Beyond Totalitarian Rule

Beyond Totalitarian Rule

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

After made-in-the-USA flu/covid policies were instituted with depopulation and draconian social control in mind, the nation shifted from totalitarian rule to tyranny on a fast track toward becoming full-blown.

Everything mandated and recommended since last year is with causing irreversible harm to health and eliminating what remain of free and open societies everywhere.

Ahead of what the fake Biden is expected to announce on Thursday, White House mouthpiece Psaki previewed what’s coming, saying:

He’ll “announc(e) six steps…related to access to testing” — that’s all about artificially inflating flu/covid cases 

“(S)ome will be related to (draconian) mandates…” 

“(S)ome will be related to how we ensure kids will be protected in schools (sic)” — by policies harming their health and well-being.

“We want to be specific about (the harm) we’re trying to accomplish in this moment and what these six steps will do.”

“We’ve been at war (on public health) for a long time,” a phony virus the pretext to keep waging it.

Announced numbers of jabbed Americans are artificially inflated.

It’s both hype to convince more unjabbed ones to get theirs and testimony to why full-court press manipulating efforts continue.

Steps announced will be all about pushing greater numbers of people to self-inflict harm from health-destroying flu/covid jabs.

They’ll likely mandate or otherwise advance things toward greater tyrannical rule than already.

Federal mandates can only go so far.

With the power of the purse, the federal government can provide or deny states funding for education and other initiatives.

Federal approval of booster and forever jabs bi-annually may be announced.

According to the NYT, Biden’s double “is expected on Thursday to detail (the regime’s) plan to put pressure on private businesses, federal agencies and schools to enact stricter (jabbing) mandates and testing policies.”

The delta scariant will likely be cited as a convenient pretext — ignoring that it’s no more scariant than other viral strains.

The Times indicated that the underlying message (of the Biden regime’s plan is) that the only way to return to some sense of normalcy (is) to get as many people (jabbed) as possible — with health-destroying toxins left unexplained.

Psaki turned truth on its head, falsely saying that “(w)e know (sic) that increasing (jabs) will stop the spread of the pandemic (that doesn’t exist), will get (what doesn’t exist) under control (sic), will return people to normal life” by eliminating it altogether.

According to WaPo, pressure on the Biden regime is increasing to impose tougher flu/covid policies — on the phony pretext of a worsening “public health outlook (sic).”

Plans for a “global summit (on the nonexistent) coronavirus crisis (sic)” to be held during the UN General Assembly later this month may also be announced.

According to an unnamed Biden regime official:

“We are still planning the (fake Biden’s) schedule around UN General Assembly High Level week, but it is safe to assume we are actively looking at (flu/covid) and public-health-centered options,” adding:  

“I would anticipate there will be an opportunity for (Biden’s double) to engage with his counterparts on this issue during UNGA week.”

Whatever is announced on Thursday will be all about harming public health while falsely pretending otherwise.

It’ll push the envelope closer to full-blown tyranny.

It’ll make the nation more unsafe and unfit to live in than already.

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