding:

“(W)e urge the international community to take effective measures to prevent a humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan.” 

“(W)e are considering the possibility of delivering Russian humanitarian aid to Kabul.”

“We support the formation of an inclusive coalition government as soon as possible.” 

“It should represent all ethnic and political forces in Afghanistan, including national minorities.” 

“We also note a statement by high-ranking Taliban functionary Shahabuddin Delawar.” 

“He urged foreign countries that rushed to withdraw their diplomatic missions to resume their activities.” 

“This demonstrates a willingness on the part of the Taliban to develop ties with the international community.”

Russia’s embassy continues to operate as before, security provided for its officials and staff.

Russia and China support Afghan sovereign independence and economic development — free from foreign interference.

US-dominated NATO are hostile toward nations not bowing to their will.

MZ expressed concern that (ISIS, al-Qaeda and other US/Western supported) terrorists may pose as Afghan refugees to enter Central Asian countries with violence and other disruptive activities in mind.

Separately she stressed that US/NATO bear full responsibility for devastation to Afghanistan and its people.

“The whole world saw what NATO, led by the US (did) there.”

They “owe” the nation and its people humanitarian and economic aid.

Instead, the Biden regime froze billions of dollars of Afghan assets at the New York Fed.

It ordered the IMF and World Bank to provide no financial help.

Its hardliners want no end to misery inflicted on long-suffering Afghans

US war and occupation of their country reflects how the scourge of its imperial rage operates worldwide.

Commenting on US-colonized Ukraine, MZ slammed “Washington’s use of Kiev as an anti-Russian weapon,” adding:

What’s gone on since the Obama/Biden regime’s February 2014 coup has had “predictable and sad consequences, (including) dysfunction” and endless cross-border war on Donbass since April 2014.

In late August, Sergey Lavrov called continued human rights abuses in Ukraine by its US-controlled fascist regime “alarming,” adding:

US-installed puppet president Zelensky “signed a discriminatory law (that) seriously infringes on the interests of Russians, Hungarians and other peoples historically living in various regions of modern Ukraine.”  

“(W)e are witnessing an artificial division of the country’s population into categories with different sets of rights, which is very similar to the theory and practice used by Nazi Germany.”

Russian nationals in Ukraine are especially mistreated.

Zelensky said they should “leave and seek a place in Russia.” 

“We regard such statements as inciting ethnic hatred,” Lavrov stressed.

It’s a criminal offense in EU countries.

In cahoots with US dark forces, all things Russia in Ukraine are targeted for elimination.

Use of its language is banned. Ukraine’s Law on Education banned Russian schools.

Lavrov explained that millions of Russians live in Ukraine, their native language the primary one they use.

In mid-August, Russia’s Foreign Ministry slammed Kiev’s protest over Lavrov’s visit to Crimea, saying:

The Republic of Crimea and city of Sevastopol are legal Russian Federation entities, their residents Russian citizens, their rights protected by Russian law.

Russia is the only nation that granted Ukrainian language the same status it has in the bordering country.

US-controlled fascist rule in Kiev failed to reciprocate and worse, wanting Russian language and rights banned in Ukraine.

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