Biden Regime Mandates Tyranny

Biden Regime Mandates Tyranny

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

International and constitutional law no longer apply.

Public health was abolished.

Remains of a free and open society are gone — replaced by White House diktats, backed by majority lawmakers, go-along courts, and press agent media.

A fantasy democracy from inception, the above partially applied throughout US history — though never before like now.

Advancing throughout the neoliberal 90s, US tyrannical rule matched Star Trek post-9/11 — going where its ruling regimes never went before.

In the aftermath of renaming seasonal flu covid last year — the mother of all state-sponsored scams with depopulation and social control tyranny in mind — the Biden regime exceeded the worst of its predecessors.

Reading scripted lines from a teleprompter on Thursday, Biden’s hollow shell double — the mentally incompetent JB hidden who knows where — announced draconian new flu/covid diktats only a despotic regime could love.

Scripted lines ignored what’s binding under international and constitutional law.

All things health related require voluntary consent — no exceptions permitted: Nuremberg Code Principle One.

“(N)o one shall be (involuntarily) subjected…to medical or scientific experimentation” — what flu/covid mass-jabbing is all about:  International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR), Article 7.

The above is automatically US constitutional law under its Supremacy Clause (Article VI, paragraph 2).

Reportedly attributed to philosopher John Stuart Mill, US Supreme Court Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes and perhaps others:

Rights of others to swing their fist end where our nose begins. 

The same goes for ruling US regimes v. our rule of law guaranteed rights.

Our bodies are inviolable. No one may legally order anything affecting them — for good or ill — without our voluntary consent.

Going the other way is one of the most flagrant breaches of personal liberty.

It’s how hegemon USA operates — a despotic police state exceeding the worst of all others in world history with mass-extermination and elimination of fundamental freedoms in mind worldwide.

Ahead of Thursday evening Biden regime diktats, I previewed in part what I believed would be announced, way underestimating what was unconstitutionally mandated.

On Thursday, the fake Biden “announced that the Department of Labor is developing an emergency rule to require all employers with 100 or more employees, that together employ over 80 million workers, to ensure their workforces are fully (jabbed with health-destroying toxins) or show a negative test at least once a week” — that if positive is virtually always false, adding:

“This is not about freedom or personal choice (sic).

“This is about (destroying public health, not) protecting yourself and those around you.”

The Biden regime will also require healthcare facilities that receive Medicare and/or Medicaid payments to destroy the health of staff by mass-jabbing.

Federal employees are required to be jabbed or be regularly tested. 

So are employees of regime contractors. Jabbing is mandatory for US military personnel.

The above diktat will take effect on a date to be announced in the coming days or weeks.

Businesses that ignore it face up to a $14,000 fine per violation.

Justifiably outraged, GOP Georgia Gov Brian Kemp said he’ll “pursue every legal option available to the state of Georgia to stop this blatantly unlawful overreach by the Biden” regime.

Texas Gov. Gregg Abbott tweeted:

The Biden regime’s mass-jabbing “mandate is an assault on private businesses.”

“Texas is already working to halt this power grab.” 

Other governors are likely to contest it legally as well.

According to Florida state Rep. Anthony Sabatini:

“Florida MUST call a special session to nullify (the Biden regime’s mass-jabbing) vaccine mandates.”

“Any federal official attempting to impose them should be arrested on the spot and prosecuted under Florida law.”

The fake Biden’s Thursday remarks were punctuated with bald-faced Big Lies.

They included highlighting a “pandemic” that doesn’t exist — notably claiming what’s mandated aims to prevent sickness and deaths when regime policy is the other way around.

It’s saying that “(i)f you want to work with the federal government and do business with us, get” jabbed with health-destroying toxins. 

“If you want to do business with the federal government, (jab) your workforce.”

What’s mandated by Biden regime diktats “affect(s) about 100 million Americans, two-thirds of all workers.”

“The bottom line: We’re going to protect (jabbed) workers (sic) from un(jabbed) co-workers (sic)” by destroying their health. 

“We’re going to reduce the spread of” flu/covid by increasing its spread.

Jabs increase outbreaks. The more administered widely, the greater the number of viral infections. 

Commenting on what’s ordered, fraudster Fauci — who’s complicit with state-sponsored genocide — said he’s “very much in favor of making and encouraging mandates” to harm maximum numbers of Americans permanently.

When the Biden regime usurped power last November by the most brazen election fraud in US history, JB’s double said:

“I don’t think (jabs) should be mandatory.” 

“I wouldn’t demand (them) to be mandatory.” 

In July, White House spokeswoman Psaki said jab mandates are “not the role of the federal government.”

They willfully and maliciously lied, what should be an impeachable offense, accountability mandated.

Here’s where things now stand.

Refuseniks unwilling to sacrifice their health to despotic US diktats may be denied employment, education, and access to other public places.

Perhaps they’ll be refused healthcare by medical providers that support increasingly draconian policies that breach the letter and spirit of what rule of law governance is supposed to be all about.

It’s crucial for battle lines to be drawn.

It’s essential to rebel against what’s going on by whatever it takes to overturn what no one should tolerate.

If civil disobedience was ever vital in US history, it’s more justifiable now more than ever before.

The alternative is Great Reset, new world order, ruler/serf enslavement to a diabolical higher power, the worst of all possible worlds.

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