Kernels of MSM Flu/Covid Truth-Telling

What reliable alternative media supply in abundance, there’s precious little MSM around on all major domestic and geopolitical issues, notably not on all things flu/covid — the most crucial issue of all time, bar none.

It’s entirely absent from promoters of toxic flu/covid mass-jabbing NYT, WaPo, CNN, National Pentagon Radio (NPR), and nearly all other MSM.

They’re in lockstep with the fabricated official narrative, reports based on state-approved talking points — regurgitating rubbish daily  as directed.

Fox News at times goes its own way on this issue, notably host Tucker Carlson.

On Friday, he reported what he called “proof (that the Biden regime and its) lackeys in the media are lying about flu/covid,” adding:

Dems failed to explain what the public needs to know about “booster shots.”

Indeed so but what Carlson should have explained, he omitted.

Virtually the entire Congress supports mass-jabbing and double-jabbing.

He also failed to stress that jabs harm health. They don’t protect and are responsible for millions casualties in the US/West alone — affirmed by officially reported data.

They wrecked Israel’s healthcare sector, its hospitals flooded with more ill patients from jabs than staff are able to treat.

Instead of halting what’s going on, the ruling Bennett regime intends a fourth jab on top of boosters.

Does he have a death wish for millions of Israelis?

The same goes for the Biden regime and its Western counterparts — mass-poisoning their people by multiple jabs, likely heading for forever-jabbing.

If not challenged and halted, millions may die in the coming months and years — killed by toxic flu/covid jabs.

To his credit, Carlson stressed that Biden regime pro-mass-jabbing fanatics never “scientifically justifi(ed)” boosters.

Why not needs no elaboration but here’s one as explained many times before.

Jabs aren’t designed to protect. They harm health. 

Mass-jabbing casualties rise proportionately to the number of shots administered.

Israel is Exhibit A. Earlier and recent reports by the Times of Israel and Jerusalem Post confirm it — including by quoting and citing hospital-affiliated physicians, explaining their inability to treat overwhelming numbers of patients.

Carlson justifiably slammed CDC angel of death head Walensky for overruling the agency’s Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) on boosters.

Like a comparable FDA advisory panel, ACIP recommended approval of Pfizer’s kill-shot boosters for Americans aged-65 and older, along with so-called immuno-suppressed others.

Not good enough for fraudster Walensky — in cahoots with Pharma — she unilaterally urged toxic boosters for individuals allegedly at high risk because of their jobs.

By her dubious definition, the vast majority of US workers are included.

As Carlson noted on air, “(s)he didn’t cite any scientific basis for her” action because there is none.

“She just did it. And she did it because she can do it, because she’s in power and you’re not.”

Her power is a weapon of mass destruction, Carlson should have added.

The same applies to fraudster Fauci. Days earlier, he lied claiming they’ll be a “dark winter (ahead to a) very high degree” unless refuseniks get jabbed.

Time and again, he’s been caught lying red-handed, what the vast majority of MSM ignore. 

He’s a congenital lier but it’s largely unreported, including his ties to Pharma and depopulation-supporting Dems. 

Carlson slammed what he called “total corruption of public health by a political party.” 

“That’s what it is. And if you doubt it, take a look at (the fake JB’s) press conference today.” 

“He blamed the (invented pandemic) on people who didn’t vote for him.”

He defied Econ 101, falsely claiming that millions of unjabbed Americans cause economic harm.

Ignoring a pandemic of the jabbed, he falsely claimed it’s the other way around — a whopper of a bald-faced Big Lie along with many others about flu/covid.

The real cognitively impaired Biden is hidden from public view.

The imposter is wrecking US healthcare by demanding that doctors, nurses and supporting staff be jabbed.

Thousands of nurses nationwide threatened to quit if the draconian Biden regime mandate is enforced.

What its hardliners call “do(ing) the right thing” is self-destructive.

Separately, a fake news report defied reality — and intelligence of individuals aware of what’s going on — by falsely claiming that mass-jabbing kids “could be the secret of ending (a) US pandemic” that doesn’t exist.

This and similar rubbish is what Americans and their Western counterparts are assaulted with daily.

A fake news National Pentagon Radio (NPR) report lied to listeners by falsely claiming that mass-jabbing protects against flu/covid infections where polar opposite it true.

It also lied claiming the same thing about masks — that don’t protect and can’t because they’re porous for breathing to prevent suffocation if otherwise.

Virtually everything reported by NPR and other MSM about flu/covid are bald-faced Big Lies.

It’s been this way since the viral illness was deceptively renamed last year.

Governed by the nation’s criminal class with MSM support, we’re on our own to protect our health and well-being — what they’re going all-out to destroy.

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