More Straight-Talk From Russia’s Sergey Lavrov

Following his address to the UN General Assembly’s 76th session in New York last week, Lavrov discussed issues covered during high-level meetings he held on the sidelines of the world body.

On crisis and chaos left behind from decades of US aggression in Afghanistan, Lavrov slammed what he called its “hasty pull-out (with no) consideration of the consequences.”

As for Taliban governance, “(w)hat matters most…is that they fulfill their promises.”

Moscow remains engaged with its leadership, Lavrov saying:

“We will do everything we can to support the Taliban in their determination, as you have said, to fight ISIS and other terrorist groups, and to try to make sure that this determination paves the way to some practical progress.”

Security Council sanctions aren’t hindering Moscow’s outreach.

SC resolutions “stipulate the need to advance a political process, and without working together with the Taliban this is impossible.”

Russia’s interactions with its officials aim to protect the safety of its nationals in Afghanistan, along with “facilitating (the) intra-Afghan reconciliation and political process.”

Russia withheld official recognition of the Taliban as Afghanistan’s government.

Nor was any formal agreement made with its leadership.

Russia very much wants to aid long-suffering Afghans.

Recognizing the Taliban depends on fulfilling its pledges for inclusive government, combatting terrorism and eliminating illicit drugs-trafficking pursued by the CIA.

On Syria after over a decade of US aggression against the nation, its government and people, Lavrov stressed that the country is virtual ground zero for US-supported ISIS and other terrorist groups.

With help from Russian airpower, most of the nation’s territory was liberated from their scourge.

Russia’s involvement in Syria at the request of its government is in full compliance with Security Council Res. 2254 that authorizes actions to free the country from the scourge of (US/NATO/Israeli supported) terrorism.

The so-called Idlib province de-escalation zone remains a major exception.

Infested with US-supported jihadists, its liberation remains a slow-motion work in progress.

Russia is very much involved in what Lavrov said constitutes “no problem from (its) point of view of destroying” the threat they represent.

Despite agreement between Vladimir Putin and Turkish President Erdogan to combat and eliminate the threat from jihadists in Syria, Ankara continues to support its scourge in pursuing its own territorial ambitions in the country.

In response to the Biden regime’s ban on entry into the US of individuals jabbed with Russia’s Sputnik V vaccine for protection from contracting flu/covid, Lavrov sharply said the following:

“(W)e do not accept any attempts to discriminate against vaccines that are not registered in the US but have proven time and again to be effective. Sputnik V is a case in point.” 

“Several EU countries, for example, Hungary and Slovakia, have approved our vaccines, and this should serve as an example for other EU and NATO members.”

On denying visas to members of Russia’s UN delegation, Lavrov said:

The unacceptable action “was obviously caused by (Biden regime) political considerations.” 

“We have seen through this.” 

“A number of our employees have yet to obtain their visas, including State Duma members who are part of the delegation.” 

“We will see to it that the UN Secretariat leadership fulfills its duties (to ensure) compliance with all the provisions of the agreement between the UN and the US, the headquarters host country.”

“Instances of flagrant violation of this agreement and repeated failures to comply with the UN headquarters host country commitments have been piling up, including the confiscation of (Russian) diplomatic property.”

“The UN Committee on Relations with the host country has said that this is unacceptable and wrong.” 

“The secretary general should have launched arbitration proceedings against the actions by the US several years ago.” 

“We had a meeting yesterday, and I reminded him of this fact.” 

Resolving this unacceptable situation is “long overdue.”

As for US geopolitical policies under both wings of its war party, Lavrov noted that US “law is a nose of wax, and can be twisted about any way they so desire.”

Self-declared Biden regime “relentless diplomacy” is all about “the Americans seek(ing) to impose on other countries what they deem right for them by other means.” 

“This could include color revolutions,” sanctions or virtually anything else that furthers US hegemonic aims.

Commenting on the JCPOA nuclear deal, Lavrov stressed that “Iran is not doing anything illegal, because it is complying with the Non-Proliferation Treaty and an additional protocol to a comprehensive safeguards agreement.”

It’s in full compliance with its JCPOA obligations. The US, UK, France and Germany flagrantly breached what they’re mandated to observe, according to unanimously affirmed Security Council Res. 2231.

Russia urges the West to comply with its JCPOA obligations.

Biden regime hardliners showed that they have no intention of complying with what SC Res. mandates, why the JCPOA it affirmed is dead.

As for Russian lower house State Duma elections in mid-September, they complied fully with the rule of law, Lavrov stressed, adding:

International observers from numerous countries who monitored proceedings affirmed the absence of irregularities — other than scattered minor things that were too insignificant to matter.

Russia has “no information about anyone officially rejecting the results of our elections,” Lavrov stressed.

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