Naftali Bennett’s Netanyahu-Type UN Mass Deception Address

Israeli PM Bennett’s extremism matches Netanyahu with a party label difference.

Addressing the UN General Assembly on Monday, he recited a litany of bald-faced Big Lies his predecessor was infamous for.

The apartheid state is worlds apart from “a lighthouse in a stormy sea (sic).”

Its ruling regimes from inception were and remain polar opposite democratic rule, a notion its power elite abhor and don’t tolerate.

What Bennett called “the toughest neighborhood on earth” is mainly because of Israel’s existence on stolen Palestinian land, along with hegemon USA’s regional presence.

Reciting reinvented Jewish history to try justifying what’s unjustifiable, he defied reality by falsely claiming that endless preemptive wars it wages against invented enemies are “not what Israel is about (sic).”

He lied saying “Israelis don’t wake up in the morning thinking about” warmaking.

One of the world’s most unequal countries politically, economically and socially, he ignored reality by claiming that “Israelis want to lead a good life, take care of our families, and build a better world for our children (sic).”

Hardline policies by its regimes prevent it for ordinary Israelis. 

As in the US/West, the Jewish state’s privileged class alone is served at the expense of most others.

Bennett lied about a coronavirus “plague” that doesn’t exist — a toxic mass-jabbing one indeed, he ignored.

His solution? More jabs — boosters followed by a fourth jab, then more of the same ad infinitum to eliminate unwanted segments of society, along with maximum numbers of Arab citizens and Occupied Palestinians.

At a time when overloaded Israeli hospital can’t handle surging numbers of seriously ill patients from toxic jabs, Bennett lied claiming that with boosters, “you’re seven times more protected than with two doses, and 40 times more protected than without any” jabs (sic).

Reality is worlds apart from his whopper of a Big Lie.

Segueing to nonexistent regional threats, Bennett followed Israel’s longstanding practice of blaming invented enemies for its own crimes of war, against humanity and related wrongdoing.

Hamas, Hezbollah and other regional groups wanting their people protected, their rights preserved, threaten no one except in self-defense if attacked — their legal UN Charter right.

The same goes for Syria, a nation the Jewish state terror-bombs and otherwise attacks preemptively at its discretion, along with supporting ISIS and likeminded jihadist.

Like the US and NATO, the Jewish state uses them as proxy fighters, supplying them with funding, weapons, training and direction.

Defying reality, Bennett falsely claimed that the above Arab groups “want to destroy my country (sic),” including “Iran (sic)” — another bald-faced Big Lie, followed by more of the same, saying:

“Iran’s great goal is crystal clear to anybody who cares to open their eyes (sic).” 

“Iran seeks to dominate the region (sic), and seeks to do so under a nuclear umbrella (sic)” — multiple bald-faced Big Lies “clear to anybody” and everybody aware of reality.

Ignoring that Iran hasn’t attacked another country in centuries, that it prioritizes peace, stability and cooperative relations with other countries according to the rule of law, Bennett fooled no one falsely claiming otherwise.

What he falsely called “Iranian terror” is longstanding US/Western/Israeli policy against invented enemies.

Claiming the Islamic Republic intends “blanket(ing) the skies of the Middle East with…lethal weapons that can attack any place any time” is how Israel and its imperial partners operate, not Iran.

Reciting a list of nonexistent targets struck by Iran, he invented what reality debunks time and again.

He lied claiming that Iran created a “death commission (sic)” that doesn’t exist.

He lied saying that its ruling authorities “ordered the mass murder of 5,000 political activists (sic).”

He lied accusing Iranian President Raeisi of involvement in what doesn’t exist.

He lied accusing him of “murder(ing) Iranian children (sic).”

He lied claiming that he “pocket(ed) money of those he executed (sic).”

Ignoring that Israel is the only regional nuclear armed and dangerous nation, he once again falsely accused Iran of seeking these WMDs.

Like always before, he cited no evidence because there is none for all of the above rubbish he invented as part of longstanding Jewish state war on Iran by other means — punctuated by cyberattacks and other hostile actions on the nation and its people.

Indisputable evidence long ago revealed Israeli stockpiles of nuclear, chemical and biological weapons to be used at Jewish state discretion. 

No secret Iranian bomb development sites exist.

Yet in defiance of world community nations knowing otherwise, Bennett falsely claimed that “Iran’s pursuit of nuclear weapons (is) an inevitable reality (sic).”

He doesn’t even lie well. 

More of the same followed by a pathetic figure likely to become as reviled as his predecessor before his tenure ends.

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