Biden Regime Cooked the Books Against Iran

The Biden Regime Cooked the Books Against Iran

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

On all things Iran and all else related to longstanding US war on humanity, the Biden regime differs from its predecessor by style and party label alone.

It has no intention of returning to JCPOA compliance — its hard-wired policy since before usurping power by brazen election fraud.

Begun in early April, JCPOA Vienna talks have been a colossal waste of time, accomplishing nothing positive.

The landmark nuclear deal as unanimously affirmed by Security Council Res. 2231 is dead — killed by hegemon USA, Britain, France and apartheid Israel in the wings.

Pretending otherwise by ruling Western regimes should fool no one.

If they wanted to return to JCPOA compliance, it would have happened months ago.

Nearly eight months since usurping power, interventionist Blinken and likeminded Biden regime hardliners cooked the books against Iran by maintaining forever US war on the country and its people by other means.

They have no intention of changing policy to comply with international law, just the opposite.

Resuming Vienna talks will be no more productive than earlier.

Iranian Foreign Minster Hossein Amir-Abdollahian correctly said the following on Monday:

“We have a positive approach to negotiations as an opportunity to diplomacy, but believe that negotiations for the sake of negotiations will have no benefit for the Iranian nation and other involved parties,” adding:

“The Americans inflicted the worst harm on the JCPOA” by illegally abandoning the landmark agreement that’s binding under international law.

They’re “also the main culprit in violating the JCPOA” — the Biden regime no different from its predecessor in this respect.

On Wednesday, interventionist Blinken threatened Iran, saying:

“I’m not going to put a date on it, but we are getting closer to the point at which a strict return to compliance with the JCPOA does not reproduce the benefits that the agreement achieved.”

Like its predecessor, the Biden regime insists that Iran comply with unacceptable demands while offering nothing positive in return.

Threatening an end to Vienna talks ignores its obstruction during six rounds that has been all about wanting the letter and spirit of the JCPOA rendered null and void.

That’s where things stand with virtually no chance for positive change, no chance for anything resembling improved relations with Iran.

Hard-wired Biden regime policy rejects the notion, while falsely pretending otherwise.

Wherever the US goes foreign policy-wise, colonized Britain and France follow — no matter how flagrantly in breach of international law.

The same goes for the IAEA under its US-controlled leadership, notably pro-Western puppet director Rafael Grossi.

Complicit with the Biden regime in cooking the books against Iran, the Islamic Republic slammed its latest accusations.

It falsely accused Iran of failing to explain so-called uranium traces at several locations (sic), along with not getting greater access to sites than already (sic), adding:

“The Agency’s confidence that it can maintain continuity of knowledge is declining over time and has now significantly further declined (sic).” 

“This confidence will continue to decline unless the situation is immediately rectified by Iran (sic).”

No Iranian obstructionism exists, none now or earlier. The IAEA lied claiming otherwise.

All Islamic Republic nuclear related activities fully comply with its JCPOA and NPT obligations — polar opposite how the US, West and Israel operate, the IAEA remaining silent about their breaches.

Ignored time and again by the West and its proxies is that Iran’s legitimate nuclear program — with no military component — is more intensively monitored than any other world community nations.

Ignored as well is nuclear armed and dangerous Israel, a nation permitting no IAEA or other inspections of its bomb development and production facilities.

Waging forever wars on humanity, the West and Jewish state pose unparalleled threats to everyone everywhere.

In stark contrast, the Islamic Republic prioritizes peace, stability, cooperative relations with other nations and compliance with rule of law principles — notions rejected by the US-dominated West and apartheid Israel.

The Islamic Republic wages peace, not war. It threatens no other nations — except in self-defense if attacked, its UN Charter right.

On Wednesday, Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi stressed the following:

“(S)erious cooperation of the Islamic Republic of Iran with the IAEA is a clear example of Iran’s will for transparency in its nuclear activities,” adding: 

“It is natural that in the case of a non-constructive treatment in the International Atomic Energy Agency, it is unreasonable to expect Iran to have a constructive response.” 

“Non-constructive actions naturally disrupt the negotiation process as well.”

On Monday, Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Saeed Khatibzadeh warned the Biden regime and complicit UK/French partners against introducing an anti-Iran resolution at the next IAEA board of governors session, saying:

“The next meeting of the Board of Governors is a usual meeting.”

“(N)o parties should make miscalculations that would impinge on the Vienna negotiations.” 

“(R)elations between Iran and the IAEA are technical and respectful, and within the same framework, a deep and correct understanding is established between the two sides.”

“We hope that the other parties will not interfere in this regard.”

Iran’s representative to the international organizations in Vienna Kazem Gharibabadi accused IAEA leadership of failing to “maintain its independence, impartiality, and professionalism…” 

Its board of governors “must…refrain from…us(ing the agency) as a tool for” Western interests, adding:

“We have a transparent constructive cooperation and interaction with the agency, and this transparency should be recognized and appreciated, not be used as a means to make gratuitous excuses, because this unnecessary crisis-making approach will first backfire…”

According to Politico:

“Several (unnamed Western) officials said they expected the global powers to approve the resolution condemning Iran at next week’s” IAEA board of governor’s meeting.

“It’s hard to see how a resolution can be averted,” said one (unnamed) senior official.

If adopted, it’ll be further proof of talks going nowhere, what Biden regime hardliners intended all along.

Whether on not Vienna talks resume ahead, their outcome is clear.

The Biden, Johnson and Macron regimes have no intention of returning to JCPOA compliance as mandated by SC Res. 2231.

The JCPOA is dead. Only its obituary remains to be written.

A Final Comment

The whole world knows that Iran abhors nuclear weapons, wanting them eliminated everywhere.

World powers notably know that Iran fully complies with its nuclear obligations, that it has no intention of developing these weapons.

Claims or allegations otherwise when made by the US-dominated West and Israel are all about waging forever war on the country by other means.

For the US, it’s all about tolerating no nations free from its control.

For apartheid Israel, it’s all about wanting the Middle East map redrawn for empowerment over the region in partnership with hegemon USA.

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