Damned if Do or Don’t Choices

Damned if Do or Don’t Choices

by Stephen Lendman (stephenlendman.org – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Choosing between health-destroying flu/covid jabs for access to public places or protecting what’s too precious to lose by refusing them, being labelled a pariah and ostracized from society is no choice at all.

That’s where things are heading in the US, West and elsewhere — two-tiered societies emerging, segregation in new form, tyranny by any other name, the worst of all possible worlds — a modern-day Dante’s hell.

All things flu/covid mandated and urged are all about irreversibly harming health by slow-or-quick-acting poison — on the phony pretext of protection not gotten.

The latest CDC VAERS data reflects a snapshot of infinitely greater harm from flu/covid jabs.

From mid-December through late August, over 650,000 adverse events were reported, many serious ones and thousands of deaths.

The toll is only what’s reported to the Pharma-controlled agency and what it’s willing to release.

The true toll is likely over 100-fold greater as earlier, based on science, not politics.

What’s going is the most catastrophic toll on health in US history with far worse ahead if toxic mass-jabbing continues unchecked — what’s highly likely without mass rebellion nowhere in sight.

US/Western double-jabbing heads toward booster, then forever jabs — the more gotten, the greater the harm to health.

Once lost from deadly toxins they contain, damage done to virtually all body organs is irreversible.

To hasten destruction of public health and increase Pharma profits more than already, Pfizer and Merck are fast-track testing experimental oral flu/covid drugs.

What’s coming is likely emergency use authorization for other drugs to be shunned — to be sought by Pfizer before yearend if rushed trials go as expected.

Financed by government handouts — free money — more toxic flu/covid drugs are likely to be OK’d ahead.

If one doesn’t destroy health fast enough, one or more others with it will likely finish off millions with no one in high places or media mouthpieces explaining it.

Medical tyranny was instituted at over 1,000 US colleges and universities — mandating toxic jabs for students, faculty, staff and all others on campus.

If what Rutgers mandated catches on, students refusing to destroy their health will be denied higher education in any form.

Last march, it mandated toxic jabs for students on campus — becoming the first US institution of higher learning to take this draconian step.

Now it advanced medical tyranny to a higher level.

Unjabbed senior undergrad Logan Hollar opted for virtual classes to complete his studies at home.

In late August, he was locked out of his Rutgers email and related accounts.

When inquired why, he was told that jabs are required on campus and for virtual classes.

Told he could request an exemption, it was denied.

On September 1, classes began.

He’s banned from involvement in person or online — for refusing to destroy his health as a degree-earning requirement.

His status likely applies to other unjabbed Rutgers students.

Will its draconian policy spread nationwide?

Were school officials urged to go this way by US dark forces?

Is Rutgers being used to test-market what’s planned for US colleges and universities mandate nationwide?

Will US higher education require health destruction to get?

Will courses in medical tyranny be offered for greater mind-manipulating indoctrination?

Is Australian style medical tyranny coming to the US and West?

Draconian lockdowns aren’t good enough for Victoria, Australia premier Dan Andrews.

“(W)e’re going to lock out people (from society) who are not” jabbed with health-destroying toxins, he announced.

Will employment, education, and access to other public places be denied to the unjabbed in the US, West and elsewhere?

Will hospitals and growing numbers of physicians deny treatment when needed to unjabbed patients?

Will retail stores shut them out, including supermarkets?

Will safe and effective ivermectin, HCQ and other flu/covid treatment protocols be banned?

Will doctors be ordered not to prescribe them?

Will pharmacies no longer carry them?

Will hospitals deny them to flu/covid patients?

Mass-jabbing is all about destroying health.

It has nothing to do with protecting it.

Never did I ever imagine that what’s ongoing would happen — that what protects and preserves health would be replaced by what’s destroying it.

Wishing what’s happening is a bad dream we’ll awaken from hasn’t made it so.

What’s already nightmarish heads toward become much worse ahead without taking to the streets en masse, boycotting the system, rejecting tyranny, battling enforcers, paying with our blood and lives to stop mass-jabbing madness.

The alternative is what no just societies tolerate, a living hell, a slow or quick demise from health-destroying toxins — along with tyrannical rule to enforce the worst of all possible worlds.

Will refuseniks unwilling to voluntarily submit to their own demise face it anyway by ruling regimes’ diktats?

Is what existed pre-2020 gone forever?

Or will mass rebellion save us?

VISIT MY WEBSITE: stephenlendman.org (Home – Stephen Lendman). Contact at lendmanstephen@sbcglobal.net.

My two Wall Street books are timely reading:

“How Wall Street Fleeces America: Privatized Banking, Government Collusion, and Class War”



“Banker Occupation: Waging Financial War on Humanity”



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