MSM Brainwashing Never Quits

MSM Brainwashing Never Quits

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Warning labels should be required for all MSM reports — most of all for what relates to flu/covid, the mother of all state-sponsored/media supported scams.

More diabolical than anything preceding it in US history, Biden regime health-destroying/freedom-eliminating diktats are unchallenged legislatively, judicially, or by nationwide mass resistance of millions already harmed and others wanting their health protected.

There’s no good ending to what’s going on without popular revolution to end it before it’s too late to matter.

I explained before that without MSM support, the diabolical scheme would have been DOA before launched.

Instead, MSM terror-bomb viewers and readers with a daily blitzkrieg of fake news mass deception, essential to know truths consistently suppressed.

On Tuesday, National Pentagon Radio (NPR) reinvented reality like countless times before by reporting its customary litany of bald-faced Big Lies and mass deception.

It falsely accused American Frontline Doctors (AFLDS) founder Simone Gold MD of “push(ing) drugs that have not been proven effective at treating” flu/covid — referring to long ago proved safe and effective ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine (HCQ).

NPR lied claiming otherwise — falsely calling Gold’s truth-telling remarks “contrary to the best science and medical standards of care for treating” flu/covid — a bald-faced Big Lie repeated by other MSM time and again.

Because she practices medicine ethically and responsibly according to science, as well as with the rights and safety of patients in mind, NPR called for de-licensing her.

Followers of its reports are fed a daily diet of state-approved fake news.

Like other MSM, NPR supports mass-infecting Americans and others abroad.

They support mass-extermination and abolition of what remains of free and open societies worldwide, backing full-blown tyranny instead.

NPR is far from a lone MSM bad actor. They all deliver state-approved fake news, the real thing prohibited.

According to medical fraudsters featured on CNN, there’s no link between flu/covid jabs and loss of fertility, ignoring scientific evidence otherwise.

Child-bearing age women unnecessarily jabbed experience abnormal menstrual flow, uterine bleeding and related abnormalities, including swollen lymph nodes.

According to independent medical community advice, pregnant women — or ones seeking to become pregnant — should avoid experimental Pfizer or Moderna gene-altering mRNA flu/covid jabs.

The same is true for everyone valuing their health.

The vast majority of individuals under age-70 are virtually guaranteed full recovery if contract the viral illness.

Getting jabbed is high-risk with no rewards for everyone, why shunning these toxins is crucial — especially children, pregnant women and society’s most vulnerable.

On Wednesday, WaPo reached a new low, falsely accusing GOP Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis of “reach(ing) a new low.”

DeSantis opposes draconian Biden regime mandates, what everyone should reject.

On Monday, he warned local Florida authorities of stiff fines if impose them on their residents.

WaPo repeated the long ago debunked claim that Pfizer/Moderna mRNA jabs “saved countless lives.”

They irreversibly harmed the health of everyone jabbed with them.

What WaPo and other MSM should have explained long ago, they consistently suppress.

On all things flu/covid, DeSantis supports the right of voluntary consent — what’s mandated by international and constitutional law.

WaPo falsely called this fundamental right “recklessness.”

Its gene-altering is irreversible. WaPo and other MSM pretend otherwise.

WaPo lied claiming that DeSantis is “displaying…crass opportunism and disregard for the greater good (sic).”

The aim of his flu/covid policy sticks to the rule of law by upholding the right of voluntary consent on all things flu/covid — especially the right to preserve health by shunning toxic jabs designed to destroy it.

A Final Comment

At least 5 US conservative talk show hosts died from alleged complications from flu/covid.

All opposed draconian Biden regime policies on this crucial issue, especially toxic jabs.

Was the cause of their untimely deaths other than what MSM reported?

Were they eliminated to silence views important for everyone to hear and take to heart?

Are others sharing similar views with a public platform jeopardized?

Are US dark forces hell bent for eliminating truth and full disclosure voices opposed to their official fabricated narrative?

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