NYT Backs Revocation of Constitutional Rights

The NYT Backs Revocation of Constitutional Rights 

by Stephen Lendman (stephenlendman.org – Home – Stephen Lendman) 

Under international law — notably the Nuremberg Code — that’s automatically constitutional law under its Supremacy Clause, all things health related require voluntary consent.

The Biden regime and NYT want this fundamental rule of law principle abolished.

In response to the Biden regime mass-jabbing mandates, the Times cited fabricated CDC data in support of what’s all about harming health, clearly not protecting it.

Defying science and the rule of law by willfully lying, the CDC falsely claimed that unjabbed Americans are 11 times more likely to die from flu/covid than jabbed ones — a bald-faced Big Lie. 

The Times went the same way by falsely claiming what it called “a deep conviction among scientists (sic) that (jabbing) hesitancy and refusal have prolonged the pandemic” — that’s invented, not real.

The broadsheet lied saying that (illegal) Biden regime mandates “should stem the flood of infections and return the country to some semblance of normalcy (sic).”

According to science, it’s the other way around — the more jabs administered to a greater number of people, the more outbreaks, harm to health and deaths.

The Times willfully and maliciously claimed otherwise in cahoots with US dark forces and Pharma profiteers.

Virtually everything claimed by the HHS, CDC, FDA, NIH, other US anti-public health agencies and their MSM press agents like the Times is fake news intended to harm health, not the other way around — in flagrant breach of international and US constitutional law.

Everyone involved in this diabolical plot — to the highest levels — should be prosecuted, convicted, sentenced and imprisoned longterm for committing the highest high crimes against humanity.

At a time of state-sponsored deceit with depopulation and social control tyranny in mind, the Times and other MSM are guilty of supporting what demands denunciation and all-out efforts to combat.

Most Americans and others abroad who contract flu/covid were jabbed, especially double and triple-jabbed ones.

The Times falsely claimed that a pandemic — that doesn’t exist — cannot end as long as millions of American refuseniks stay unjabbed.

If mass-jabbing hadn’t begun last December, numbers of flu/covid outbreaks would be far fewer than what occurred.

Claims otherwise are bald-faced Big Lies.

Jabbed individuals proliferate outbreaks by shedding and spreading toxins to others from close contact.

Fraudster Fauci, the CDC, the Times and other MSM falsely claim that staying unjabbed is hazardous to health when it’s the other way around — based on science, not politics.

WaPo marched in lockstep with the Times and other MSM, falsely claiming that (more scariant than variant) delta “is running rampant (sic),” adding:

“It just makes no sense to go on being savaged by a virus when an effective tool (sic) to fight it is widely available and free.” 

“Every possible method should be used to (jab millions of unjabbed) Americans: persuasion, incentives and, yes, coercion (sic)” — no matter how flagrantly in breach of international and constitutional law, WaPo failed to add. 

According to CNN’s fake news, the Biden regime “gave a gift to every major company in America (sic) by” unlawfully mandating mass-jabbing with health-destroying toxins, the fake news operation left unexplained like always before.

Countering draconian mandates isn’t easy but can work.

On the frontlines of treating sick flu/covid jabbed patients, many healthcare workers joined the ranks of other refuseniks to avoid harming their health from toxic jabs.

Upstate New York Lewis County Health System (LCHS) is a case in point, a model for healthcare workers nationwide to follow.

After many of its maternity workers quit to avoid toxic jabs, others perhaps to join them, the hospital suspended delivering babies because short-staffing leaves it unable to do it safely.

If medical providers of other hospitals followed LCHS’ example, their facilities would be forced to permit refuseniks to stay unjabbed.

Otherwise, their operations would be greatly compromised.

The same goes for US businesses nationwide. 

If enough staff refuse to sacrifice their health to stay employed, management that mandated jabs would have to reverse policy to keep operating effectively.

It’s crucial to force reversal of hazardous to health flu/covid policies, especially draconian Biden regime mandates.

Aiming to destroy health over protecting and preserving it, refusing to go along in large-scale numbers is how to beat the diabolical scheme no one should tolerate.

VISIT MY WEBSITE: stephenlendman.org (Home – Stephen Lendman). Contact at lendmanstephen@sbcglobal.net.

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