Code Red Emergency or Fake News Mass Deception?

On all things flu/covid in the US/West, fake news and nothing but rubbish is fed the public daily.

Truth and full-disclosure on the most crucial issue of all-time is censored, suppressed and otherwise hidden from public view by dark force officials and their MSM press agent supporters of mass-extermination and elimination of remaining freedoms.

The self-described newspaper of record NYT is a leading offender.

Lies, damn lies, Big Lies, and mass deception are its stock and trade on issues mattering most — in support of dark forces it serves at the expense of what journalism should be it long ago abandoned.

In its latest edition, it once again willfully and maliciously deceived readers by falsely claiming over “700,000” deaths from flu/covid.

The true toll is a small fraction of the above falsified figure that’s artificially inflated with scaring refuseniks in mind to go the other way.

Based on officially supplied talking points, the Times compounded its bald-faced Big Lie by a greater one.

It falsely claimed that “(a)n overwhelming majority of Americans who have died in recent months…were un(jabbed)” — knowing it’s the other way around.

More Big Lies followed, saying:

“(T)he coronavirus pandemic — that doesn’t exist — has become the deadliest in American history (sic).

Outbreaks and deaths from flu-renamed covid last year and this one to date are in line with numbers most every year for time immemorial.

It’s a reality the Times and other MSM consistently suppress in deference to a higher power controlling their fake news reports.

More scariant than variant delta is virtually no different from other flu/covid strains.

The Times lied, claiming it’s “rip(ping) through the un(jabbed).”

It lied claiming that most deaths “were concentrated in” so-called red states with GOP governors opposed to unconstitutional mandates — a policy all state and local officials should follow.

The Times lied claiming that toxic health-destroying jabs “have been proven highly effective in preventing severe illness and death” — the Pharma-controlled CDC its fake news source.

It lied claiming that unjabbed individuals are “ten times more likely to die” than the jabbed — when reality is largely the other way around.

It lied claiming that “more than 2,000 people on average (are) dying from (flu/covid) each day.”

It lied claiming that people in their teens and young adulthood are dying from remaining unjabbed.

The vast majority of deaths in all age categories were from deadly toxins in jabs gotten.

Diabolical CDC rules artificially inflate flu/covid outbreaks and call for hospitals to claim that deaths from the viral illness are concentrated in the unjabbed when it’s overwhelmingly the other way around.

Management of hospitals going along with the mass deception are criminally culpable for allying with the diabolical mass-extermination plan, notably by denying flu/covid patients known safe and effective treatment protocols, using deadly ones instead to kill them.

The Times expressed dismay that the US mass-jabbing “campaign…slowed” as more Americans are awakening to the mother of all health-destroying scams.

True to form, the Times falsely claimed it’s because of spreading “misinformation” that’s true about the deadly toxins in jabs.

The Times and other MSM are instruments of mass deception.

Following their toxic advice is hazardous to health and survival.

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