NYT Russia Bashing Rears its Ugly Head Again

by Stephen Lendman (stephenlendman.org – Home – Stephen Lendman)

The Times supports virtually everything that advances US hegemonic aims worldwide, no matter how lawless and destructive.

It never met a nation free from its control it didn’t go all-out to vilify, inventing stuff to make its case that never washes.

As Russia’s lower house State Duma September 17 – 19 elections begin, gratuitous Times bashing went into high gear.

Its customary litany of bald-faced Big Lies followed.

At a time when Vladimir Putin’s stature and preeminence on the world stage towers over pygmy-like US/Western leaders, the Times once again pressed ahead with its own fabricated reality, saying:

“Putin’s rule has reached a new apogee of authoritarianism (sic), coated in a patina of comfortable stability (sic).” 

“To many, (he’s a) hero for his assertive foreign policy (sic), while those who oppose him are retreating.”

Like always in its Russia bashing remarks, the Times ignored that the country’s democracy under Putin is real — in stark contrast to US/Western fantasy versions, the real thing never allowed by their ruling regimes.

Putin remains in power because most Russians want no one else leading them.

Russians old enough to remember  know that millions of the country’s people lost savings and jobs to exploitive/US-backed shock therapy under pro-Western Boris Yeltsin.

Supported by the Times and other MSM during the 1990s, he let 80% of Russian farmers go bankrupt, closed 70,000 state factories, and presided over an unemployment epidemic.

Half or more of ordinary Russians became impoverished. 

A permanent underclass was created. 

Rampant criminality, suicides, mortality, alcoholism and drug abuse soared to intolerable levels.

GDP plunged 50%. Life expectancy fell sharply.

Democratic freedoms never emerged on his watch. 

An oligarch class accumulated enormous wealth. 

Western interests profited at the expense of millions of exploited Russians. 

In cahoots with the US/West, Yeltsin let corruption and criminality flourish. One scandal followed others. 

Grand theft and money laundering were commonplace. 

Billions in stolen wealth were stashed in Western banks or offshore tax havens.

Along with Western regimes and corporate interests, the Times and other MSM cheered Yeltsin’s free market gangsterism. 

They despise Putin for undoing their decade of pillage, for defending Russia’s sovereign rights, for replacing anything goes with democratic governance.

The Times falsely claimed that Russians are “fed up” and want change.

It lied calling the nation under Putin a “surveillance state” — how US/Western regimes operate.

Well into its hit piece — way beyond where most readers go — the Times offhandedly admitted that “Putin’s power held up (because)  the lives of many Russians have genuinely improved,” a one-liner with no elaboration.

Then it lied like many times before, falsely accusing him of annexing Crimea. Nothing of the sort occurred.

It lied claiming there’s a “pervasive fear of criticizing the government (sic).”

Separately, the Times falsely accused “Russian authorities (of) us(ing) a variety of deceitful tactics to try to manufacture a big victory in parliamentary elections this weekend (sic)” — a bald-faced Big Lie like an endless stream of others about all nations free from US control.

It lied accusing Russia of using “trick(ery) to win handily while maintaining the plausibility of a contested outcome.”

It invented fake news examples that fell flat — including “duplicate candidates (sic)…fake political parties (sic)…crossing off names (sic)…(using) walking-around money (sic)…” and more of the same fakery.

You can’t make this stuff up, what the Times and other MSM do repeatedly in bashing nations targeted by hegemon USA for regime change.

Ignored is that Russian elections are scrupulously open, free and fair.

They’re polar opposite US/Western rigged ones — November 2020 Exhibit A.

Trump won a second term. Biden’s double replaced him in the White House by brazen election fraud.

The Times and most other MSM cheerled the shenanigans, instead of slamming the outcome with no legitimacy.

Scores of monitors from 55 countries and 10 international organizations are monitoring Russia’s three-day election process.

US authorities want no one observing their election-rigging close-up at the federal, state and local levels.

US/Western countries have fantasy democracies. Russians have the real thing.

It sticks in the craw of the Times and other MSM so they unjustifiably bash it.

VISIT MY WEBSITE: stephenlendman.org (Home – Stephen Lendman). Contact at lendmanstephen@sbcglobal.net.

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