Biden’s Impersonator Pretends to Be Jabbed

Flu/Covid mass-jabbing is all about eliminating maximum numbers of unwanted people worldwide, along with destroying what remains of fundamental freedoms.

Biden regime officials, key congressional members, and corporate officers — notably Pharma ones — shun what they wanted jabbed into unsuspecting millions worldwide.

Early last year, fraudster Fauci pretended to be jabbed on his LEFT arm for alleged protection against contracting flu/covid not gotten from toxic inoculations.

Moments later, he pointed to an area on his RIGHT arm — the wrong one — saying it’s where he was experiencing moderate “injection site soreness.”

He faked being jabbed, then lied claiming otherwise, the fakery televised to a national audience.

Time and again he lied, expressing “extreme confidence in the safety and efficacy of” jabs designed to cause irreversible harm when taken as directed.

He “encourage(s) everyone” to be jabbed with what he shunned.

Whenever commenting in public on the mother of all state-sponsored scams, he suppresses what’s vital for everyone to know — consistently and repeatedly lying instead.

On Monday, he repeated the Big Lie about “a pandemic of the un(jabbed),” knowing it’s the other way around.

As before, he lied about numbers of Americans jabbed by artificially inflating the total way above reality.

On Tuesday, he pushed toxic mass-jabbing for children aged-5 to 11 with destroying their health in mind — saying jabs for kids will likely be available by late October.

He lied claiming that toxic jabs are the best protection against flu/covid.

He falsely warned against a “dark winter” for the unjabbed.

Virtually all his public remarks are bald-faced Big Lies.

The same goes for Biden’s impersonator.

Pretending to be jabbed earlier, he repeated the mass-deception on Monday as cameras rolled at the White House to capture his fakery on film.

Pretending to get a booster he shunned, he lied calling them “important.”

He lied saying “the most important thing we need to do is get more people” jabbed.

He lied claiming it’s why he (pretended to get) booster-jabbed — shunning it like earlier ones.

The same goes for Kamala Harris and congressional leaders, including Senate Minority Leader McConnell, falsely saying the following:

“Mountains of evidence tell us these shots are safe, effective, and dramatically shrink the odds of severe disease or death from (flu/covid) (sic).” 

“(T)hese safe and effective (jabs) (sic) are the way to defend ourselves and our families from this terrible virus (sic).” 

“They’re also how we stay on offense against (flu/covid) as a country (sic).”

The above remarks and countless similar ones from US officials bear testimony to why nothing they say can be taken at face value, nothing believed.

They consistently and repeatedly lie about vital issues instead of setting the record straight.

The same goes for White House press secretary Psaki — paid to lie and conceal vital truths.

Turning truth on its head, she falsely claimed that (the fake) Biden went before cameras on Monday — once again pushing the Big Lie that jabs are — “safe (and) effective (sic),” what science debunked as false, she left unexplained.

Big Lies persist because MSM support them.

The claim by Biden’s impersonator that the US is “doing more than every other nation in the world combined” applies only to the unprecedented harm to countless millions in the US and abroad.

That’s what mass-jabbing is all about — destroying health, not protecting it as falsely claimed.

A Final Comment

Job seekers take note. 

As growing numbers of US companies demand employees to be jabbed, fully-jabbed and likely booster-jabbed ahead, the WSJ said jabbing status is a “new must-have on” resumes.

Omitting the information on what’s sent to prospective employers will likely risk automatic rejection.

An August survey of 1,250 hiring managers, cited by the Journal, showed that “nearly 70% said they were more likely to hire somebody who indicates on their résumé that they have had the shot, according to,” the poll’s sponsor.

What’s going on is worlds apart from when I entered the job market after completing my MBA studies in 1960.

Today I’d likely be denied employment for refusing to sacrifice my health as a job requirement.

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