Toxic Drug-Peddling NYT Editors

Toxic Drug-Peddling NYT Editors

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

On issues mattering most, the NYT supports what demands exposure and condemnation.

The above applies to endless US wars on nations threatening no one, for raping and destroying them, for killing millions, for justifying what’s unjustiable.

It applies to waging war on ordinary people at home and abroad, wanting them exploited and otherwise abused, never equitably served — an anathema notion to the US ruling class.

Instead of condemning medical tyranny the fake Biden mandated on Thursday — a breach of international and constitutional law, an affront to public health — NYT editors expressed support for what demanded denunciation.

Basing their argument based on a litany of bald-faced Big Lies, it’s longstanding Times practice.

It falsely accused refuseniks of “cost(ing) all of us (sic).”

Instead of denouncing rushed-to-market, hazardous to health, DNA-altering mRNA drugs and vaccines for flu/covid, the Times praised what’s already harmed millions and killed many thousands in the West alone — cold hard facts it suppresses.

Instead of truth-telling about health-destroying jabs affording no protection, the Times defied indisputable science — falsely calling them “incredibly safe and stunningly effective (sic).”

It reported artificially inflated numbers of Americans jabbed that’s part of a state-sponsored, media supported brainwashing campaign to pretend what’s toxic is safe in hopes of mass deceiving more refuseniks to get theirs.

It maintains a regular fake news drumbeat about the delta scariant — that’s no more scariant than other flu/covid strains.

It turned truth on its head, falsely saying that “very sick and the dead (are) made up almost entirely of the unjabbed” when it’s largely the other way around.

It lied claiming that as long as what shows up annually like clockwork — and has for time immemorial — “everyone (is) at risk (sic).”

Ignoring that children, adolescents and young adults are virtually 100% certain to fully recover is contract flu/covid — 95% certain for over-age-70 adults — the Times falsely called what’s going on “catastroph(ic) (sic).”

Its editors lied claiming that refuseniks “infringe on everyone else’s freedom (sic) — the freedom to move around the country (sic)…to visit friends and family (sic), the freedom to stay alive (sic).”

The unjabbed threaten neither the health or rights of anyone — what’s polar opposite true about jabbed individuals, able to shed and spread health-destroying toxins to others from close contact.

The Biden regimes flu/covid mandates have nothing to do with protecting health.

They have everything to do with destroying it, along with abolishing fundamental freedoms, wanting tyrannical rule replacing them.

Times editors pretended otherwise.

What they called the “the right thing” deadly wrong.

What they called a “pestilence (sic)” is garden variety seasonal flu with a scary new name.

What they called “overwhelming national support for many forms of (jabbing) mandates” is opposed by thousands of doctors and scientists worldwide — ones unconnected to Pharma and/or ruling regimes.

It’s opposed by all others aware of the diabolical made-in-the-USA scheme that’s all about mass-extermination of unwanted people.

It’s about instituting Great Reset ruler/serf social control tyranny.

The fake Biden’s announced jabbing mandates breached the letter and spirit of international and constitutional law.

They showed contempt for the health, well-being and fundamental rights of everyone.

Not according to Times editors, calling his draconian mandates “courageous (sic).”

Falsely equating jabs with “patriotism and humanity (sic),” Times editors called for eliminating other options.

If things go this far — what’s clearly possible ahead — full-blown tyranny will be the law of the land, why mass resistance is crucial to prevent what no one should tolerate. 

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