US/Western War on Russian Media

Both wings of the US war party and their MSM press agents are hostile toward all sovereign independent countries threatening no one.

Sergey Lavrov justifiably slammed Britain’s state-owned and controlled BBC propaganda operation, saying the following:

US-dominated Western countries are waging undeclared war on Russian media.

It’s “practically been declared,” he stressed, adding:

“After a patient two-year wait for a British visa” a Russian journalist legitimately deserved but wasn’t given because of his nationality, Moscow justifiably took tit-for-tat action.

“We warned them,” said Lavrov. 

“We don’t want journalists to suffer from information or any other wars, but we will be forced to respond because (the Johnson regime) went beyond all boundaries of decency.” 

“We asked…BBC correspondent (Sarah Rainsford) to leave and explained the whole situation to her.” 

“She demonstrated understanding, nodded her head, lamented, but once outside Russia began to shower her statements on us” unacceptably.

On August 31, she returned home after her visa expired.

Like the US, the Johnson regime is hostile to journalism as it should be.

State-approved propaganda alone is permitted on the BBC and other MSM.

Commenting on the issue, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said the following:

Russia denied Rainsford a visa extension “in response to harassment bordering on undisguised mockery and humiliation (by the Johnson regime) against Russian media.”

On returning home, Rainsford showed her abhorrence of journalism as it should be by sticking to official state-approved propaganda on Russia and its media.

Like other beeb correspondents, Big Lies and mass deception infest her reports, truth and full disclosure suppressed.

“Her departure is a direct and immediate outcome of many years of systematic and unjustified refusal by the British authorities to stop the practice of visa discrimination with regard to Russian journalists,” Zakharova explained, adding:

She lied and “deliberately misle(d) the public” in her (propaganda) reports about Russia.

She “resort(ed) to slanderous statements” about Russia, based on Johnson regime-supplied fake news talking points.

It’s how the BBC and other Western MSM media operate — supporting what demands condemnation, opposing the rule of law and truth-telling journalism.

Their stock and trade feature Big Lies and mass deception, notably on issues mattering most — what Zakharova called a “campaign of falsifications…later debunked and prove(d)” fake news.

Commenting separately on a NYT propaganda report on Catalonia, Zakharova called it one of many examples of how the Times “become(s) hostage (to its) own unprofessionalism,” operating as “an instrument” of powerful interests, structuring its reports to serve them.

Yet they end up “as bad fiction,” far removed from “journalism because it is fake from beginning to end.”

The Times falsely accused Russia of aiding Catalan separatists in their (freedom-fighting) struggle to break free from despotic Spain.

The “fake news (went) viral,” Zakharova explained.

The perversion of truth by the Times —its longstanding specialty — was categorically refuted by reputable Catalan sources.

Referring to a nonexistent “secret 

European intelligence report,” containing easily verified fake claims, Zakharova mocked it, saying the Times “might as well have named (another) source (like) a secret report from Martian intelligence.”

Everything it reported was fabricated.

The same goes for most all its reports about Russia and other countries that are free from US hegemonic control.

It’s operated the same way since the 19th century — fake news its specialty, the real thing suppressed.

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