Medical Tyranny in Ontario, Canada

The scourge of medical tyranny is spreading like wildfire throughout the West.

It’s just a matter of time before it infects most everywhere in US/Western societies in similar forms.

Like the US, long ago safe and fit to live in Canada no longer exists.

Draconian Ontario mandates — with likely greater harshness planned — will likely spread nationwide.

British Columbia implemented a similar health and freedom destroying policy.

Much the same is happening in the US, UK and EU.

No one wanting their health protected and preserved should go near toxic flu/covid jabs.

If erred by getting one, it’s crucial to shun more. The more gotten, greater harm to health is virtually assured.

Mandating them is all about instituting and enforcing medical tyranny.

The same goes for mandated health passports.

Requiring them for employment, education, travel, and access to other public places eliminates what remains of free and open societies by illegally denying refuseniks rights afforded to their jabbed counterparts in return for destroying their health.

Unrelated to protecting public health, passports all about advancing US/Western societies toward full-blown social control tyranny.

Comply with what irreversibly harms health or be isolated from society — perhaps criminalization to follow.

On September 1, Ontario premier Doug Ford mandated the following — based on bald-faced Big Lies:

“To further protect Ontarians (sic) as the province continues to confront the (fake delta scariant), in consultation with (the province’s chief medical fraudster, residents must be fully jabbed) and provide proof of (inoculation) status to access certain businesses and settings starting September 22.” 

This draconian mandate has nothing to do with “reduc(ing) risk.”

It’s all about wanting maximum numbers of Ontarian residents to self-inflict harm on the phony pretext of protecting health jabs aren’t designed for.

Defying reality, Ford falsely claimed that toxic mass-jabbing “support(s) businesses with the tools they need to keep customers safe (sic), stay open (sic) and minimize disruptions (sic).

His regime’s draconian mandate has nothing to do with “never waver(ing) in our commitment to do what’s necessary to keep people safe (sic).”

It’s unrelated “to the latest (scientific) evidence and best advice.”

Provincial health passports have nothing to do with “slow(ing) the spread of” garden variety flu/influenza renamed covid.

It has nothing to do with “avoid(ing) further lockdowns.”

They’re all about police state-enforced segregation in new form — unacceptably punishing refuseniks for wanting their health protected by denying them legal public access rights.

Effective September 22 — a date that will live in provincial infamy — Ontarians must be double-jabbed.

They must provide proof and photo ID for access to restaurants, bars, nightclubs, indoor meeting and event spaces, gyms, fitness and other recreational facilities, sporting events, gambling and bingo establishments, concerts, theaters, cinemas, strip clubs, bathhouses, sex clubs, racing venues, and other businesses.

Noncompliant venues face stiff fines and possible prosecution.

Draconian mandates don’t apply for access to medical care, pharmacies and food stores — for now, maybe later.

Masks that don’t protect and risk respiratory harm from inhalation of bacteria, fungi and viral droplets are mandated indoors other than personal residences.

Ontario’s fraudster minister of health Christine Elliott turned truth on its head as follows, saying:

“We know (jabs) provide the best protection against” flu/covid and fake delta scariant (sic). 

To harm Ontarians on the phony pretext of protecting them, the Ford regime is (encourag(ing) (refuseniks) to” be fully jabbed — to assure irreversible harm to their health. 

An option for unjabbed Ontarians attending weddings or funerals is providing a privately paid for negative antigen flu/covid test within 48 hours of the event.

Along with New Brunswick, Ontario is one two Canadian provinces that requires students to be inoculated against designated diseases — including mumps, measles, diphtheria and polio.

For the 2021-22 school year, Ontario’s so-called back-to-school plan for viral safety does not include mandatory flu/covid jabs for students, encouraging them instead.

Mandating them may follow in the aftermath of the Ford regime’s draconian new flu/covid policy.

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