The Booster Scam

The Booster Scam

by Stephen Lendman

Booster jabs boost illness. They accelerate health destruction.

The same goes for all flu/covid jabs — designed to harm, not protect.

It’s true as well about all things flu/covid.

Everything mandated and urged by US/Western regimes has nothing to do with protecting health and well-being.

Diabolical aims are all about abolishing free and open societies, along with mass-elimination of what Henry Kissinger once called “useless eaters.”

On Friday, an FDA advisory panel delivered a split decision.

It overwhelmingly rejected the Biden regime’s scheme to booster-jab Americans aged-16 and older.

The decision will likely be temporary.

It won’t likely halt planned forever-jabbing — once or twice annually — on the phony pretext of waning immunity.

At the same time, the FDA panel voted unanimously in favor of booster-jabbing Americans aged-65 and older, as well as others with weakened immune systems.

It also said that healthcare and emergency responder personnel, as well as others whose work allegedly puts them at risk, should be eligible for boosters, including teachers.

While Friday’s vote is advisory, not binding, it’ll likely hold until US dark forces invent a new phony pretext to booster and forever-jab Americans, including children, infants as well at a later time.

According to panel member Michael Kurilla, boosters are “appropriate (for the) elderly or immunocompromised” at this time (sic), adding:

“It’s not clear to me that the data we’re seeing right now is applicable or necessary for the general population.”

Commenting on Friday’s vote, fraudster Fauci said the following:

“(W)hat’s going on right now (is) at what age would (the FDA panel) consider making the recommendation for the third boost.” 

“Is that going to be 60, 50, 40? We don’t know.”

“(W)e need to wait for the deliberation and the decision of the advisory board and then what the FDA will do and taking that recommendation or not.”

The Pharma-controlled agency can accept or reject Friday’s vote — most likely going along short-term alone.

Diabolical longer-term aims are all ab obout mass-infecting that portion of US/Western and other populations worldwide that dark forces want eliminated.

Fauci added that he remains “in favor of (forever) boosters” — with escalating destruction of health in mind, he left unexplained.

In early September, he said the following on national TV:

We’re “hoping (to roll out) Moderna and Pfizer (booster jabs) by the week of (September) 20.”

Most likely, “we will only have one of them out (Pfizer’s toxic gene-altering mRNA drug).”

“(T)he other (Moderna’s similar drug) will likely follow soon after.”

“(T)he bottom line is very likely, at least part of the plan will be implemented, but, ultimately, the entire plan will be” — to keep mass-poisoning mind-manipulated people who’ve been brainwashed to believe what harms health is beneficial.

He also repeated the Big Lie claim that flu/covid jabs are “safe” — ignoring millions reported harmed in the West alone, including many thousands of deaths.

Separately, he expressed support for forever-jabbing every 6 – 8 months — to accelerate mass-casualties he left unexplained.

He said “inevitably there will be a time when we’ll have to get boosts (sic)” — falsely claiming it’s because (jabs don’t) have an indefinite amount of protection (sic).”

“(W)hen you give a third boost, you dramatically increase the protection (sic)” — a bald-faced Big Lie refuted by science.

In response to surging outbreaks in Israel, one of the world’s most extensively jabbed countries, one-third or more booster-jabbed, Fauci ducked the issue, saying:

Despite breakthrough infections, they’re mostly “asymptomatic (sic) or mildly to moderately symptomatic, usually mildly (sic).”

Not according overworked Israeli doctors telling a different story of being hard-pressed to deal effectively with what’s going on. 

Fauci wants everyone forever-jabbed, including individuals with immunity from having contracted and recovered from the viral illness.

According to science, they’re the most protected segment of society against reinfection — no extra protection from anything needed.

As for children, adolescents and young adults, if they contract flu/covid, they’re virtually 100% certain of full recovery — no extra protection needed for them either.

Clearly, Biden regime hardliners, fraudsters Fauci, Walensky and likeminded US anti-public health officials, along with Pharma are disappointed by Friday’s advisory vote.

At most, it’s a temporary setback most likely to prove short-lived. 

That said, Children’s Health Defense president Mary Holland “welcome(d)” Friday’s vote.

At the same time, saying it “stood up to political and corporate pressure based on the lack of convincing data for safety and efficacy of boosters” mostly likely will prove be a pyrrhic victory.

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