Straight-Talk by Russia’s Sergey Lavrov Challenges Duplicitous US/Western Double-Talk

Addressing the 76th UN General Assembly session in New York last week, Lavrov spoke candidly in stark contrast to his duplicitous US/Western counterparts — never to be trusted.

He denounced “expanding (US/Western) trans-border threats (and) destabilizing…regional hotbeds of tension” they’re responsible for, adding:

“We are seeing increasing attempts to use the ‘might is right’ approach instead of ‘right is might.’ ” 

“There is no consensus among the leading powers as to the principles of the world order.”

“For Russia, it is obvious that threats and challenges can be countered effectively only through concerted efforts in strict compliance with the universally recognized norms of the international law, first and foremost, the goals and principles of the UN Charter.”

Russia’s way is worlds apart from US/Western belligerence, its war on humanity with no prospect of going another way, no intention to comply with the rule of law their regimes long ago abandoned.

So-called US “rules-based order” flagrantly breaches core international law principles.

“(W)hen (unilaterally established rules) circumvent…the UN Charter,” they lack legitimacy, Lavrov stressed.

Both right wings of the US war party  “exclude from the global decision-making process those who have their own, different point of view.”

The Biden regime’s scheme “to convene a (so-called) Summit for Democracy” belies US abhorrence of governance serving everyone equitably — a notion banned in the country from inception.

“When it comes to establishing democracy in international relations, the US – as well as its allies – quickly loses any interest in the discussion, because no one (sh)ould dare encroach on” its sought hegemony.

“Those are (its) rules.”

Unacceptable US “ ‘rules-based order’ is founded on double standards.” 

“When it serves the West’s interests, peoples’ right to self-determination is rendered absolute.”

“(W)hen the right to self-determination runs counter to the West’s geopolitical interests, as it did in the case of the people of Crimea’s expression of free will at the 2014 referendum on reunification with Russia, it forgets all about it and introduces illegitimate sanctions for the exercise of this right.” 

“The reason is simple.”

“The Crimean people were trying to break free from the ultra-radicals who were behind the (US-orchestrated) coup in Ukraine.”

“Since (fascist) ‘good guys’ (usurped) power in Kiev, they are, according to Western rules, to be protected and exculpated.”

Domestically, US “rules-based order” maintains an illegal decades-long embargo on sovereign Cuba.

It wages war by hot and/or other means on all countries free from its hegemonic control, including Russia.

It flagrantly breaches the letter and spirit of the UN Charter and other core international law.

US/Western regimes “refuse to support the General Assembly resolution on the inadmissibility of the glorification of Nazism, and reject proposals to condemn the practice of destroying monuments to those who liberated Europe from the ‘brown plague,’ ” Lavrov explained.

US “rules-based order” virtually assures endless wars by hot and other means on invented enemies.

“(I)t is time to draw lessons from the dangerous repercussions of (hostile US) policy aimed at undermining the UN-centric architecture,” said Lavrov, adding:

It “was shaped in the aftermath of World War II and has repeatedly proved to be a reliable insurance against disastrous scenarios.” 

“In the face of global challenges, the world needs unity rather than a new divide.” 

“Russia strongly advocates rejecting any confrontation and stereotypes, and joining efforts to address key tasks of the humanity’s development and survival.” 

“We have enough instruments for this.” 

“First and foremost, it is the UN and its Security Council, which needs to be adapted to the reality of a polycentric world order by expanding it with increased representation of Asian, African and Latin American countries.”

US-dominated NATO “view(s) outer space as an area of confrontation.”

Russia denounces this “dangerous trend and propose(s) to prohibit the placement of weapons in outer space as well as the threat or use of force in space.” 

“The relevant Russian-Chinese draft treaty remains on the table of the Conference on Disarmament.”

Russia consistently advances initiatives on other issues that require concerted action — yet are blocked when diverge from US hegemonic aims.

Because of US/NATO’s threat to world peace, Lavrov stressed that we’re all “in the same boat.” 

“It falls within our shared interests to make sure that the boat stays safely afloat on the waves of global politics.” 

“We are all different, but this must not bar us from working for the benefit of our nations and all of humanity.” 

“It is the only way we may be able to fulfill the honorable mission of the United Nations: to save current and future generations from the scourge of war, hunger and disease, and build a more peaceful, stable and democratic future for all.”

As Lavrov and other Russian officials know, US/NATO aims are worlds apart from achieving these noble aims.

They’re all about dominating other nations — no matter the human toll.

All things flu/covid is Exhibit A, a diabolical made-in-the-USA scheme with mass-extermination and tyrannical control in mind that’s crucial to challenge by whatever it takes to halt what no one should tolerate.

A Final Comment

Lavrov proposed the following hashtag, stating it in multiple languages:





ميثاقالأم _المتحدةهو _قواعدنا#


Like all else relating to peace, stability and compliance with the rule of law, the above is opposed by hegemon USA and its imperial partners — wanting nothing interfering with their rage for global dominance

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