Fraudster Fauci a Weapon of Mass Destruction

Charlatan, fraudster, profiteer Fauci is complicit with US war on public health — with mass-extermination and social control tyranny in mind.

Media press agents for the mother of all diabolical scams feature his bald-faced Big Lies and mass deception repeatedly.

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. earlier called him “a mix between (con man) Bernie Madoff, (former US Gestapo head) J. Edgar Hoover,” a mafia crime boss, and modern-day Josef Mengele — benefitting hugely by fronting for the most monstrous human experiment in world history.

Pushing health-destroying jabs crucial to shun, he, other US anti-public health officials, dark forces controlling them and MSM press agents suppress information about safe and effective hydroxychloroquine (HCQ), ivermectin, and other protocols for treating flu/covid.

Days earlier, he called for “many, many” more draconian flu/covid mandates.

Last week, he commented about an Israeli study on natural immunity that prevents flu/covid reinfection.

He ducked the issue, saying he has “no firm answer” on why the Biden regime, he, and the CDC et al still want everyone jabbed, adding:

“That’s something that we’re going to have to discuss regarding the durability of the response (sic).”

He falsely claimed that natural immunity is likely less durable than jabbing.

He lied claiming that natural immunity “may not” protect longterm – ignoring that it’s most effective in protecting against reinfection.

In 2019 — before seasonal flu was renamed covid — Fauci said the best way to avoid contracting infectious disease is by healthy eating, regular exercise, getting enough sleep, not smoking, and following an over-all healthy lifestyle.

Weeks earlier, he argued against flu/covid mandates, saying:

“I feel we should not have (them) from the federal government” — while encouraging businesses to mandate their own.

Last year, he opposed mandates “on a national level because (they) encroach upon a person’s freedom to make their own choice (on what relates to) their own health.”

He also said the federal government shouldn’t mandate what would be “unenforceable and not appropriate.”

Biden regime officials “promised there would be no (mass-jabbing) mandates.”

Last week he flip-flopped, expressing support for mandated jabs “if you want to get on a plane and travel with other people.”

On Sept. 12, he said if refuseniks don’t change their mind, he supports banning their access to public places.

GOP Senator Ron Johnson slammed his inconsistent statements on flu/covid.

In May 2020, he said the following:

“(I)f you look at the evolution of the virus in bats, and what’s out there now is very, very strongly leaning toward this (virus) could not have been artificially or deliberately manipulated (sic).”

Last May, he flip-flopped, reversing his year-earlier statement.

Johnson slammed the “ambiguity (and) inconsistency” of his remarks — clear proof that nothing he says can be taken at face value.

“Since 2020, your comments on (flu/covid) shaped the public’s perception and understanding of the virus and its origin,” Johnson said, adding: 

“Because your most recent comments on the virus’ origin appear inconsistent with your statement last year,” Johnson posed questions he called on Fauci to answer.

On Tuesday, he escalated fear-mongering, warning of what he dubiously called a “monster (scariant) variant (sic)” showing up.

His remark is part of all-out Biden regime efforts to accelerate lagging mass-jabbing with health-destroying toxins.

Last month, so-called scientists warned of a potential “doomsday” scariant showing up — ignoring that all flu/covid strains are much the same, none more scariant than others.

Slamming jabs pushed by Fauci and likeminded fraudsters, Fox News host Tucker Carlson explained that “they do not necessarily prevent you from getting” flu/covid.

They don’t “prevent you from spreading (the viral illness) to other people.” 

The longterm effects of (jabs) are unknown.” 

“We do know (jabs) are many times less effective than natural immunity in protecting people, and close to 100 million Americans already have natural immunity.” 

“We know that in some cases, (jabs) cause potentially fatal heart problems in the people who take them.”

Though dangerous and unnecessary, Fauci and other Biden regime scammers want everyone everywhere jabbed with what harms health and provides nothing beneficial.

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