Fake News on Invented US Enemies: Focus on Russia

Virtually all nations free from US control prioritize world peace, stability, cooperative relations with other countries and compliance with international law.

At peace with their neighbors and other countries, their foreign policy is polar opposite how hegemon USA and its imperial co-conspirators operate.

Ahead of Russia’s lower house State Duma elections — to conclude on Sunday — the Washington Post recited its customary litany of bald-faced Big Lies about the country and Vladimir Putin.

It lied claiming “the deck (was) stack(ed) for Putin (sic).”

It lied accusing Russia of running “fake candidates and jailing opposition figures (sic).”

Last month, Putin expressed “hope that the United Russia (party) will maintain its position and have an opportunity at the legislative level to take relevant decisions in the interests of the country,” adding:

“The party’s program is an important, fundamental document.”

“It is a living document that must respond to what is happening in the world and in the country.”

It includes Russia’s social sector, economy, and other major issues.

According to pro-Western Carnegie Moscow Center’s Andrey Kolesnikov’s Big Lie:

Putin’s governance is “much more repressive and much more cruel” than its predecessors (sic).”

Calling it “full scale authoritarianism” is how US-dominated Western countries and their imperial partners operate, not Russia under Putin.

In the US, Biden regime under secretary of war for policy Colin Kahl falsely said the following:

“In the coming years, Russia may actually represent the primary security challenge that we face in the military domain for the United States and certainly for Europe (sic).” 

“Russia is an increasingly assertive adversary (sic) that remains determined to enhance its global influence and play a disruptive role on the global stage (sic), including through attempts to divide the West (sic).”

All of the above claims apply to hegemon USA and its complicit partners globally — none of it how nonbelligerent Russia operates.

No Russian threat exists against any country — in stark contrast to Washington’s threat against everyone everywhere, including its own citizens.

Kahl also defied reality by falsely accusing Russia of “erod(ing) transparency and predictability (sic), us(ing) military force to achieve its goals (sic), support(ing) proxy groups to sow chaos and doubt (sic), and undermin(ing) (US-created) rules-based order” in lieu of international law it long ago abandoned. 

Separately, in response to withdrawal of US combat troops from Afghanistan — its humiliating defeat reminiscent of how its Southeast Asia aggression ended in 1975 — Putin said the following:

It was “more like (a US escape) than withdrawal,” a “hasty” exit with its tail between its legs — after decades of raping, destroying and pillaging the country, along with immiserating its people.

Change of government in Afghanistan “is undoubtedly a positive thing,” Putin stressed.

US-dominated Western countries left a mess in Afghanistan for its new government, its people and other nations to address.

Disastrous conditions left behind are from irresponsible US-led “attempts to impose alien values from outside…which take into account neither historical or national characteristics of nations” invaded and occupied, said Putin, adding:

“The authors of these experiments then hastily retreat, leaving their subjects to fend for themselves.” 

“The whole international community has to deal with the consequences” of hegemon USA’s adventurism against one country after another.

It’s involvement in Afghanistan was “catastroph(ic)” for the nation and its people.

Putin also said that the five permanent Security Council member are heavily “responsible for (maintaining) order in the world.”

Russia and China consistently fulfill their obligations.

They’re undermined by US, UK, French war on humanity — in cahoots with their imperial partners.

As for Taliban rule in Afghanistan, “(t)he sooner (its leadership) join(s) the so-called family of civilized peoples, the easier it will be to communicate, have influence,” and gain respect on the world stage, said Putin.

Russia “support(s) the formation of an inclusive coalition government in Afghanistan with the participation of all ethno-political forces of the country, including national minorities.”

Moscow — and Vladimir Putin personally throughout his tenure as president and earlier — very much pursue peace and stability in Eurasia and elsewhere worldwide.

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