Russian Foreign Ministry on State Duma Elections, Ukraine and 2018 Skripal Incident

A previous article explained that Americans get fantasy democracy. 

Governance of, by and for everyone equitably is virtually banned.

In stark contrast, Russians get the real thing, including scrupulously free, fair and open elections.

Many parties and independent candidates participate compared to America’s one-party system with two right wings.

Commenting on lower house State Duma election results, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova (MZ below) stressed their transparency.

Nearly 250 foreign observers confirmed it, MZ adding:

The process fully complied with Russian election law.

Things went smoothly, no irregularities reported other than scattered issues too minor to matter. 

Fake news by hegemon USA and its local proxies falsely claimed otherwise — their script prepared before polls opened last week.

“There were no threats to the security of the Russian foreign offices,” MZ explained, adding:

“The elections at the foreign offices were monitored by numerous observers of all categories: from political parties, candidates for deputies and the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation.” 

“Minor grievances were reviewed and relevant explanations provided.”

Russophobic Biden regime officials reacted as expected.

According to interventionist Blinken’s spokesman Price, a congenital liar like his boss:

Russia’s State Duma elections “took place under conditions not conducive to free and fair proceedings (sic).”  

Russian laws “severely restricted political pluralism and prevented the Russian people from exercising their civil and political rights (sic).”

“Russian government restrictions, which were preceded by widespread efforts to marginalize independent political figures, also prevented the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe’s (OSCE) Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights and its Parliamentary Assembly from observing the elections, constricting transparency that is essential to fair elections (sic).”

All of the above were brazen bald-faced Big Lies — reflecting how hegemon US operates against all nations free from its control.

In response to the above Big Lies and mass deception, MZ said the following:

“(N)ot a day goes by without” some form of Russia bashing by hegemon USA and/or its imperial partners and proxies.

State Duma elections “were held in full compliance with the provisions of Russian and international law.” 

“Despite the unprecedented number of cyberattacks on Russia’s Central Election Commission…half of which came from the US, as well as blatant interference from US-based internet platforms in preparations for and in the course of the elections, our detractors failed to discredit the Russian electoral system, and they will always fail.”

Whenever phony US accusations are made, corroborating evidence never supports them because none exists.

Moscow has indisputable evidence of attempted US interference in Russia’s democratic process that failed.

Well prepared in advance, security measures taken by Russia foiled its diabolical aims, including cyberattacks.

Moscow is ready to provide all the available data on this issue to nations requesting it.

MZ also noted that Sergey Lavrov has no plan to meet with interventionist Blinken on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly during his visit to the world body.

Commenting on US-colonized fascist Ukraine, MZ stressed its virtually nonexistent media freedom, saying:

The US-controlled Zelensky regime “continue(s) to implement a wholesale mop-up policy, cleansing the local information space of any media whose point of view is at variance with” the fabricated official narrative.

Divergent media are harassed, silenced and shut down.

Like hegemon USA and its key imperial partners, fantasy democracy operates over the real thing.

In fascist Ukraine, a virtual “information dictatorship” exists, free expression banned, MZ explained, adding:

In late August, persecuted Ukrainian journalists “passed a letter to (the) Biden (regime) via the US Embassy in Kiev.”

“(A)sking him to speak with Zelensky at their upcoming meeting…(the) request was ignored.” 

Moscow “call(ed) on the authorized international institutions, including the OSCE Representative on Freedom of the Media, UNESCO, and other relevant organizations to (address this issue and) pressure Kiev (to) compl(y) with its obligations to protect the freedom of expression and pluralism of views.”  

Russia’s request to uphold the rule of law fell on deaf ears.

MZ also reaffirmed Russia’s position on ending Kiev’s aggression against Donbass.

Instead of adhering to agreed on Minsk I and II conflict resolution principles — adopted in September 2014 and February 2015 respectively — Kiev consistently breaches them to perpetuate war on orders from Washington.

The Zelensky regime is virtually on the cusp of formally abandoning Minsk Agreements and Normandy format accords.

Prioritizing forever war, it shows no intention of changing policy.

Russophobic Biden regime hardliners won’t tolerate it.

Commenting on UK fake news about the alleged 2018 poisoning of Sergey and Yulia Skripal in Salisbury, Britain — falsely blaming Russia for what it had nothing to do with — MZ said the following:

Reportedly an invented third Russian “suspect” was named by the Boris Johnson regime — another innocent party falsely maligned as part of its war on Russia by other means in cahoots with hegemon USA.

“(F)or the past two and a half years, British authorities have been using the Salisbury incident deliberately to further sour our bilateral relations,” MZ explained, adding: 

“Despite numerous Russian appeals and calls for a responsible dialogue, London has refused to launch a substantive discussion and a joint investigation of that incident.” 

“It also neglect(ed) its obligations under international law, including the bilateral Consular Convention signed in 1965.”

“We resolutely condemn London’s attempts to make Moscow responsible for the Salisbury incident” it had nothing to do with — no evidence suggesting otherwise.

Russia is determined to get to the bottom of what happened and who planned it — naming names — so the world will know the unvarnished truth behind the UK plot.

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