Biden Regime Blocks Exit Flights from Afghanistan

Biden Regime Blocks Exit Flights from Afghanistan

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Biden regime hardliners willfully and maliciously abandoned hundreds of US citizens in Afghanistan.

Left to fend for themselves, the Biden regime blocked exit flights for them to return home, Fox News reported, saying:

“Americans involved in private evacuation efforts tell Fox News the State Department is only reason their planes haven’t left Afghanistan.”

According to a leaked email, interventionist Blinken’s State Department “will not provide an approval” of private charter flights so they can leave.

Did the US war department also refuse to bring them home?

Likely on orders from Blinken and perhaps Pentagon commanders as well, “the State Department explicitly stated that charter flights, even those containing American citizens, would not be allowed to land at (US military) bases,” Fox News reported, adding:

Claiming it’s because of “possible security threats from landing charter planes at military bases” is a red herring.

What’s going on reflects longstanding US policy — exploiting people at home and abroad to serve its interests, then abandoning them when of no further use.

According to private rescue group PlanB head Rick Clay, Blinken’s State Department blocked withdrawal flights he organized for Americans to leave Afghanistan.

Two other Americans involved in evacuation efforts explained the same thing, Fox News stressing:

“(T)he State Department is the sole entity preventing their charter flights from leaving Afghanistan.”

Blinken et al invented phony pretexts to justify what’s unjustifiable.

Yet on Tuesday, Blinken falsely accused the Taliban of preventing stranded Americans in Afghanistan from leaving — a bald-faced Big Lie.

He also falsely claimed that some Americans lack proper exit documents.

Having withdrawn its diplomatic and other staff from the country further complicates evacuation of stranded Americans and others with documents permitting their exit.

The bottom line is that hegemon USA doesn’t give a hoot about anything other than pursuit of its diabolical aims — the human toll of no consequence, no matter how great.

One unnamed individual involved in organizing withdrawal flights told Fox News the following:

“This is zero place to be negotiating with American lives.” 

“Those are our people standing on the tarmac and all it takes is a f…ing phone call.”

Another unnamed individual involved arranging private withdrawal flights said:

“If one life is lost as a result of this, the blood is on the (Biden regime’s) hands.” 

“It is not the Taliban that is holding this up,” it’s Biden regime hardliners.

Make no mistake. The US and imperial partners have and will continue to falsely blame the Taliban for their own crimes of war, against humanity and other wrongdoing.

Plan B head Clay told Fox News that he “has a manifest of 4,500 names of US citizens, green card holders, SIVs (special immigration visas) and refugees trying to get stateside.” 

His firm gave “the State Department 800 names for a first round of flights.”

“It is imperative that we get into Doha where there (are) other refugee centers,” he explained. 

“That is where I’ve asked for clearance.”

It’s not forthcoming.

Blinken’s State Department “is not allowing any private charters” into Afghanistan for withdrawal of stranded Americans or others with documents permitting their exit to US territory or anywhere else.

Clay said the State Department is inventing “excuses” to block exit flights.

“If we can get aircraft in and pick up people and bring them out, why can’t we take them to Doha to the refugee center or other refugee centers? This makes no sense.”

“We still have Americans we can get out.”

Last month, the Taliban agreed to cooperate with withdrawal efforts of personnel by the US and other countries, including by providing security.

According to attorney Eric Montalvo involved in organizing withdrawal flights, an email sent him by the State Department said in his words:

“No independent charters are allowed to land at” Al Udeid Air Base south of Doha, Qatar. 

“(N)o charters are allowed to land at    (any) DoD base, and most, if not all countries in the Middle Eastern region, with the exception of perhaps Saudi Arabia, will allow charters to land.”

Some regional and other countries will likely permit it with State Department approval not forthcoming.

On September 3, Blinken said the following:

“(W)e’re in constant contact (sic) with Americans who remain in Afghanistan and may still wish to leave (sic).”  

“We’ve assigned case management teams to each remaining American citizen who has expressed an interest in leaving (sic).”

“We’re also in touch with others working to help at-risk people leave Afghanistan (sic).  

“That includes our foreign partners, news organizations, and private foundations (sic).”

“We’re working through them as quickly and as methodically as we possibly can (sic).”

The same misinformation applies to thousands of Afghan SIV holders, abandoned by the US, Blinken falsely saying:

“Helping…Afghans (with SIVs) is more than a priority for us (sic).”

“It is a deeply held commitment, and it’s an ongoing one (sic).”

“We’re going to do everything we can to keep it in the days, weeks, and months ahead (sic).”

On Monday, Blinken’s spokesman Price defied reality as follows, saying:

“We are working around the clock to ensure US citizens, at-risk Afghan civilians, and others are able to reach their ultimate destinations safely and efficiently (sic).”     

According to what’s stated on a State Department Afghanistan Inquiries announcement:

“(W)e will continue to assist US citizens and their family members in Afghanistan from Doha, Qatar (sic).” 

“We will also continue our efforts to help lawful permanent residents, as well as the many Afghans who have stood with us over the years, who are seeking to leave Afghanistan (sic).”

“Our commitment to the people of Afghanistan is enduring (sic).”

“The Department of State has no higher priority than the safety and security of US citizens overseas (sic)” — ones it doesn’t give a damn about when no longer serving its interests.

The above remarks by Blinken, Price and the State Department are hollow without fulfillment. 

They reflect how the scourge of US war on humanity operates worldwide.

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