Bucking the Trend

Bucking the Trend

by Stephen Lendman (stephenlendman.org – Home – Stephen Lendman)

On all things flu/covid, establishment media march in lockstep, supporting what demands condemnation and opposition.

The above is almost true but not entirely.

On the most crucial issue of our time, Fox News bucked the trend.

Having criticized its reporting earlier for good reason, it’s another matter entirely when diverging from the  official fabricated narrative on flu/covid.

On his Facebook page, host Tucker Carlson accused (the Biden regime) of “declar(ing) war on millions of Americans” Thursday night.

Days earlier he said Dems abandoned my body, my choice…when (flu/covid) arrived.”

Now they’re “demanding that we wear the mask and get the shot, but these (are) not optional. (They’re) mandates.”

Dems “argu(e) (that) politicians…get to decide what you do with your body.” 

“It’s their choice not yours.” 

“Inject these powerful drugs whether you want to or not because we own you.”

Sean Hannity slammed its “plan to force employers with more than 100 workers to require (flu/covid jabs) or test employees weekly,” adding:

The Biden regime is “vilifying the un(jabbed) with the move.”

Hannity urged viewers to consult their doctors before bowing to “broadband edicts.”

“I will say this again. I don’t have this show but for you, my audience.”

“Your life, every life is important. It’s important for me.”

“You make this show possible…and I want every American, regardless of any political views, I want everybody healthy.”

“For your own sake, I will say it again. Do your own research.”

“Please consult with your doctors, the professionals, the guys who actually went to medical school and make the right decision for you, your family.”

What Biden’s double announced Thursday “cancels medical freedom.”

He “eliminated privacy and doctor-patient confidentiality.”

Ahead of the fake Biden’s Thursday address, Fox News host Laura Ingraham said “everything (its regime) touched has turned bad.”

“Every day we wake up and realize anew that this missing senior citizen is actually living in the White House as the country is being run into the ground by whoever’s pulling his strings.”

Separately, Fox News slammed the Biden regime saying — before usurping power — that federally mandated flu/covid jabs were off the table.

No longer after Thursday night.

GOP congressional members and governors were quoted, slamming the draconian Biden regime mandate.

Rep. Thomas Massie correctly called it “absolutely unconstitutional.

Rep. Neal Dunn said (g)etting (jabbed) should be up to you and your doctor — not the federal government.”

Arizona Republican Gov. Doug Ducey vowed to “push back” against “big government” mandates, calling them “dictatorial.”

Other GOP officials made similar comments.

Congressional legislation will be introduced to block draconian Biden regime flu/covid mandates.

With undemocratic Dem House and Senate majority control, it’s unlikely to go anywhere.

Lawsuits may fare no better with federal courts at all levels stacked with judges and justices hostile to the rule of law.

In stark contrast to sharp Fox News criticism of draconian Biden regime flu/covid mandates, WaPo — like the NYT and most other establishment media — supports them, falsely saying:

Jabs are “an extraordinary tool,” defying science.

The Biden regime “must…deploy the power of the federal government in all ways possible and support mandates by businesses, schools and others (sic).”

WaPo repeated the Big Lie claim “that most of those hospitalized and dying this summer were the un(jabbed)” when it’s the other way around.

It lied saying jabs “save lives,” ignoring that their toxins destroy health.

It falsely claimed safe and effective ivermectin doesn’t work, ignoring that reality is the other way around.

It supports face masks that don’t protect and risk harm to health.

It reinvented how immunity works to push forever jabbing.

It supports destroying the health of children by toxic jabs.

It backs health passports to ostracize refuseniks from society — perhaps with criminalizing them in mind.

It wants everyone targeted for extermination everywhere jabbed.

All of the above shows that WaPo supports abolition of the rule of law — despotic rule replacing it.

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