Half of US Hospitalized Flu/Covid Patients Asymptomatic

Officially reported numbers of flu/covid cases and deaths — by Pharma-controlled US public health agencies — are artificially inflated and meaningless.

Based on a study of US hospitalizations by Harvard, Tufts, and the VA Health Administration, about half of admitted patients were largely or entirely asymptomatic.

Of those jabbed for flu/covid, the figure was 57%.

All of the above weren’t ill.

Nothing warranted their hospitalization.

PCR test results likely got them admitted — even though when positive, they’re nearly always false because on how administered to artificially diagnose flu/covid illness among healthy individuals.

Positive PCR test results are the foundation on which the mother of all scams is based.

Since last year, real outbreaks of seasonal flu/influenza — now called covid — have been within the range of their occurrence most every year.

Officially reported numbers are fake.

They’re comprised of diagnosing healthy individuals sick, along with lumping unrelated illnesses with flu/covid ones to create a fictitious total.

The diabolical made-in-the-USA pandemic — that doesn’t exist — is all about scaring maximum numbers of people to self-inflict harm.

It’s also about establishing and enforcing draconian control amounting to tyranny by White House diktats.

That’s the disturbing reality of what’s going on.

Instead of exposing and condemning it, establishment media perpetuate the scam by supporting it.

On Monday, establishment publication The Atlantic reported on what it called “misinterpret(ing) hospitalization records,” adding:

Washington requires US hospitals “to report every patient who tests positive for” flu/covid — based on meaningless PCR test results.

Yet half or more of them are asymptomatic or experiencing mild ones that could be from other illnesses or just having a bad day or two.

According to The Atlantic, “America’s entire understanding of the (fake) pandemic was shaped by messy data.”

Before flu/covid, the CDC “never collected comprehensive national testing data for any (US) infectious disease.”

It was done for the first time as part of state-sponsored fear-mongering mass deception to artificially scare Americans and others abroad to accept draconian health-destroying/social control policies demanding rejection.

The Atlantic explained that study results showed that around half of hospitalized patients diagnosed with flu/covid “may have been admitted for another reason entirely, or only” had symptoms too mild to matter and shouldn’t be there.

Results also show that numbers of hospitalizations for flu/covid can be (and are) deceiving.

They don’t accurately reflect the incidence of viral illness.

Too many admitted shouldn’t be there.

They’re victims of state-sponsored/MSM proliferated fear-mongering propaganda — not illness from flu/covid.

On all things flu/covid since early last year, we’ve been lied to and mass deceived daily.

Information on safe and effective meds if needed is systematically suppressed — or falsely demeaned as unsafe and/or inappropriate.

As explained earlier, US hospitals are incentivized to diagnose patients with flu/covid because reimbursement is much higher.

Sound medical advice aside, ignoring a daily blitzkrieg of MSM fake news should be prescribed for everyone.

Reliable alternative sources alone report what’s crucial for everyone to know.

All else is state-sponsored rubbish.

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