Russian Foreign Ministry on Afghanistan, State Duma Elections and Ukraine

Peace and stability are fundamental Russian aims in Afghanistan and elsewhere else.

“Only Afghans themselves can determine the fate of their country,” Russia’s UN envoy Vassily Nebenzia stressed days earlier.

Key as well is addressing humanitarian needs of long-suffering Afghans.

Because of continued US war on the country by hot and other means that includes denying its new government assess to billions of dollars of Afghan funds, leaving the country “the verge of an economic collapse,” Nebenzia stressed.

Biden regime hardliners are pushing it over the edge.

Part of its strategy to regain control over the country and its resources is starving its people into submission.

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova (MZ below) said Moscow is monitoring developments in Afghanistan closely, adding:

“Russia was (excluded from involvement) in the event held in the G7 format.”

“(W)hat matters most (ahead is) work(ing) in the Moscow Format which includes 11 regional countries, including” Afghanistan’s neighboring states.

Russia also stressed that US-dominated NATO’s involvement for decades requires their ruling regimes to share a significant burden of cleaning up devastation they bear full responsibility for.

Instead Biden regime hardliners prioritize squeezing the nation and its people more than already with toppling Taliban rule in mind.

Russia’s embassy in Kabul maintains communications with its officials.

They facilitate pursuit of “national reconciliation,” MZ explained, adding:

It’s a longterm “approach (to) take us to the main goal, which is a peaceful and stable Afghanistan and, therefore, a safe region.”

As for alleged Taliban human rights violations, MZ asked who’s making these dubious allegations and with what aims in mind?

They’re from US/Western dark forces and their regional proxies — the same ones responsible for raping and destroying Afghanistan, for massacring its people, for pillaging its resources.

MZ stressed that US-dominated NATO “is responsible for the plight of Afghan(s).”

They’re hostage to” decades of US-led aggression and occupation.

“When will Western” elements be held accountable for the highest of high crimes too egregious to forgive or forget?

Clearly no time soon, likely never. Hegemons never express sorrow for mass slaughter and destruction.

US history is pockmarked with endless wars of aggression, with smashing one nation after another, along with blaming victims for crimes committed against them.

Discussing Russia’s lower house State Duma elections, MZ explained that 348 polling stations were established in 144 countries so that the country’s nationals can participate in the process.

“In some countries, early and field voting (is available) in areas with a high concentration of our compatriots,” she explained, adding:

“The Foreign Ministry’s main job is to ensure that Russian nationals abroad can vote freely and safely.” 

“We invite all our compatriots stationed abroad to exercise their constitutional right.”

Separately, Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov confronted Biden regime envoy John Sullivan with “irrefutable evidence” of US meddling in Russia’s democratic process.

The US State Department and National Security Council were informed of Moscow’s awareness of unacceptable Biden regime meddling, including by its tech giants.

“(O)ur patience has limits,” MZ stressed. Russia vowed to take appropriate retaliatory steps.

US colonized Ukraine remains a festering sore in Europe’s heartland.

Almost daily as directed by the Pentagon and CIA, its forces breach ceasefire terms with bordering Donbass.

Monthly violations increased from about 3,000 last winter to over 7,000 currently.

MZ explained that forces of the US-installed Zelensky puppet regime shell Donbass “with all types of artillery guns, including large-calibre ones that have been prohibited under the Minsk agreements.”

They’re “using drones to drop mines.” 

In September so far, “nine civilians, including women and children, (were) wounded.”

“(C)ivilian infrastructure facilities were damaged, (including) educational and medical institutions.”

Following orders from the Zelensky regime’s US handlers, he warned of full-scale war to include invasion and occupation of Donbass territory.

The Biden and complicit NATO regimes continue supplying Kiev with heavy weapons, training and direction of its military.

So far this year, six joint US/NATO-Ukraine military exercises were conducted with continuing forever aggression in mind.

At the same time internally, Ukraine’s economy is in shambles from deep-seated corruption, indifference toward public needs, gross mismanagement, and subservience to US/Western imperial interests.

Prospects for regional peace, stability and responsible governance are virtually nil.

Ukraine’s national security/war council head Alexey Danilov said the Zelensky regime doesn’t rule out war on the Russian Republic of Crimea — a self-destructive action if pursued.

MZ explained that Crimea is well-protected. As for Danilov’s remark, it’s “an attempt to distract attention from” dismal internal conditions, a PR bluff of no significance.

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