Harvard Supports Toxic Flu/Covid Mass-Jabbing Criminality

William Hanage is Associate Professor of Epidemiology and a Harvard faculty member in its Center for Communicable Disease Dynamics.

On Monday, the Harvard Gazette reported on what he discussed in a seminar last week on flu/covid.

In stark contrast to what US dark forces long ago plotted — in cahoots with Pharma profiteers and MSM co-conspirators — Hanage predicted an unrealistic rosy scenario ahead. 

Expecting no winter surge in outbreaks and a drop in cases throughout 2022, he predicts that the (nonexistent) pandemic will wane ahead — with a proviso.

He wants everyone jabbed with health-destroying toxins, along with adherence to related draconian standards that reflect what tyrannical rule is all about.

“Things could be relatively good, or they could not be,” he said.

He likely expects the former if draconian policies he supports are followed, the latter if mass resistance to protect health halts them.

In early September, I discussed his interview on National Pentagon Radio (NPR).

Falsely claiming “we are in a far better situation than” a year ago, he  ignored millions harmed in the US, UK and EU alone, tens of thousands dead, and numbers rising exponentially as jabbing, double and booster-jabbing continue.

Defying science, he turned truth on its head, claiming that “in well-(jabbed) communities, we’re not seeing large spikes like we’re seeing elsewhere (sic).”

Reality is polar opposite his bald-faced Big Lie. 

What he knows, he suppressed in support of health-destroying jabs, adding:

“(T)hanks to the” jabs, “(w)e are in a really, really good place (sic).”

His above remarks and ones discussed below show indifference toward human suffering and deaths caused by toxic jabs.

He supports what demands all-out resistance against.

Since early last year, he backed masks that don’t protect and risk respiratory harm, along with social distancing — what impedes normal interactions while failing to protect public health.

He failed to debunk fake news about record numbers of outbreaks and deaths.

Analysis independent of governments and Pharma proved that officially reported numbers are fabricated.

They’ve been artificially inflated to scare refuseniks into self-inflicting harm by agreeing to what they wisely shunned so far.

What Hanage and other pro-jabbing opponents of protecting public health ignore is that abstaining from what’s increasingly being mandated safeguards against infections.

Individuals jabbed are most at risk of falling ill from the viral disease — the more jabs gotten, the greater the risk.

Knowing otherwise, Hanage falsely claimed that jabs are most effective in slowing and ending a pandemic that doesn’t exist.

He also failed to explain that a real pandemic affects the jabbed — while pushing PCR tests that nearly always are false when positive.

An article last week discussed Harvard’s ties to Pharma with mutual profit-making in mind.

To what extent, if any, he’s cashing in on the anti-public health relationship is for him to explain and his benefactor if there is one.

When institutions of higher education ally with business for their mutual self-interest that’s unrelated to scholarship, teaching, learning and preparing students for their life’s work, conflicts of interest abound.

When the relationship compromises public health — notably with profit-making in mind or when serving hostile-to-the-general welfare interests — it betrays public well-being and trust by crossing the line to criminality.

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