Merck’s Toxic Jab in Pill Form

Virtually all prescription and many over-the-counter drugs have harmful to health side effects, some mild, others more serious.

In 2014, Harvard’s Center for Ethics Professor Donald W. Light explained the following:

“(N)ew prescription drugs have a 1 in 5 chance of causing serious reactions after they have been approved.” 

“That is why expert physicians recommend not taking new drugs for at least five years” — unless no alternative options exist.

“(E)ven (when) even properly prescribed” by physicians, prescription drugs in the US “cause about 1.9 million hospitalizations a year.” 

“Another 840,000 hospitalized patients are given drugs that cause serious adverse reactions for a total of 2.74 million serious adverse drug reactions” in the US annually. 

“About 128,000 people die from drugs prescribed to them” in the US. 

“This makes prescription drugs a major health risk, ranking 4th with stroke as a leading cause of death.”

“The European Commission estimates that adverse reactions from prescription drugs cause 200,000 deaths…” 

“(A)bout 328,000 patients in the US and Europe die from prescription drugs each year.” 

“The FDA does not acknowledge these facts and instead gathers a small fraction of the cases.”

The same goes for CDC VAERS data. It represents a tiny fraction of harm, including deaths, from legal drugs.

Pharma wants none of the above information becoming widely known.

The industry thrives on making people believe that pill-popping improves health — notably by less than candid, often deceptive, TV ads.

What Light explained above was long before seasonal flu got its new name — from the so-called SARS-Cov-2 virus that doesn’t exist. 

Since mass-jabbing began last December, the US/West, Israel and elsewhere were set ablaze with unprecedented numbers of adverse events, many serious, and deaths.

They rise proportionately to numbers of people jabbed, rejabbed and booster-jabbed.

Israel, one of the world’s most intensively jabbed countries per capita, is dealing with an out-of-control bonfire of illnesses and hospitalizations from mass-jabbing nationwide.

Its overburdened healthcare system is struggling to keep from imploding over greater numbers of seriously ill patients needing hospitalization than there are beds, ICU capacity, and medical providers to handle.

Once booster-jabbing begins in the US, much the same may happen in parts of the country, notably at a time when hundreds of thousands of healthcare professionals and staff are being sacked or suspended for refusal to sacrifice their health to toxic jabs as a condition of employment.

On Friday, Merck and Ridgeback Biotherapeutics dubiously announced that “molnupiravir (MK-4482, EIDD-2801), an investigational oral antiviral medicine, significantly reduced the risk of hospitalization or death at a planned interim analysis of the Phase 3 MOVe-OUT trial in at risk, non-hospitalized adult patients with mild-to-moderate” flu/covid.

Merck intends to seek FDA emergency authorization use for its hastily developee, inadequately tested drug — with unknown or unrevealed hazards — that it falsely claimed “can become an important medicine as part of the global effort to fight (a) pandemic” that doesn’t exist.

As Donald Light explained, patients should avoid taking new drugs “for at least five years,” citing “expert physicians.”

Merck is the same company that rushed the anti-inflammatory drug Vioxx to market over two decades ago that caused serious harm to users.

Evidence later emerged that the FDA knowingly approved, promoted, and refused to recall the toxic drug after as many as 100,000 heart attacks were reported and thousands of deaths.

Even The Lancet — time and again providing press agent services for Pharma — said the following earlier:

“In the case of Vioxx, the FDA was urged to mandate further safety testing after a 2001 analysis suggested a ‘clear-cut excess number of myocardial infarctions.’

“It did not do so. This refusal to engage with an issue of grave clinical concern illustrates the agency’s in-built paralysis, a predicament that has to be addressed through fundamental organizational reform.”

“The FDA acted out of ruthless, short-sighted, and irresponsible self-interest” to protect the interests of its own – and it happens regularly by approving dangerous drugs and only recalling them in cases too egregious to ignore. 

Even then, only reluctantly to assure maximum industry profits.

According to former associate FDA Office of Drug Safety director Dr. David Graham:

The FDA’s “review and clearance process has been turned into a battleground full of contention and intimidation because (its) managers, the people who fill out performance evaluations, had created a system where it was taking a great risk (for its medical and scientific professionals) to stand firm in (their) beliefs.”

Graham virtually called the agency a corrupted, industry-controlled tool that places bottom-line considerations over public health and welfare.

It punishes professional staff whistleblowers who expose abusive practices.

On September 30, 2004, Merck on its own voluntarily recalled Vioxx after facing around 50,000 lawsuits over harm to health from taking the drug as directed.

At the time, it admitted no fault or responsibility for its harmful to health actions. 

Notably, around 80% of Vioxx claimants were on Medicare or Medicaid. 

The US government, not Merck, paid about 80% of settlement claims.

In his book, titled “Overdosed America: The broken promise of American medicine,” Dr. John Abramson explained how drug companies, hospitals, and insurance giants control US healthcare as a commodity for sale, according to what the market will bear price-wise, over-charging as much as possible while inadequately testing new drugs.

With heavy-lifting help from federal, state and local government, the industry became hugely corrupted to assure maximum profits at the expense of healthcare as a fundamental human right.

The same goes for some medical journals, including the New England Journal of Medicine that long ago fell from grace.

Earlier, it falsely reported that Vioxx was safer than NSAIDs predating its availability when no evidence suggested the claim.

Around 80% of Vioxx clinical trials took place at universities with considerable Pharma funding that greatly compromises objectivity. 

Drug companies design and control trials of their own products to hide unfavorable findings and promote positive ones.

Abramson advised readers to avoid using new drugs, choose generics when available, and opt for drug-free treatment whenever possible.

An unhealthy, unethical government/Pharma alliance greatly compromises the US healthcare system.

On all things flu/covid, their partnership has been disastrous for millions harmed in the US and abroad.

Many thousands died, numbers of casualties to keep mounting exponentially as long as toxic mass-jabbing continues unchecked.

A Final Comment

The pro-toxic mass-jabbing NYT hailed Merck’s new flu/covid jab in pill form, dubiously saying:

Its drug called molnupiravir “was shown in a clinical trial to cut the risk of hospitalization or death in half (sic) when given to high-risk people early in their infections (sic).”

Because Merck and Ridgeback Biotherapeutics designed and controlled trials, all that’s known is what the companies dubiously claimed that wasn’t peer-reviewed.

Accepting claims by Pharma profiteers is hazardous to health.

In the US/West, that reality was proved repeatedly many times before.

Everyone wanting their health protected should shun flu/covid jabs, including Merck/Ridgeback Biotherapeutics’ jab in a pill that’s likely to match the toxicity of other entries into the mass-jabbing sweepstakes.

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