Medical Journal Fraud?

Medical Journal Fraud?

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

The once highly respected New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM) long ago fell from grace.

According to ProPublica:

Critics question whether the NEJM “is slipping in relevancy and reputation.” 

Its editorial policy “resisted correcting errors and lag(s) behind others in an industry-wide push for more openness in medical research.” 

“And dissent has been dismissed with a paternalistic arrogance…”

On September 15, an article published by the NEJM falsely claimed that for individuals double-jabbed with the Pfizer-BioNTech gene-altering mRNA drug given a booster dose, the rate of severe illness was “substantially lower (sic).”

Israel exclusively uses the Pfizer-BioNTech drug to mass-jab is people.

A days earlier article explained that Israeli health ministry figures “showed that over 10,000 new (flu/covid) cases were diagnosed (in a single) day…the positive test rate…climbing.”

According health ministry director Nachman Ash, the above is “a record number that did not exist” before in a nation where one-fourth or more of its people were booster-jabbed.

As mass-jabbing numbers administered rise, so do viral outbreaks, including serious ones.

Israel’s health ministry reported that nearly two-thirds of patients in serious condition were fully jabbed for protection — not gotten. 

I quoted immunologist Eleanor Riley MD, saying:

“We could be digging ourselves into a hole for a very long time, where we think we can only keep (flu/covid) away by boosting every year.”

A separate article discussed an analysis by Doctors for Covid Ethics (DCE) — explaining that gene-based Pfizer and Moderna jabs harm health.

The more jabs gotten, the greater the harm caused.

DCE stressed that “booster shots are uniquely dangerous.”

“(R)epeatedly boosting the immune response will repeatedly boost the intensity of self-to-self attack,” DCE explained.

Boosters are responsible for “boosting blood clots and leaky vessels.”

All flu/covid jabs risk potentially lethal blood clots and bleeding.

DCE also explained that that jabbing for flu/covid “is unnecessary. Populations are protected by their immune systems.”

Natural immunity from contracting and recovering from the viral illness effectively protects against reinfection.

Multi-jabbing is “uniquely dangerous.”

NEJM claims about boosters are false. Saying they reduce infection risk tenfold defies scientific analysis proving they harm and don’t protect.

It’s not coincidental that the dubious NEJM report came just ahead of rolling out boosters in the US, administering them to be rubber-stamped by the Pharma-controlled FDA on Friday or at a time of its choosing.

There’s nothing remotely safe and effective about flu/covid jabs designed with irreversibly harming health in mind.

Millions throughout the West have been harmed since last December, including many thousands dead.

It’s proof-positive of toxic jabs to be shunned.

Each jab gotten more greatly harms health. Claims by the NEJM that boosters reduce severe illness 19.5-fold is fake news.

The same is true about highly promoted US/Western claims that immunity from jabs — not gotten — significantly wanes after six months.

Virtually everything reported about all things flu covid — especially health-destroying jabs — was fabricated.

MSM were enlisted to support the mother of all state-supported scams long before seasonal flu got a scary new name early last year.

Was the NEJM co-opted the same way to go along with what demands forthright opposition?

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