More Draconian Biden Regime Mandates Coming

More Draconian Biden Regime Mandates Coming

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

No ruling authorities in US history dared go where Biden regime hardliners have gone.

None ever usurped power or abandoned the rule of law more brazenly.

None ever threatened the rights, health and well-being of most Americans and others abroad more egregiously.

None ever pursued a draconian agenda more recklessly.

Based on Big Lies and mass deception, their extrajudicial agenda is all about destroying public health and remaining freedoms.

Run by gangsters making mafioso look benign by comparison, no US ruling authorities ever demanded removal from power more urgently.

The alternative jeopardizes humanity’s survival.

Not satisfied with already announced draconian flu/covid jabs and related policies, more of the same are coming this month, likely further ones ahead — in flagrant breach of international and constitutional law.

Will health-destroying jabs be mandated for all Americans ahead?

Will failure to comply isolate isolate refuseniks from society?

Will their access to public places be banned — including employment, education, public and private establishments of all kinds, even for healthcare?

Will they be forcibly placed in FEMA concentration camps?

Will free expression on all things flu/covid, related issues, and perhaps other key ones be banned — notably online?

Will truth and full disclose of these issues be criminalized?

According to Biden regime press agent NYT, JB’s impersonator will announce a policy of jabbing at least 70% of humanity by summer’s end 2022 at the UN General Assembly.

Regime hardliners are “convening a virtual global (flu/covid) summit next week, when heads of state gather for the annual General Assembly meeting,” according to the Times, adding:

Their ruling authorities and related organizations will be told to aim for ending the flu/covid pandemic that doesn’t exist by increased mass-jabbing of their people with toxins designed to destroy public health.

The US-controlled IMF, World Bank and WHO called for minimally jabbing 60% of humanity by mid-2022.

The Biden regime wants world leaders to pledge billions of dollars for mass-poisoning their people.

Advocate for toxic mass-jabbing at home and abroad, the NYT defied science and the rule of law, saying:

Jabbing humanity “is necessary to protect not only the world, but the national security and health and safety of Americans (sic).”

The Biden regime’s diabolical scheme — in cahoots with its Western counterparts and Pharma profiteers — is all about destroying public health worldwide, not protecting and preserving it.

Along with the ACLU, Public Citizen lost credibility for allying with the Biden regime’s toxic mass-jabbing war on humanity.

In late May, it urged the Biden regime to pledge $25 billion for toxic flu/covid jab production — for enough shots to mass-poison “low-and middle income” people worldwide “in one year.”

PC lied claiming this policy “could shave years from the global pandemic” that’s invented, not real.

It lied saying “this proposal would pay for itself many times over (sic).” 

“It would save hundreds of thousands of lives (sic) — by eliminating them, PC failed to explain. 

Biden regime hardliners want draconian mandates established worldwide.

They want the world community of nations resembling flu/covid tyranny in police state Australia — its draconian policies unrelated to protecting public health, just the opposite.

Separately, fraudster Fauci called for barring travel by air or other means “with other people” unless jabbed.

Last week, Biden regime flu/covid czar Jeff Zients virtually said that nothing too egregious is “off the table.”

What was unimaginable pre-2020 is now official policy in the US/West and elsewhere.

Mass-jabbing with toxins designed to destroy health is state-sponsored biowarfare in new form with unparalleled genocidal aims in mind.

The body count mounts daily.

Two senior FDA officials resigned over opposition to booster jabs and overall Biden regime mass-jabbing policy.

Jabbed individuals comprise a growing majority of flu/covid cases.

The same goes for numbers hospitalized with the viral illness.

Biden regime hardliners aren’t satisfied.

Aiming to greatly escalate the human toll, more draconian flu/covid mandates are coming in pursuit of this goal.

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