Aftermath of FDA Advisory Panel’s Friday Vote

Aftermath of FDA Advisory Panel’s Friday Vote

by Stephen Lendman

As a same day article explained, an FDA advisory panel rejected the Biden regime’s scheme to booster-jab Americans aged-16 and older — a temporary move.

At the same time, it voted unanimously in favor of booster-jabbing Americans aged-65 and older, as well as others with weakened immune systems.

I also called healthcare and emergency responder personnel, teachers, as well as others whose work allegedly puts them at risk, eligible to be booster-jabbed.

Disappointed with Friday’s vote, a temporary setback, the Biden regime displayed a brave face, saying:

“Today was an important step forward in providing better protection to Americans from (flu/covid) (sic).” 

“We stand ready to provide booster shots to eligible Americans once the process concludes at the end of next week,” regime spokesperson Kevin Munoz said.

Pro-toxic mass-jabbing WSJ editors slammed Wednesday’s vote, saying:

“The FDA’s advisory panel downplay(ed) growing evidence of waning antibodies” — that doesn’t exist.

Claiming “evidence for boosters is strong and growing” defied science.

Citing Israel as an example of booster-jabbing success ignored its record-level surging outbreaks.

Also ignored was that jabs weren’t designed to protect, the more gotten, the greater the harm to health.

Nor do they reduce symptoms of individuals who contract flu/covid as Pharma producers falsely claimed.

Journal editors were right saying so-called “ ‘experts’  are often wrong and shouldn’t control public policy.”

Left unexplained was that wrongheaded ones most often are connected to US/Western regimes and monied interests, prioritizing what benefits them at the expense of the general welfare.

The pro-toxic mass-jabbing NYT quoted Pfizer’s senior vice president/head of mass-jabbing research and development Kathrin Jansen, saying:

“We thank the committee for their thoughtful review of the data and will work with the FDA following today’s meeting to address the committee’s questions (sic).”

“(W)e continue to believe in the benefits of a booster dose for a broader population (sic)” — because it boosts Pfizer’s bottom line and stock valuation at the expense of public health and well-being.

The Times also cited pro-mass-jabbing figures with ties to Pharma, including CDC Dr. Sara Oliver, falsely saying that jabs strongly protect against flu/covid.

Indisputable evidence debunked her Big Lie long ago.

Buried in the Times report — so most readers would miss what head of Israeli public health services Sharon Alroy-Preis MD said — was the following:

Around 60% of critically ill Israeli flu/covid patients and nearly half the country’s deaths from the illness were double-jabbed, some booster-jabbed.

Dismal as her comment was, she downplayed much greater destruction of health, including deaths, from jabs designed for this purpose.

Separately, the Times discussed fabricated CDC data released on Friday — timed to coincide with the FDA advisory panel’s vote.

It falsely claimed that alleged protection afforded by jabs — not gotten — waned significantly after four months.

The dubious claim is part of US/Western full-court-press mass deception to scare maximum numbers of people to unwittingly harm themselves.

As Biden regime hardliners and Pharma regroup following Friday’s FDA advisory panel vote, their diabolical plot to mass-infect millions targeted for elimination remains unchanged.

Within a few days, the CDC will announce its (toxic) booster-jabbing policy and for whom it applies.

Its fake news about waning immunity will likely be cited as a reason for pushing boosters for recommended segments of US society.

The Biden regime is locked and loaded to provide them, a White House statement affirmed — once the CDC announces its position on this issue in the coming days.

What’s vital for the public to know is systematically suppressed by US dark forces, anti-public health officials, Pharma and their media press agents.

Health protection will be lost unless jabs designed to destroy it are shunned.

Going the other way assures irreversible harm and a shortened lifespan — precisely what US dark forces intend from their diabolical scheme.

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