No Biden Regime Intention to Halt War on China by Other Means

Sino/US relations are highly likely to deteriorate further ahead because dominant Biden regime hardliners refuse to respect the sovereign rights of all nations, according to the rule of law.

On Thursday, China’s Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying said the following:

“(T)rue (US) intention(s) (aim to) contain and block China’s development by all means.” 

“This is quintessential autocracy and bullying” — longstanding practice by both right wings of its war party.

“China…believes that all countries have equal opportunity and right to development.” 

“International rules should be what is recognized by all countries, rather than something that is decided by a few.” 

“Cooperation between countries should be aimed at serving the interests of the whole mankind, instead of ganging up against certain countries based on ideology and seeking global hegemony through bloc politics.” 

“Any political manipulation and oppression that threatens to hold back other countries’ development and harm their people’s right to development and a better life will find no support and is doomed to fail.”

Separately, China’s Xinhua stressed that hegemon USA is “fixated on frustrating China’s development by almost every means possible.”

“(I)nstead of pulling off its gambits against China, the US is harming its own interests.”

According to a January US-China Business Council report, Sino/US trade disputes cost 245,000 jobs and reduced US economic growth.

UN Conference on Trade and Development data showed that foreign direct investment in the US declined by 49% last year.

A Brookings Institute report said US trade disputes with China caused “more pain than gain,” adding:

US “tariffs forced American companies to accept lower profit margins, cut wages and jobs for US workers, defer(red) potential wage hikes or expansions, and raise(d) prices for American consumers or companies.”

Consulting firm Trivium economist Andrew Polk explained that putting China’s telecom giant Huawei on the US entity list “accelerated China’s tech rise,” adding:

“It is going to ultimately prove the moment we lit a fire under China.” 

“And it’s not going to kill Huawei. It’s going to do the opposite.”

US war on China by other means backfired.

Instead of learning from past mistakes, the Biden regime is hellbent on compounding them further.

On Tuesday and Wednesday, deputy director of China’s Office for International Military Cooperation Huang Xueping and the Biden regime’s assistant war secretary Michael Chase discussed bilateral military issues by video conference.

Commenting on what was discussed, China’s Defense Ministry spokesman Wu Qian stressed that hegemon USA must act to resolve issues related to “continuous provocations and suppression of China,” adding:

“The military relationship has faced many difficulties and challenges, but our militaries have maintained communication throughout.”

“But the US has serious issues with its self-awareness, its perception of China, and in its understanding of the world today, which is the root cause of the difficulties in the relationship between our militaries.”

“We hope that the US can find the courage to correct its mistakes, and work with China to answer the critical question of how to properly manage (bilateral) relations.”

Talks earlier this week followed the announced Biden regime’s AUKUS military partnership with Australia and Britain to challenge China in a part of the world where hegemon USA and Britain don’t belong.

Nuclear submarine technology will be shared with Australia on the phony pretext of aiding the Morrison regime deter nonexistent Indo/Pacific threats.

AUKUS countries intend to cooperate on all things military and related operations — what Beijing denounced as “extremely irresponsible,” adding:

Providing Australia with nuclear-powered submarines “seriously undermines regional peace and stability and intensifies the arms race.”

AUKUS also breached the landmark Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty (NPT).

It permits exchange of civil nuclear technology “for peaceful purposes” exclusively.

It prohibits exchange of this technology with military applications in mind.

Nuclear submarines aren’t produced and deployed for peacemaking.

They’re solely for military purposes.

Submarine nuclear reactor uranium is weapons-grade — enriched to 95% purity.

Exporting it to Australia by the US and UK escalates Indo/Pacific cold war tensions.

Biden regime war secretary Austin hasn’t spoken to his Chinese counterpart to date, Defense Minister Wei Fenghe.

In July, Austin unacceptably called for Indo/Pacific nations to challenge Beijing’s autonomy over its South China Sea waters.

Bilateral relations are greatly strained over key issues because of longstanding US aims for unchallenged global dominance by whatever it takes to achieve its hegemonic objectives.

Nothing suggests a softening of unacceptable US actions against nations free from its hegemonic control.

Just the opposite is highly likely, notably against China, Russia and Iran.

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