Pushing Booster Kill Shots

On all things flu/covid, MSM reports rely on state-approved talking points. Rare exceptions prove the rule.

On Friday, the NYT pushed booster kill shots instead of urging readers to shun them and all others.

On all things flu/covid and other key issues, its standard fare is support for what demands exposure and condemnation.

Asking who’s “eligible for a booster shot” failed to explain the toxicity of all flu/covid jabs, why it’s crucial to refuse them.

Instead, the Times regurgitated FDA and CDC talking points that are all about aiming for mass casualties over protecting public health.

The policy of these agencies on boosters applies to Pfizer’s DNA-altering mRNA jabs alone so far.

Approving toxic Moderna and J & J booster kill shots is sure to follow.

Citing unnamed officials, the Times said their approval “may come soon.”

Ignoring that jabs risk contraction of one or more serious diseases — including life-threatening ones — the Times ducked the issue by saying that individuals with cancer, heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure and other health conditions are most at “risk of complications from (flu/covid).”

The above is part of its campaign for toxic mass-jabbing Americans and others abroad with what what demands rejection to protect health.

When will booster-jabbing begin, the Times asked and answered by saying they’re coming almost straightaway at hospitals, doctors’ offices, pharmacies and other locations.

What’s important to shun with protecting health in mind, the Times won’t say, going the other way instead.

Urging boosters for everyone “qualifie(d),” it pushed them practically right away for ill-defined immuno-compromised segments of society, adding:

Others “should wait until at least six months after their second shots” — what they should have abstained from getting, along with initial harmful-to-health jabs.

Biden regime hardliners want everyone jabbed, rejabbed and booster-jabbed — with forever-jabbing in the wings to follow.

Like countless times before, the Times defied reality by falsely claiming that “consensus in the scientific community (sic) is that (jabs) provide strong protection against severe illness, hospitalization and death from” from flu/covid.

According to real science, not what’s politicized with diabolical aims in mind, jabs irreversibly harm health and kill.

There’s nothing remotely safe and effective about them.

What’s vital to explain, the Times and other MSM suppress.

They lied claiming that most all side effects are “mild to moderate (sic).”

They lied saying that Israeli survey data show that Pfizer kill shot boosters leave people feeling “similar or better (sic)” — ignoring surging outbreaks in the country because of its high mass-jabbing rate. 

On Wednesday, the Times of Israel (TOI) reported the following:

The Naftali Bennett regime’s “coronavirus advisory panel urged cabinet ministers to change course and enact new restrictions on gatherings…”

It “warn(ed) that current policies are doing little to curb a prolonged surge of new infections.”

According to an unnamed expert, “(i)t is unreasonable to continue on the current course.”

Others on Israel’s Channel 12 said Bennett and health minister Nitzan Horwitz failed to curb rising outbreaks.

Unnamed Bennett regime “advisors” said that “the extent of rising morbidity over the past month (alone) extracted a heavy human toll.”

Unexplained by TOI is that as jabs, rejabs and boosters increase, so do numbers of outbreaks, hospitalizations and deaths.

The remedy not taken is straightaway halting what’s causing all of the above.

On Thursday, Haaretz reported that Bennett’s education ministry  “instructed all directors and principals of educational institutions to refuse entry to teaching staff who do not present proof of (flu/covid) immunity (from full-jabbing) or a negative test (sic).”

On Friday, the Jerusalem Post reported that Israeli hospitals “are in crisis (from) overcrowd(ing) with (flu/covid) patients,” adding:

“(C)oronavirus wards are collapsing, and doctors who are trying to treat all of these patients are crashing.” 

“There is not enough lifesaving equipment, nor skilled personnel to manage it.”

Over 80% of Israelis are jabbed, most double-jabbed, over one-third booster-jabbed.

Yet reports like the above show that mass-jabbing Israelis caused surging numbers of flu/covid outbreaks and hospitalizations.

Defying science and international law, the Bennett regime’s solution is more of what’s harming record numbers of Israelis.

In light of FDA and CDC actions this week to push booster-jabbing, what’s happening in Israel is sure to follow in the US after millions of Americans are triple-jabbed with toxins crucial to shun.

A Final Comment

Israeli Dr. Masad Barhoum was quoted saying “(w)e are very close to a situation of choosing among patients” — who’ll receive treatment to try saving them and who won’t.

Head of Sheba Medical Center’s intensive care unit Dr. Yael Haviv-Yadid said “(w)e (d)on’t have (enough) staff to deal with” the number of patients.

Medical aid organization Yad Sarah reported a 150% increase in serious (flu/covid) patients among Israeli Arabs, adding:

“With great pain, we are forced to turn away patients.” 

“We are begging for oxygen tanks in order to make room in the coronavirus wards and save lives.”

According to Ziv Medical Center’s infectious diseases director Dr. Shimon Edelstein:

The hospital is full. It began closing down units.

“We had to take staff from these units to deal with (flu/covid) patients.” 

“This means we cannot do operations. It is not only a matter of saving lives, but also quality of life.”

“(P)ressure is starting to crush (Israeli) medical staff,” the Jerusalem Post reported.

Outbreaks are increasing, not declining, including numbers of patients in serious condition.

Instead of highlighting what’s happening in Israel and elsewhere — especially in nations with most of their people fully jabbed — the NYT and other MSM suppressed what’s crucial to report.

Make no mistake. Much the same is coming to the USA after booster-jabbing begins in earnest.

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