Russia’s State Duma Election Results

In stark contrast to brazen US election fraud time and again, Russia’s process is scrupulously open, free and fair.

It’s always been this way under Vladimir Putin — one of many reasons why US dark forces and their MSM press agents demean him by making stuff up unrelated to reality.

On September 17 – 19, Russians voted to elect 450 lower house State Duma representatives.

On Monday after polls closed, monitoring mission head of the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) issued the following statement:

“The elections were in line with the principles of carrying out democratic elections.”

“They were open and competitive.” 

“The Central Election Commission and other Russian agencies ensured the citizens’ right to free expression of the will.”

“Certain shortcomings (observed) were not massive and could not affect the outcome of the voting.” 

Russian “authorities created conditions for the free expression of will.”

“All facilities and possibilities were offered to us.”

“We saw no difficulties or restrictions anywhere.”

“We had an access everywhere, where we could be present and contact with anyone we wanted to.”

Observer mission head of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) said the following:

“The main conclusion that we made is” the following: 

“The elections of State Duma members were in compliance with Russian legislation and international election standards.”

“The mission identified no violations of national legislation.”

“We recognize the elections of Russia’s seventh State Duma as open, free and democratic.”

“The legitimacy is beyond doubt.”

“For our mission, every condition had been created for monitoring and holding the election process.” 

“Electioneering was open and given detailed coverage in the mass media.” 

“Conditions for fair competition were created.”

Unlike US fantasy democracy, a one-party system with two right wings — independents virtually shut  out — Russia’s Central Election Commission (CEC) registered 14 political parties to participate in State Duma elections.

Independent candidates also participated in the process. Russian nationals aged-21 and older may run for office. State Duma representatives serve 5-year terms.

Voter support for five parties exceeded the 5% election threshold required to hold parliamentary seats: United Russia, the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, the Liberal Democratic Party, A Just Russia, and the New People party.

With most votes counted, results are as follows:

United Russia won a virtual 48.56% State Duma majority based on proportional representation allocation of seats. See below.

The Communist Party was second with 20.25%.

The Liberal Democratic Party followed won 7.68%.

A Just Russia got 7.42%.

The New People party won 5.55% of the vote.

Turnout exceeded 45%.

According to the Central Election Commission, over 108 million Russians internally and nearly 2.5 million abroad were illegible to vote at polling stations or online.

Russian embassies and consulates established polling stations abroad in scores of nations where people out of the country could cast ballots.

Half of State Duma representatives are elected by majority vote, the other half by proportional representation with a 5% threshold to qualify as explained above.

Russians also voted for heads of nine Russian regions and members of 39 regional parliaments.

Final results to be announced when the vote count is completed will likely mirror the above preliminary totals above.

As expect, phony claims of election rigging surfaced.

The anti-democratic National Endowment for Democracy (NED)-funded Russophobic Golos NGO election monitoring group falsely claimed around 3,800 electoral violations (sic), including ballot box stuffing and vote-buying (sic).

It lied as well claiming sealed plastic envelopes for vote storage were tampered with (sic), falsely adding: 

No surveillance cameras were installed in rooms where containers with ballots were kept (sic).

Russian election officials “intimidated” observers (sic).

All of the above and more was planned-in-advance rubbish.

Russophobic Golos is funded by US dark forces to lie and mass deceive about Russia’s election process. 

It lost credibility long ago.

Whenever its so-called elections are held, Americans get the best “democracy” money can buy.

Russians get the real thing.

A Final Comment

Golos is a foreign agent with no legitimacy.

Russia’s Central Elections Commission head Vasily Piskarev said the following about the dubious NGO:

“We received information and referred it to the Central Election Commission that American non-government organizations linked with the US Department of State allocated additional funds to the Golos foreign agent movement to organize a special operation to discredit the results of the elections in Russia,” adding:

“Immediately after the announcement of the voting results, a massive campaign will be launched calling for non-recognition of the elections and challenging their outcome.” 

“The campaign will be composed of fake news about numerous alleged violations of all sorts — falsification of protocols, carousels, and so on.” 

“They will stop at nothing to discredit and shed doubt on the results of the expression of the will of our citizens.” 

“It should be prevented.”

Separately according to head of Russia’s upper house Federation Council’s commission to protect state sovereignty and prevent foreign meddling, Andry Klimov:

Elements affiliated with the Biden regime and its key Western counterparts intend to launch a disinformation campaign about the State Duma election process to try discrediting the outcome based on fake news.

The practice happens time again when nations abroad elect governments unwilling to sell their souls to a higher power in Washington.

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