Anti-China US/UK/Australia Axis of Evil

Both wings of the US war party target all nations free from their control for regime change — forever wars by hot and/or other means their favored tactics.

China is hegemon USA’s target No. One — for its growing political, economic and technological prominence on the world stage, not for any national security threat its leadership poses.

While preemptive US war on the country is extremely unlikely, it’s possible by accident or design —  given how often its ruling class chooses this option.

Its risk increased by a newly formed anti-China axis of evil.

On Wednesday, the Biden regime and imperial UK/Australian partners announced what they called a “historic” security alliance (sic). 

Unrelated to the security of their nations — facing no threats from others, just invented ones — newly formed “Aukus” is all about challenging China in a part of the world where hegemon USA and Britain don’t belong.

Nuclear submarine technology will be shared with Australia on the phony pretext of aiding the Morrison regime deter nonexistent Indo/Pacific threats.

According to a Biden regime statement:

“We undertake this effort as part of a larger constellation of steps, including stronger bilateral partnerships with our traditional security partners in Asia – Japan, South Korea, Thailand, the Philippines – and also stronger engagements with new partners like India, Vietnam and new formations like the Quad” — compromised of the US, India, Japan and Australia, adding: 

“This is an historic announcement (sic). It reflects the Biden (regime’s) determination to build stronger partnerships to sustain peace and stability across the entire Indo-Pacific region (sic).”

Longstanding US policy is polar opposite the above deception — fooling no one, notably not China and Russia.

AUKUS countries will also cooperate on all things military and related operations.

In response to the newly announced alliance, China’s Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian called it “extremely irresponsible,” adding:

Providing Australia with nuclear-powered submarines “seriously undermines regional peace and stability and intensifies the arms race.”

Separately asked to comment on over 90,000 US airstrikes on multiple nonbelligerent countries post-9/11, Zhao said the following:

“The US has committed grave human rights crimes overseas.”

Its ruling regimes “waged wars by citing fake intelligence and created grave human rights disasters.” 

“The US used a test tube of laundry powder as the evidence for the possession of chemical weapons to launch a war in Iraq and used a fake staged White Helmets video as evidence to wage war on Syria.” 

“From the end of WW II to 2001, the US initiated 201 of 248 armed conflicts in 153 places.” 

“Since 2001, illegal wars and military operations of the US claimed (millions of) lives and displaced tens of millions of people.”

“Before the US troops withdrew from Afghanistan, they launched an air strike on a civilian residence on counter-terrorism grounds and left ten civilians dead.”  

US “brutality is outrageous.”  

“A former US soldier once said that US drone attacks are purely ‘killing for the sake of killing.’ ”

“US imposed unilateral sanctions and severely undermined the human rights of people in (dozens of) countries.”

These are facts with solid evidence.” 

“It is preposterous that the US claims to be ‘protecting human rights’ at every turn.” 

“Is it protecting human rights when staging wars of invasion?” 

“Is it protecting human rights when shooting and dropping bombs on civilians?” 

“Is it protecting human rights when wielding the big stick of sanctions?”

Separately on Wednesday, China’s Washington embassy spokesman Liu Pengyu slammed AUKUS countries for “build(ing) (an) exclusionary bloc, targeting or harming the interests of third parties,” adding:

“(T)hey should shake off their cold war mentality and ideological prejudice.”

According to former US national security official Zack Cooper and likeminded military analysts in a joint paper:

“China’s modernizing military…poses the greatest challenge in the world (sic),” adding: 

“China is not a global military peer competitor of the US…but it has developed a robust capability to fight effectively in the areas within the first island chain, which runs north to south from Japan in the East China Sea, to Taiwan, to the Philippines in the South China Sea.”

“Long-term success will depend on the US making significant advances in its regional diplomacy with new partners who feel threatened by Beijing’s military modernization and grey zone assertiveness (sic), even as many have strong trade, investment and financial ties with China.”

Excluded from AUKUS, a joint statement by French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian and Armed Forces Minister Florence Parly called the move “contrary to the letter and the spirit of the cooperation which prevailed between France and Australia.”

Le Drian and former French envoy to the US Gerard Araud said AUKUS “stabbed (their country) in the back.”

Supplying Australia with nuclear submarine technology cost France a $66 billion deal for 12 diesel-electric submarines.

The world community of nations has no illusions about how the US operates — exclusively to benefit its own interests, time and again at the expense of others.

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