Pfizer’s Phony Claim About the Safety and Effectiveness of its Toxic mRNA Jabs

Former Pfizer chief scientist for allergy and infectious diseases Dr. Michal Yeadon debunked his former employer’s phony claim, explaining the following:

“It’s worse, actually. In the Pfizer study from which the 95% (effectiveness) claim comes, there’s clear evidence of fraud.”

“Why do I say that? Well, a study which is properly blinded means neither the subject, the study director, nor any other actor knows what each patient has received.”

“Patients in clinical trials are obligated to follow ‘the protocol,’ which specifies must-dos and prohibitions.”

“If it’s blind to the end, how could one group end up with five times as many subjects having their data pulled prior to statistical analysis in the test group compared with the control group?”

“The story of how a large state within India solved its (flu/covid) crisis is no surprise to those of us who’ve known since spring 2020 that our governments, media, and tech titans have been acting against our interests, both health as well as democratic.”

“We’ve known, for example, that highly qualified physicians and scientists are well able to treat and save most people infected by” flu/covid.

“The methodology is simple: Attack the virus and the inflammatory and ultimately thrombotic disease phases rationally by administering targeted, multi drug treatments.”

“These include Vitamin C and Vitamin D but in particular, Ivermectin, zinc and a zinc ionophore such as one of several old antibiotics like azithromycin.”

“Used in sequence depending on the presentation, in excess of 80% of patients avoid hospitalization and death, including in cohorts we regard as at high risk.”

“Dr. Peter McCullough and colleagues have put themselves in harm’s way professionally in pressing home these simple messages.”

“Two remarkable meta-analyses (the highest level of medical evidence, a review of randomized, controlled clinical trials), authored by Tess Laurie and Pierre Kory, show conclusively that if you could choose only one medical treatment, it would be ivermectin.” 

“It’s safe, we’ll-tolerated, off patent and cheap to make, yet HIGHLY effective as a treatment for (flu/covid).” 

“Reviews by Tess Lawrie and Pierre Kory are in the most read papers this year.”

“Yet not one major media channel has bothered to tell us this.” 

“Instead, they’ve lied about ‘horse deworming’ drugs and made false claims about safety.”

“This is what Uttar Pradesh, India used in a few short weeks to crush soaring (flu/covid outbreaks and) deaths in this large Indian state” — population around 230 million. 

“They didn’t do much (mass-jabbing).”

Toxic jabs have “been shown by (flu/covid Early Treatment Fund’s director) Steve Kirsch (and his) team to have resulted in a median estimate of 150,000 deaths shortly after (inoculations) in the USA alone.”

“They made these calculations solely based on the publicly accessible database which collects adverse event reports, (CDC) VAERS” data.

What’s officially reported represents a minuscule tip of a far greater number of adverse events and deaths, according the US Department of Health and Human Services.

“Additionally, (the Kirsch team) used mechanistically plausible assessments of the most common, serious adverse events, finding for example that pulmonary embolism occurs at over 400 TIMES the rate observed after any other vaccine types since the database began operations a few decades ago.”

“These novel technology gene-based agents cause our bodies to manufacture (hazardous) spike proteins, and these alone are responsible for a substantial proportion of the adverse effects of being infected by the virus.”

“What have our governments, media, and technology titans been doing in the meantime?”

“Rubbishing the experts, attacking the publications, suppressing information everywhere, and banning accounts that persist in telling the truth.”

“I’m confident that their actions comprise deliberate mass murder.” 

“Their objective appears to be to keep people as fearful as possible and receptive to (toxic jabs).” 

“All of these claims are supported by plentiful public sources.”

“But the scandal of depriving people of effective treatments while coercing them into submission to dangerous (jabs) is the worst thing that’s happened in the world for decades, arguably forever.”

Yeadon urged parents with young children to “see the true scale of the (officially proliferated Big) (L)ie before injecting their” offspring.

He has no financial or other reasons to lie or deceive in any way.

His remarks and others earlier are all about wanting to alert as many people as possible about what’s going on to help them protect what’s too precious to lose.

What the world needs now is a whole lot of other medical and scientific experts to follow the example of Yeadon — and likeminded expert truth-tellers — by explaining what’s vital to know about toxic flu/covid jabs directly to others and/or through public addresses and writings.

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